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Oct 2nd Community Forum About the State Budget Crisis: Have Your Voice Heard

Come join labor and community members in a discussion about Oregon 's budget crisis. This forum will focus on how social services and education funds will be decimated unless solutions are put into place. State congressman Nick Kahl will be present to listen to how workers think the crisis can best be addressed.

This event will coincide with the October 2nd labor coalition march on Washington to demand jobs.
Oct 2nd, 11am @ Teamsters Union Hall (1850 NE 162nd, PDX, OR 97230) near Halsey

Here's a press release about the AFL-CIO day of action:  http://www.aflcio.org/mediacenter/prsptm/pr09012010.cfm

In Oregon , there is a forecasted $3.5 billion dollar deficit for the next two year budget cycle, which starts in July. If something is not done to increase state revenue, there will be drastic cuts in social services and education-- including layoffs-- as has happened in other states like California , New York , Michigan , etc.

Please encourage your labor union or community group to help promote it through email lists, newsletters, phone banks, union meetings, etc.

homepage: homepage: http://www.empoweroregon.org