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Lone Vet Report

This could be good!
This is a new kind of Political Party
This is a new kind of Political Party
Oregon Progressive Party recognizes that excessive money in politics has caused our system to become corrupted to its very core. We are fortunate here in Portland, Oregon to have a possible alternative to big money controlling who has access to our political leaders. The City Council on their own passed an ordinance in 2005 on a 4-1 vote to allow everyday citizens to run for local office and receive enough money to run a real campaign; called voter owned elections. We now have some data to ask the citizens of Portland if this is something they want to continue. This approach is democracy at its best, lead and make a decision but allow the people to decide the ordinance's fate. We must support, nurture, and keep the process going. Why?

Suppose you could create a system that puts all people on the same level to run for office? Suppose you could design a system that when you ask to see your representative you know that you are as important to that politician as a multimillionaire; would you vote for that? That is the very basis of Voter Owned Elections. This is not a plan that allows you to wake up one day and say, "Think I will run for Mayor this year." You have to work harder than you have ever worked before, but it can be done. Just the first requirement is a tough one:

"You must collect $5 contributions from at least 1,000 registered voters to demonstrate their broad community support. Candidates who participate agree not to raise or spend any money beyond the limited public financing they receive." There are more but that is the big one.

More info:  http://yesforportland.org

I love this idea and will form a group within Individuals For Justice to support the passage of Measure 26-108; I am asking you to join me and celebrate on November 2 when Portland sets the stage for real finance reform. Unfortunately, we have little time, come and work on this issue and I will guarantee you will laugh at least once during the meetings and will be on a winning side on November 2 when the ballots are in. Lots of fun and work to do, we are at election day +35---this is an honorable fight!

In support of this measure: Against this measure:

League of Women Voters of Portland Corporate Media
Common Cause Oregon Portland Business Alliance
AFSCME Chamber of Commerce etc, etc, and etc.
Oregon League of Conservation Voters
Oregon Progressive Party
Individuals For Justice
And many, many more!

Very important days to remember
Oct. 12, 2010 - Voter Registration Deadline.
Oct. 15, 2010 - Ballots mailed.
Nov. 2, 2010 - General Election Day

For Justice,
Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
Veterans Against Torture
Proud member of the Oregon Progressive Party

Video: The Lone Vet explains some of the Progressive Party platform 28.Sep.2010 21:42

Joe Anybody iam@joe-anybody.com


A 4 minute video filmed in front House Rep. Earl Blumenauer's Portland office


Lew Church, Transit Riders Union lewchurch@gmail.com

As Lone Vet is aware, Amanda Fritz recently talked at Transit Riders Union's PSU forum on the importance of keeping VOE as part of campaign finance reform, here in Portland. Transit Riders Union, along with Tenant Rights Project, the Unemployed Workers Council and PSU Progressive Student Union support the VOE ballot measure on Portland's Nov. 2 election ballot.

As noted previously, at TriMet it is illegal for voters to even vote to elect the TriMet board, so far -- it is appointed, in secret, by Oregon's governor. 1,400 transit riders recently signed a petition Transit Riders Union petition which TRU turned in to the TriMet board against service cuts and fare hikes -- but the TriMet board ignored those 1,400 people.

That's 1,400 reasons to support VOE. Although VOE will only apply, for now, to Portland City Council races, it could be expanded in the future to cover Metro elections, and when the TriMet board is elected by voters, that election process as well.


PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

Is there democracy in the House? 29.Sep.2010 18:30

Lone Vet

Since I gave up my car over 7 years ago, (wow?) and ride the bus/train I am in agreement with the Transit Riders Union. We need good but also affordable transportation. The TRU seems to be a noble organization and I like what they say. The members of the trimet board should be elected that seems like a no brainer for me! I believe that any appointee should be voted on in the next election.