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Attempts to avert climate change set to fail

Attempts by governments and profit seeking industries to avert climate change will only exaggerate the negative effects. Selling a simple cause and effect science to the people and then installing mechanical devices to offset destructive climate change disaster is doomed to fail
"And what if things would change? what would you know then" (Amar: The Spider's House. P.Bowles)

"but he knew something was coming, in his heart he could feel it" (Grendel" John Gardner)

People all over the world are observing that summers are getting hotter (unbearably so) and winters longer and colder. Desalination plants are threatened by large rainfall and flooding, solar panels are shrouded in winter mists 24/7 for months on end, electricity and gas plants designed to increase energy available for heating are disabled by forest fires. Still many scientists are working on devices to make the climate a livable one.

What is the problem here? The answer are within science but ignored. High school students know that melting ice absorbs huge amounts of heat - but science does not factor this into global warming. Effects are not limited by the concepts we use to label them - they "spill over" both in time and space - producing untoward consequences. Absorption of heat at t1 results in a shortfall of heat at t2. Thus we have the paradoxical effect of global warming producing colder winters.

Sceptics claim that global warming is due to the sun getting hotter. A laughable explanation at first sight, as any significant increase in the sun's heat would be catastrophic. But let's give it a chance. If it were true both summers and winters would be warmer - but this is not so. This still does not rule out a complicated interaction, but I'm not giving this much hope of explanatory success.

Scientific American publishes articles on how to avert climate change. One article proposes to put thousands of small mirros into space, turning them away when we don't want to much heat and focussing rays to earth when we do. Cooler summers and warmer winters? Maybe so if summers and winters would only stick to the months we allocate them. It is highly probable that application of science to the prevention of climate change will be a disaster. As Don Juan says to Carlos Castaneda "it's not what you do but what what you don't do that is important".

Averting climate change can only occur when people STOP doing the things that are destroying the atmosphere. We can't hope to keep on applying technology to neutralize the its damaging effects.