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Bradley Angle settles BOLI Case

It took over two years and the Department of Justice had to get involved for them to recognize that their policies were discriminatory towards bio females who are transgendered.
Their is a new director at Bradley Angle House as they, the feminist, realized they were wrong in their policies against transgendered. At first, Bradley Angle wanted Lisa/Lee Iacuzzi to apologize to the women's community. A former judge from BOLI, Linda Lohr, stepped in and sued them for 65,000. The high amount was due to the fact that Bradley even though were told by the State that their policies were discriminatory kept their discriminatory polices until very recently. That means many biological gender variant females were left out of housing. If you were a bio man and one self indentified as male, then you could get shelter for domestic violence. This crazy policy exists throughout the country leaving bio gender variant people out in the cold. The reason why the State moved the case to a hearing was Bradley Angles advertisements in Just Out and throught out the city that stated "Women Identified only". These adds were all over the city and when Iacuzzi complained about it, he/she was told that they were respecting his/her gender. It is not respectful leaving one from services. Ironically most of the leaders at Bradley Angle who were doing the discrimination were Lesbians. Herstorically, the Lesbian community has not embraced gender variant females which needs to stop as trans people need their help. Kara Macfarland, former directer, and staff at Portland State University was one of the main players of the discrimination who has been removed. It is ironic that she was given awards and has been recognized in the queer community. The new director has changed their policies therefore Iacuzzi settled for a small settlement due to their policy changes and the hope that the lesbian community can be advocates for the transgendered. signed by,Anoymous