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The need to reform all branches of government for the of saving our country from further ruinatuion is now.
The time for correcting the historic excesses of the United States government & its ruling class is now. Begin by removing all tax cuts for the rich, increasing the taxes on the wealthy, and slashing the pentagon/cia/fbi/nsa budgets by ten trillion dollars (for starters) over the next decade.

At the same time, provide housing, food, and jobs to all our people who need such; offer a progressive program designed to lift the majority of the unemployed/poor into productive areas of human endeavor such as helping prisoners to at once legally escape their jail cells and to gain counseling for all where needed.

Commence criminal investigations against the fbi/cia/police/pentagon torturers and assassins and hold all government officials & private persons ( including doctors, lawyers, nurses, and others) responsible for high crimes.



Prepare the world for the end of all hostilities for which the USA has direct liability:



Finally, as I do not want to over state the case for reform, remove all members from congress, the high courts and the executive branches of government by the convening of a constitutional convention to overhaul the United States of America from its inhumane war machine into the universally recognized model for peace, harmony, & opportunity for each person on earth.

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"doctors, lawyers, nurses, and others"? 24.Sep.2010 14:21


I was with you until that. How have nurses been responsible for U.S. government atrocities?