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On October 7th PSU again will fight to defend public education.

This is the official press release for the event check it out, and please come.

National Day of Action to Defend Education

Hundreds to gather at Portland State University

Portland, ORó
In coordination with the October 7th National Day of Action to Defend Public Education, and in solidarity with the "Global Wave of Action for Education" that is occurring throughout Oct/Nov 2010, hundreds will rally at Portland State University calling for affordable education for all. Students, faculty, workers, and community members will participate in coordination with hundreds of thousands from across the country and around the globe.

Locally, the event is being coordinated by the Portland Coalition to Defend Education, an open group initiated by PSU student organizers. Activities will take place Thursday October 7th from 10am-2pm in the South Park Blocks at Portland State University. Student groups will set up information tables as well as have materials available to make signs and banners, followed by speakers and music on stage starting at 12pm in front of the Smith Memorial Student Union building. Throughout the day there will be live updates from actions on campuses across the country.

As a follow up to the events of the March 4th National Day of Action earlier this year, this event is part of a continued mobilization to demand accessible, affordable and equitable education for all. More and more, our public schools are faced with the challenges of inadequate funding from the state. In Oregon, some seek to restructure our universities relationships to the state, relying private investors and free market rationale, in order to overcome the effects of the budget crisis. We understand this to be an unstable solution. The objective of the Portland Coalition to Defend Education is to raise awareness and spark discussion about these ongoing issues. We hope to bring wider participation and more student voices into the efforts to stabilize our threatened education system.

We oppose the deregulation of higher education, the increasing cost of tuition, and the cutting of faculty and worker rights and salary. We demand that public education receives adequate funding, effective immediately. We are rallying for the re-prioritization of education and not the funding of banks, prisons and war; and to put schools, jobs, and our communities first!

The October 7th National Ad-Hoc Organizing Committee to Defend Public Education has called on students, teachers, youth, faculty, staff, workers, parents, and all community members to join in the movement by organizing local actions on October 7th - the National Day of Actions and Strikes to Defend Public Education, and call for an end to the privatization of education.

For more information on the national call to action visit, www.defendeducation.org
For local information visit www.defendeducationpdx.wordpress.com

Press Contact:
Stephanie Rio Collier
Portland Coalition to Defend Education