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Zombied Madison Students Cheer Obomber-Proof That Colleges Are A Joke

Madison's reputation as a truth-seeking institution free from outside bias is now officially pronounced DEAD.
I've hung out in Madison in the 60's so don't tell me I don't know the town. The sight of some 25,000 students crammed together like sheep, waiting to pass through a metal detector on a line a mile long so they too can relive Madison's former campaign exhiliration as their fearless leader once again begs for their idealistic energy. Problem is, all Obama has anymore is some sort of tired Elmer Gantry schtick, coming on like a hyped-up Baptist preacher with his scripted political bullshit. Shame on the University for hosting such a blatantly one-sided political event during a campaign. These students are living proof that Madison's rep as a leading intellectual light is nothing but history these days. They didn't have Bruce Springsteen this time around, just Ben Harper, who obviously never saw "Lose Change" or "Why We Fight". It sems the Democratic Machine in Madison has suceeded in lobotomizing the student body quite thoroughly. The symbolism of standing in a mile long detector line says it all. This on the very day it's revealed that Obama wants to tap all of your Facebook and Twitter and Skype accounts any 'ol time he feels lke it. My take is that he's not really campaigning. The parties agreed a few years back to let Obama be President for one term in return for him throwing the race in 2012 and alowing the GOP to return to power with a complete police state. Obama is just setting the stage for this coup d'etat of the mind. Isn't there any more anti-war feeling in Madison? Obama is directly in charge of the bloodshed in Afghanistan. He is MR. DRONE-GUY for all of history. He has allowed the CIA to continue this insanity no holds barred. Maybe we should bring back the draft. Then all you celebrity addicted, star-struck media victims might gain some real perspective on your hero. To Obama, 911 Truth is a "Vile Conspiracy Theory". Obama has a lot of style but zero convictions- he is a true puppet. So Ben Harper can fill in for the Boss if he wants, but it's still a dog and pony show. Yeah- if you want to have permanent wars bring back the draft. Enlist Obama's kids first, then college students. Don't think it can't happen again. And if it does it's YOUR FAULT for cheering this warmongering impostor yet again. BAAAAAAAAAAHHHH!

Okay? 29.Sep.2010 19:22


Sure Obama spoke, and people should have not been there to be bullshitted to death. Ragging on Madison might actually make sense if you LIVED there. FYI many people have been leaving the Midwest, often in droves, for damned good reasons. Activism in the Midwest requires support because the education level of people, even easy converts is piss poor. Then there is the issue of a shortage of the number of activists which jeopardizes most efforts to failure. I can't count the hours I've spent just getting people to a level of education that would be sneered at on this message board. I will not mention the abuse and heckling we endure at ideas taken for granted here. If I posted them here, a comment would be made saying to forget posting, everyone already knows about this stuff.

Sitting on the coast and having it relatively easy beats living in the center of Midwestern mayhem. It seems many people on the coasts just believe they can roll their eyes at the midwest and it will get with the program. It's a different culture which in no way responds to the mere roll of an eye. It maybe could change, but we need people who actually have knowledge, experience and emotional reserves left (read sanity) to really cultivate this wasteland. Scary gun toting assholes isn't even the half of it.

Grow a pair rAT and go there and educate those kids. Some of us don't have the time. The FBI isn't helping matters either.

Cheers :) 01.Oct.2010 20:11


I thought this was a great posat. It made me laugh and both of you are right - there is no more left in Madison and as far as I can see nowhere in the United States, period. The only country where a strident anarchist against voting cuts off his dreads and goes to work for the Obama campaign.