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11 am pioneer square saturday
> September 25th Rally for Justice and Police Accountability
> Broad cross section of Portland groups calling for public involvement in
> police union talks and other reforms
> PORTLAND, OR - September 7, 2010 - The Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition
> for Justice and Police Reform is sponsoring a rally and march in at Pioneer
> Square in downtown Portland starting at 11:00a.m. on Saturday, September 25.
> In less than a year, Portland police have been involved in several high
> profile cases involving the use of excessive force. These include the
> shooting deaths of three men: Aaron Campbell, Jack Collins, and Keaton Otis
> and a twelve year old girl was tasered and shot with a bean bag gun at a MAX
> station. The AMA Coalition has taken a strong stand for scrutiny of the
> police bureau's use of excessive force, the need for more public involvement
> in the Independent Police Review Committee, and opening police union contract
> talks to the public.
> "Our work is not done. We need to restore a respectful relationship between
> Portland's police force and the community." said Reverend Dr. LeRoy Haynes,
> of the AMA Coalition. "The main goal of the rally on September 25th is to
> continue mobilizing the community for justice and police reform."
> Speakers will include:
> Dr. LeRoy Haynes, Chair of the Albina Ministerial Alliance
> Kasey Jama, Executive Director of the Center for Intercultural Organizing
> Chris O'Connor, Mental Health Association
> Israel Beyer, Editor "Street Roots" newspaper
> Rev. Bill Sinkford, new Senior Minister of First Unitarian Church
> Marco Mejia, Board Director of VOZ Workers Rights Education Project
> and representatives from Sisters of the Road, Basic
> Rights Oregon and Portland Copwatch and more.
> Sponsored by:
> The Albina Ministerial Alliance Coalition for Justice and Police Reform
> The AMA Coalition for Justice and Police Reform is working toward these five
> goals:
> 1. A federal investigation by the Justice Department to include criminal and
> civil rights violations, as well as a federal audit of patterns and practices
> of the Portland Police Bureau.
> 2. Strengthening the Independent Police Review Division and the Citizen
> Review Committee with the goal of adding power to compel testimony.
> 3. A full review of the Bureau's excessive force and deadly force policies
> and training with diverse citizen participation for the purpose of making
> recommendations to change policies and training.
> 4. The Oregon State Legislature narrowing the language of the State statute
> for deadly force used by police officers.
> 5. Establishing a special prosecutor for police excessive force and deadly
> force cases.
> The AMA Coalition for Justice and Police Reform follows these three
> principles:
> 1.Embrace the five goals
> 2.Accept the principles of non-violent direct action as enunciated by Dr.
> Martin Luther King, Jr.
> 3.Work as a team in concert to achieve the goals

good rally 25.Sep.2010 20:07

Ben Waiting

Well over one hundred there
No hassle from popo at the permited marc

If people dont show support for justice and our rights
We will loose them before your very eyes

A good rally ..just wish there was more people
Its so easy take for granted our rights liberty and lives

There was alot of love and good vibes out today for justice and peace
Thanks to all those who did show up
And thanks to all those who couldnt make it but were there in spirit and solidarity