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Reporting Live from DC!

Martha Perez takes you on a journey to Washington, DC, where in a few days, a historic rally action & march will be taking place at Lincoln Memorial.
Dear Portland,

This is Martha Perez, reporting to you live from Washington, DC, where I'm posting coverage of events on my Facebook page, so if you want more information or details, please visit Facebook.com. There is a lot that has happened, and shall continue to post, so I apologize for any gaps-in-coverage. However, I have been joined by several teams of local/out-of-state activists, who are also reporting on the information, as it is received. There's more to come, in just a moment. Now, a couple of things that we already know about:

***Dave Cooper's Appalachia Mountaintop Removal rally action at Freedom Plaza & Lobby Day;
***Meetings at Capitol Hill (in-progress) of which is discussed in additional detail on Facebook;
***Emergency FBI Raid Condemnation Protest in Washington, DC, in front of the Edgar J. Hoover building in downtown DC;
***Upcoming actions in the next few days, including a protest by the NOW - National Organization of Women on Capitol Hill (Wednesday 9/29/10 at 8:45am EST.) as well as this Saturday October 2nd (Noon, EST.) at Lincoln Memorial in Washington, DC.

NOTE: I have also been told & it is confirmed that there will be at least three (3) major feeder marches, that are expected to converge with the main stem; in addition, there has also occurred a national response in many cities, with communities mobilizing, respectively, for Oct. 2nd, and beyond. In addition, there are an un-estimated number of smaller events & actions, that have been occurring, so I have tried to compile as much of it as possible. While Congress is in a gridlock right now, it is thinking about closing as early as today or tomorrow, possibly. This is a concern, of course, and you can visit senate.gov, or call your local office, to get the latest details on what they end up deciding to do (or not do).

In addition, I will be interviewed on television, courtesy of and brought to you by Mr. Don Baham, who is the Producer of "Friendly Conversations With Dr. Don" this Thursday, October 14th at 6:30pm (check tv schedule for cable access dates/times). Stay tuned.

Reporting from Capitol Hill, I'm Martha Perez, General Political Activist.

homepage: homepage: http://Facebook.com
phone: phone: (503) 954-8653

Facebook? 29.Sep.2010 14:56


So, in order to hear what you have to say about the happenings in Washington, I have to have a facebook account? Yeah, let's just make it easier for them to track what activists talk to eachother, who all their friends are, what countried they've visited, their age, race, gender, movie preferences, likes (but not dislikes, you rebel rouser)..

Why would I do that?

mute point 29.Sep.2010 16:58

DC report reader

she didn't say "You had to use FB"
she said "if you want more information or details, please visit Facebook.com"

so IF, you want MORE.....
but if your so worried that the Government is reading her friends list and looking over her travels & posts,
that you don't want to even read it yourself

well there you go

she writes it
you want to know but wont use FB
so the government reads it instead
and then here on indymedia which the governement doesnt read
we can discuss how they do read FB ...but you don't

anything and all things i put on the computer i assume the government is reading except what i post on indymedia

?? 29.Sep.2010 18:00


Is my demographic information attached to this, and I'm unaware of it?
What did I miss?

When did I say that I thought what I write on indymedia is sacred and protected?

Did you not understand that what I was insenuating is that "reporting" only on facebook slightly defeats the purpose of reporting for the sake of activism, because of the implications of having a facebook account?

indy or FB - how about both? 29.Sep.2010 22:43

DC report reader

well i was being sarcastic in one sense, about your implications ... the cops read both
which was the point i was making in regards to your point

the gov reads indymedia as well as FB, i think they read both

so tit or tat, this one or that one
i do like indymedia way better but they are both
two different machines

i read indymedia all day
i look at FB once or twice
both 'machines' carry (display) major different issues
of course FB is "tailored made" for what ever (who ever)you want to follow
were on indy you read what those who post here write about or comment on

so in answer to "why would I do that" (get a FB account)
the aforementioned points is why i do both, in order to not miss anything
nothing im reading or writing is a big secret, they (gov /fed /police) can read it all they want