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Video: FBI Protest - Stop the Peace Activist Intimidations and Arrests - Portland 1.1.10

Filmed in front of the Federal Building. (part 1)
Portland Solidarity Protest to Stop the Arrests, Hassling, Intimidations, and Raids on Peace Activist Homes and belonging, by the Justice Department and Homeland Security.

A demand in Solidarity by a variety of Portland groups to express their outrage and disapproval of intimation tactics used on peace people. Ironically this group was greeted by the very same employee of the "system of oppression" that this gathering was to speak against.
Here is a video clip of the FBI protest held on Friday in downtown Portland

Part one (#1) .... so far

About 100 were there in solidarity with Peace activists and South America (Colombia) activist being hassled by The Justice Department. This protest was happening across America in other cities as well.

Portland 1.1.10 - (14 min)

Video....starts out with Homeland Security visiting and asking for a permit and informing us we are on Federal Property. (?)

Even while on the public sidewalk (he said it was his).... (he was polite about it) (ha)

They (Homeland) were there once before I got there ....and are were there again at the very end of the rally

Good turn out I estimated around 100 citizens - more video footage will be posted on this link as soon as it is available.

In Solidarity for Peace & Justice

Joe Anybody

In Solidarity 03.Oct.2010 00:01

Joe Anybody

Sarah Martin from WAMM subpoenaed by FBI Monday-Protest rally at FBI Building in Minneapolis. Tracy Molm describes in context of state repression around the world. More:


You Still Don't Get It - It's Not the FBI 03.Oct.2010 14:23


Obama's Hard Line Neo-Con Agenda,  link to www.opednews.com

"His populist hypocrisy now exposed, voters are losing faith, but most remain mindless about the harm he commits daily, much of it touching them directly...Many others add exclamation points about a rogue administration rampaging at home and globally, most recently involved in a failed Ecuadorean coup, and for sending FBI goon squads against Chicago and Minneapolis anti-war/pro-Palestinian activists...Obama has been as hard line as Bush, showing he's no different from America's worst ever leaders. He may, in fact, be the most dangerous, given the support he so far retains."

Failed Washington-Sponsored Ecuadorean Coup Attempt,  link to www.opednews.com

"Post-9/11, Washington sponsored four coup d'etats...Two by Bush, two by Obama with plenty of time for more mischief before November 2012...From his record so far, expect it. He continues imperial Iraq and Afghanistan wars and occupations. In addition, Pakistan, Yemen, Somalia, Palestine, Lebanon, North Korea, and other countries are targeted, besides deploying CIA and Special Forces armies into at least 75 countries worldwide for targeted assassinations, drone attacks, and other disruptive missions."

When will you liberal bigots stop being hypocrites and call for impeachment?

All four videos from protest 04.Oct.2010 00:56

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com