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On Saturday, Sept 25 at 12 noon at PSU's Chit Chat Cafe, Amanda Fritz and Jim Middaugh (pro-VOE speakers) are set to debate Victoria Taft/KPAM/Tea Party anti-VOE speakers about the Voter-Owned Elections ballot measure for Nov. 2. On Sunday, Sept 26 at 6pm at PSU's Hot Lips Pizza, an open forum is being presented regarding TriMet's proposed $125,000,000 tax measure on the ballot Nov.2 to buy 150 new buses for seniors and disabled riders.

FORUM #1: DEBATE ON VOTER-OWNED ELECTIONS. Portland City Council member Amanda Fritz and Jim Middaugh, Erik Sten's chief of staff (and formmer VOE-funded candidate against Nick Fish) will debate Victoria Taft from KPAM Radio, the Tea Party, and the early summer Red & Black Boycott. Randy Leonard and Dave Lister (Oregonian pro-business writer) were both invited to this debate, but said they were gone/busy this Saturday. Presenters have been asked to give 5-7 minute overviews of why they support, or oppose Voter-Owned Elections. If there is only one anti-speaker (officially) that person may be given more time, as/if needed. While we want this to be a healthy debate, and Q&A will follow the statements on both sides, we also do want to encourage an actual debate and exchange of ideas -- not necessarily simply trashing the Tea Party, ipso facto. We encourage community members to attend, as students/teachers/staff are also invited (but school hasn't started yet at the three big state schools like PSU, even though PCC an the private colleges started fall term already).

FORUM #2: FORUM ON TRIMET'S NOV. 2 $150,000,000 BALLOT MEASURE TO BUY 150 NEW BUSES FOR SENIORS AND DISABLED RIDERS. This facilitated open forum will consider two resolutions: RESOLVED, voters should vote "YES" on TriMet's $125,000,000 tax measure on Nov. 2 to acquire 150 buses for seniors and disabled riders. Also, RESOLVED, the TriMet board of directors should be elected by the people, not appointed by Oregon's governor (as is currently the case).


Forum #1 on VOE ballot measure: Sat Sept 25 at 12 noon at PSU's Chit Chat Cafe, 1907 SW Sixth, on Green Line MAX and 9, 17, 19, 44 bus lines.

Forum #2 on TriMet ballot measure: Sun Sept 26 at 6 pm at PSU's Hot Lips Pizza, 1909 SW Sixth, on Green Line MAX and 9, 17, 19, 44 bus lines.

More details: www.trimetriders.org or 503-222-2974.

Presented by:
Transit Riders Union, Tenant Rights Project, Unemployed Workers Council, PSU Progressive Student Union.


homepage: homepage: http://www.trimetriders.org
phone: phone: 503-222-2974
address: address: PO Box 40011, Portland, Oregon 97240

talk radio wing nut 23.Sep.2010 14:22

Joe Anybody

boy this ought to be ripe
Victoria Taft is a real jewel

just about anything in the Peace and Justice human civil rights realm "she opposes!

She is a smart ass ....loud mouth.... ____________ fill in the blank

She set up her free coffee stand ousted of the Red n Black a few moths back
She is a tea party ditz