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Muay thai boxing and self denfense for radicals every monday

Learn practical self defense and striking skills
Stand up grappling
Every Monday 6-8pm at Autonomy (New radical space downtown)
316 NW 4th ave (Downtown Portland)

Learn practical self defense and striking skills
Stand up grappling

What is Muay Thai
Muay Thai or Thaiboxing is a martial art that originated in Thai
warfare in the early 15th and 16th century. Also know as the science
of 8 limbs, Muay Thai is a stand up art incorporating all forms of
striking except head-butts. The art focus on punching, elbows, knees,
kicks striking with the shins, as well as stand up grappling. Its
basic nature and competitive sport (it is a ring sport like western
boxing) make it a great self-defense art with a very quick learning

What you will learn in this class
This class will stick to the basics under the philosophy that
self-defense involves building muscle memory into your reactions. You
will learn effective punching, elbowing (a useful blow for close
quarters), kneeing, some stand up grappling. We will also focus on
movement; how to protect yourself and evade punches.

Why self defense is important for Radicals.
As radicals we seek to address and confront an oppressive system while
building in its stead an egalitarian relationships. This puts us at
odds with this white supremicist, capitalist patriarchy and the state
. In this regard self defense becomes a necessary part of resistance
on a social, community and personal level. On a day to day level many
of us are on the receiving end of oppression, as well as potential and
real violence. Many of us are also dedicated to calling out, stopping
and addressing oppressive behavior. We will be more able to call
people out, to have conversations in tense situations, and verbally
de-escalate situations as we cultivate an ability to defend ourselves.
Through self defense we ultimately equip ourselves to better stand up
for ourselves and others against oppression. This class seeks to help
build trust and experience with one another as well as build a radical
culture of looking out for on another, standing up for ourselves and
our community

Working toward a Safer Space.
This class is met to be safe and comfortable for everyone. We come
from a society where violence is tied to domination and often very
macho attitudes. This class seeks to deconstruct this. We strive to
address any aggression, anger, machismo and other negative
behavior/emotions that arise around fighting. We strive to maintain a
constant constructive dialogue around these issues. We seek to
develop an atmosphere based around trust, care and love for one
another as the basis for our training. Please come with an open mind
and heart to work the issues that comes up as we learn how to fight.
Please come thinking about what this looks like for you, gender is a
big one from me to always have on the mind! Outright oppressive
attitudes (Sexist, Homophobic, Transphobic, Racist, Heterosexist,
Ablist etc) that make others uncomfortable and unsafe are not welcome
in the space. We strive to create a safer space. We also realize
that true safer space is a process of self and community work and
growth that we seek to engage in.

Any questions, concerns, comments, feedback