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Lone Vet Report

This Must Stop
this is what it should look like
this is what it should look like
For every 100,000 people who went to DC and spent $500 the cost of this event, just for those attending, was about fifty million dollars. The other costs for things like equipment, buses, parking, facilities and first aid station etc. etc. is anyone's guess; was it worth the cost?

The very cause of our disease in the body politics was not even mentioned, at least I did not hear it. We are number 1, let me write that again, we are number 1 in selling weapons of mass destruction to any country who has the money to buy them--not a word. We are number 1 when it comes to exporting torturers coming out of the School of the Americas, not a word about that. The FBI had just raided homes of peacemakers, did I miss Ed Schultz mentioning that event?

I listened on C-Span to the wimpy leaders tell people they are marching but only in a symbolic way, don't want to upset anyone and that is why we are here on a Saturday and not blocking the roads to the airports on Friday. You were there because the organizers want you to go and elect democrats in the next few weeks. Iraq--too bad. Afghanistan--too bad. Pakistan--too bad. Over one trillion dollars wasted on murder and destruction--too bad. Just shut up and vote for a democrat or we will send in the FBI to make your life miserable and the "would be progressives" will say nothing, nor come to your aid. What a waste of money and honor! So now what?

When you come back to the West Coast would you please help us print our leaflets telling people about what the FBI is up to?--oh, you spent all your money in DC listening to people tell you to behave and follow the leadership of a corrupt party; OK, maybe next year!

The Unions and Peace Organizations have been taken over by the Democratic Party and that is why they are failing, you must separate yourself from this corrupt political party or you will cease to exist. So I hope you enjoyed blowing all our resources, it will hurt us in the future, and that may be by design.

Disappointed no, the dems once again directed the movement in a way that just makes me sad. I hope others see what I see and start the divorce proceedings. Unions must start running their own candidates and the Peace Movement must fire every leader on the national level and bring in real activists---we are just about out of time.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Portland, Oregon
Individuals for Justice

PS For those who walked the halls of Congress on Friday, trying to get some reply from our representatives, thank you, you are the ones who should have led this gathering and not Big Ed! Harry Belafonte was wonderful and made the most sense!

Afghanistan 04.Oct.2010 08:18

Lone Vet

The date of the start of the invasion, destruction of Afghanistan by the United States can be traced to Oct 7, not the 9th. The reason we will gather on the 9th a Saturday, is unknown to me, but the date must not be forgotten for convenience.
I will once again gather on a Saturday but do object that we are not using the correct date. We need to do something on the 7th---I will be downtown on the Judge bybee protest anyway so I will stand a bit in front of the fed building and let the government know on this day, America sold its soul for revenge. I will be there from 1:30 PM until 2:30 PM or so. If you can join me, bring a flag, bring a sign you are proud of and let the feds know that invading an entire country for revenge of a criminal act is unacceptable. The people of Afghanistan did not invade us, a small band of radicals did and they are all dead or missing. The people of Afghanistan need time and resources to recover from The old USSR, (Russia) and America telling them how they must live and bombing the hell out of their cities. Saturday is a good thing, acknowledging Thursday is better. "Just me saying,"

Bybee protest: Thursday
Pioneer Courthouse Square
High noon
Afghanistan vigil, 1:30-2:30 PM
Fed Bldg.

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
should be in prison but  walks free
should be in prison but walks free