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Action Alert: Comment Against Mirage Timber Sale

Eastern Oregon forests need more public support- 63% of Oregon's forests
are east of the Cascades, yet there are few environmentalists on the east
side, so please help the forests and the wildlife by commenting!
Comments are due on the "Mirage Vegetation Management Project" (timber
sale) at the Umatilla National Forest by OCTOBER 10th (postmark date) at
the latest.

Here's some points to address:
One of the alternatives presented, "Alternative 4" is the most protective
of the mixed conifer and old growth forest, Piliated Woodpecker, Pine
Martin, Northern Goshawk, water quality, and Steelhead and Redband trout.
It also involves less re-opening of closed roads. However it could use
some improvement:

- There should be: - no "shelter-wood harvest" virtual clear-cutting
- Reduce further the number of closed roads that would be re-opened
- Retain all trees with old growth characteristics
- Retain all mature healthy orange-bark Ponderosa Pine and a full
diversity of tree species where ever they exist.
- The diameter limit for logging should really be 12" to 15" diameter, not
21", to allow mature trees to replace old growth lost to decades of
unsustainable logging.
- Avoid prescribed burning during the Spring reproductive season for
- There should be no logging in riperian (streamside) zones
- There should be no Forest Plan amendments used to allow further
degradation of wildlife habitat or ecological integrity (in this case
further reduction of already very low satisfactory cover for elk and of
total hiding and thermal cover and habitat, all of which already violate
Forest Plan standards.)

We are especially concerned about the Mirage project impacts to the
following species:
Elk, Columbia Spotted Frog, Piliated Woodpecker, Lynx, returning Grey
Wolves, Wolverine, Steelhead and Redband Trout. These are either
management indicator species, or are federal or state-listed as sensitive,
threatened, or endangered.

Call for a copy of the Environmental Assessment:
Betsy Koncerak (541) 427- 5335

Please send your comments to:
Responsible Official Kevin Martin
c/o Robert Varner, District Ranger
401 W. Main
PO BOX 158
Ukiah, OR 97880

Or email comments:
Verify receipt!

Thank You!
Karen Coulter, Director, Blue Mountains Biodiversity Project
27803 Williams Lane
Fossil, OR 97830
(541) 385- 9167

(please let us know if you'd like to receive more of out action alerts. We
also need donations and volunteers to keep our work going!)