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Surprise! US backs Ecuadoran President, crosses fingers.

According to Reuters, Our government is supporting the current Ecuador president Rafael Correa. Coup in progress.
Military and Police in Ecuador are rioting up a storm, taking over the streets in Ecuador, protesting the proposed cutting of the police bonus'. The president and his wife were attacked, while addressing the crowd, and 'nearly asphyxiated' by tear gas shot by the military. Protesters burned tires and took control of the international airport and burned tires in the streets. Apparently, Correa openly challenged the police saying ""Kill me
if you want to. Kill me if you have the courage."

The economy of Ecuador has been rocky to say the least, in 2008 the country defaulted on 2.3 Billion Dollars in global bonds, which is unsurprising because, according to reuters' report, Correa was trained by the US of A in economics. Obviously, this budget cut isn't going over so well.

"(Reuters) - The White House on Thursday expressed full U.S. support for Ecuador's President Rafael Correa and urged a peaceful end to the crisis in the South American country as he faced crowds of police protesting over austerity plans."

"Messages of support for Correa flowed in from abroad, with
the Organization of American States and the governments of
France, Venezuela, Chile, Argentina and others backing his
government." However, " Peru and Colombia, meanwhile, closed their borders with
neighboring Ecuador." - Reuters

Amateur speculators and cynics estimate that the US will have troops there within the next 24 hours to 'stabilize our assets', Ecuador is an oil producing nation after all and we all know how that game works.
A quick google search revealed this  http://www.amnestyusa.org/business-and-human-rights/ecuador--/page.do?id=1101590
article on the amnesty website about Texaco's human rights abuses in the region so I can only imagine who will step in to stabilize the region and protect that precious black gold. I suggest that someone should go and watch the store, lest it gets looted and burned to the ground.

The military troops who are aligned with the president are doubling their security efforts around vital governmental interests such as oil production facilities and the president himself.

You can read more about this on a various number of sources from an actual reporter.

Clark Rockefeller 9/30/2010


homepage: homepage: http://www. reuters.com, http://1992yet.blogspot.com

Video of President while held captive in Hospital 30.Sep.2010 18:12

repost by Kim Sky

finally found a site broadcasting live 30.Sep.2010 20:21

by Kim Sky

all the people are in the streets, demanding them to free their president, the army has sided with the president. lots of new info about US involvement in the coup.

the military moved in on the hospital where corea is being held captive by police. President is rescued. so far one person killed, five people have been injured inside the hospital.


the national assembly house was occupied by the police -- no one allowed in, no one out.

lots of stuff coming out indicating coup attempt orchestrated by US. infiltration of police. etc.

see ecuador indy.