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Video: Protest at Earl Blumenauers

On the 3rd Wednesday of the month, at noon activists across the US are converging on their senators offices to demand accountability. From War Funding, to Health Care to Creating Jobs.
This video is from the House Representative 3rd district office in Portland Oregon
A protest outside Earl Blumenauers office to get his attention regarding listening to his constituents. This is a monthly protest being organized by the Progressive Democrat Party, done as a national protest across the US at over 143 different congressional offices at the same time of day. (you don't have to be a "progressive Democrat to participate) This is a call to our congress to do their jobs, end the war and start providing good leadership for the citizens they represent.

End the war .... and use the money on important things that we really need!

The 3rd Wednesday of the month at 12:00 noon - 729 N.E. Oregon Street Suite 115


Of course whats a protest these days with out a security guard "just doing his job"?
No problems to report, (but) a discussion of where can I stand or put a sign was discussed by The Lone Vet and security

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