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any radical trans & genderqueer groups?

I'm just having what seems like a weirdly hard time finding any radical trans & genderqueer groups in Portland...
So I'm radical (anti-authoritarian) and gender queer, but don't have too many other radical queer friends, and I'm wondering if there are any (discussion, reading, resource, support, etc.) groups that meet around here on a regular basis that are like-minded.
When I tried to find any groups like this online pretty much the only thing that came up was the Northwest Gender Alliance. I'll probably end up checking them out, but the vague impression that I got from their website is that it might not be the most interesting/understanding space for a youngish anarchist revolutionary. Especially since they seem to be closely tied to the Q-Center, with its not-so-cool sounding police involved Q-Patrols. Now I don't mean to hate on the Q-center necessarily, I'm sure they do a lot of important, good work. I'd just rather be in a space with other folks who have a sane policy with regards to the state (as in, don't work with it!).

Anyhoo, if it turns out there aren't any groups like this, then I wouldn't be opposed to the idea of helping to start one. Leave a comment if you have a suggestion or think that starting a group like this sounds like a particularly good idea.

Radical Trans Groups 26.Sep.2010 00:11


The following is a list of trans groups with radical related politics and activities:

1. Trans and Womens Action Camp (TWAC)- meets at Red & Black Cafe, check their calendar

2. Gender Free for All (GFfA)- meets at In Other Words Book Store, check their calendar

3. Trans-Fem*- meets at the Q Center, check their calendar

4. Gender Query- meets at the Q Center, check their calendar

5. Women and Trans Night at Bike Farm, check their calendar

6. Women and Trans Night North Portland Bike Works, check their calendar

If you go to any one of these and chat up the folks there it should connect you to what you are looking for. The Northwest Gender Alliance is a more conventional group and may not be what you are looking for. Also there is LGBTQ programing on KBOO 90.7 every Tuesday at 6:00 PM, and if you contact them they can put you in touch with other groups as well.