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A.L.F. Takes Credit for Washington Mink Liberation

The Animal Liberation Front takes credit for the September 9th liberation of 400 mink from a Granite Falls fur farm.

From Voice of the Voiceless

Over a week after information surfaced about 400 mink being released from a Washington fur farm, the Animal Liberation Front issued a communique taking credit.

The full communique is as follows:

?In the early hours September 9th 2010 the ALF paid a visit to the Beck?s fur farm in Granite Falls, WA. Thanks to the news reports we know that we released aprox. 400 of the mink there and all we can say is that it wasn?t enough. We wish that there had been time that night to free all the prisoners that hell hole contains. We are heart broken for everyone left behind but take solace in the fact that we will do better the next time.

This action is dedicated to one who will only be known as
x/one blue/one brown/all heart/x


Industry sources first reported that 400 mink were released from an unnamed fur farm on September 9th. Local media soon reported the target as the Harvey Beck mink farm in Granite Falls, Washington.

The last reported fur farm raid in Washington state was in November, 2007, when an estimated 150 to 200 mink were released from a mink farm in Deming, Washington owned by Dale Marr. The largest mink release in Washington occurred in 2003, when 10,000 mink were released from the Roesler Brothers fur farm in Sultan.

Time for mink on America?s fur farms is running short. Animal liberators will feel increaing urgency in the coming months as late-November approaches, when the pelting season will begin. As the clock ticks towards execution day for all mink on fur farms, the next two months mark the last of the unofficial fur farm raiding season.

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