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The oil in the gulf didn't disappear- it's formed a 2 inch layer at the bottom of the gulf

I met a photographer in Illinois who was down shooting images of the gulf. He told me the oil never just vanished. There is now a layer of oil at the bottom of the gulf, affecting all bottom dwelling marine life.
Now the major corporate media is backing this story.
 link to www.propublica.org
No surprise there, we knew BP is full of it.

What is more is that this photographer told me that when he was down there a few weeks ago, the only beaches which were cleaned of the oil were ones where the public showed up. He still had issues getting in there to get images of the disaster.

It goes to show the Native American caveat, "Believe all you see with your own eyes, some of what hear first hand and none of what you hear second hand." I think I'd take it a step further and say the corporate media is never going to reveal the full extent of corporate crimes and alternative media becomes more and more necessary each day.

BP disaster is ongoing 24.Sep.2010 14:42

Jody Paulson

and being massively covered up. GW at Washington's Blog [  http://www.georgewashington2.blogspot.com/ ] has been doing some great reporting on this:

BP Oil Well Is Dead ... But What About the Nearby Seeps?

Millions of Dead Fish ... Authorities Pretend It Is Wholly Unrelated to BP Oil Spill

and check out this video:

Oil Spill Nets 25.Sep.2010 11:09

aristocratk anarkisst oilspillnets@hotmail.com

december 2006 i had a tentative agreement with the owners of the :selendang ayu" to have some containment nets hand braided.the costs is $950,000.they asked if i could wait till the 3 year statute expired incase others wanted to sue too. yet, august 2007 the company got a plea deal from u.s. attorney neil cohen based on their promises to thad allen of coast guard to continue thier oil spill responsiblities.5 days later the company rep said " were off the hook and will take our chances in court.
july 2008 i flew back to washington d.c.with a thick folder pointing out the need for the oil spill containment nets that the "exxon valdez',selendang ayu,"cosco busan,and"cougar ace, were supposed to have already available and still havent paid for . i visited senator murray ,senator cantwell,speaker pelosi,senator boxer and senator fienstien , and senator webb's offices to inform them of the national security issue... they thanked me for "my concern" and ignored the reality. most likely becuz i didnt donate to their re election compaigns..

the federal court case that was filed "david haines v.s. international maritime carriers-hongkong (selendang ayu) was filed in seattle district court. the law firm for hong kong "keesal logan young" made an arguement thier clients didnt have to pay anything becuz bering sea fishermen had no jurisdiction over them becuz they ( hong kong executives)were not u.s. citizens and therefore didnt have to abide by u.s. law. the judge "ricardo martinez" agreed and threw out the court case. at present the case is buried in the 9th circuit court of appeals down in sanfrancisco until after the november election . most likely as a favor to speaker pelosi who happens to be on the witness list becuz she had 2 of the major spills in her district "cosco busan and m/v dubai star" . she was to testify as to which laws from the oil spill pollution act and "innocent passage "violations and oil spill response responsiblities are available to enforce u.s law about proper equipment...
obviously the continued delay 5 years 9 months since selendang ayu dumped 130 million pounds of oil tainted soybeans were never contained before they sloshed around in the pristine bering sea for years ,even spilling again 10 months later becuz the hong kong shipping paid off the alaska govt officials and the coast guard with 5 star hotel and caterd food to convince them there was nothing more they could do.. which is not true... so another spill takes place in gulf of mexico and still to this day not one contain ment net has been made which would have kept the oil close to surface and 50 miles out until retro fitted fuel barges would transfer the oil out of the nets that would have been deployed from the surface of sea down as far as required then cynched offf to isolate the oil spilled from the ever changeing underwater currents that grab the oil and spread it far and wide......

treason capitulation in the name of business friendly