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VIDEO: Hassling The Houseless He Is Not Doing Anything Wrong

A short video clip of the bike security patrol hassling a guy who was organizing the stuff in his truck ...he had a few items on the curb, all with in the law.
When I started filming, the lady security officer on the bike, called someone and said "Mr Picked-On Man is filming me again"

Here is the 4 minute clip on YouTube

The patrol ended up going off somewhere and so did I
But this is a good example on how ...just because you could tell this guy might be houseless
The bike patrol stopped and started asking un-needed questions

I interjected and said it didn't matter what he was doing he wasn't hurting anyone and was within the law
The man was saying the same thing
She tried smiling and said "I just was wondering whats going on here"

A few moments latter and she backed off to 'make her call'
As you can see in the video there is nothing wrong with what the man was doing

...yet the patrol was "on it, checking him out making contact, asking questions"

I would of walked on by ...and I was walking on by, until I seen the bike patrol stop to ask (uncalled for) questions