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Rally to Free Army Pfc. Bradley Manning, Whistleblower

Rally near Fort Lewis Washington as part of an international 17 city event, drawing attention to the incarceration of Army Pfc. Bradley Manning charged by the US Army with allegedly disclosing a classified video, published on Wilileaks on April 5, 2010.

Rally to Free Bradley Manning
The video, which can be viewed at www.collateralmurder.com, depicts US Apache helicopter opening fire on a wounded Rueters employee and his rescuers. Two children were also wounded in the assault.
No charges have been filed against the soldiers in the helicopter, and Manning faces up to 52 years in prison.

The rally gathered at Coffee Strong Veterans Center and Coffeehouse and proceed the few blocks to Freedom bridge, an over pass leading directly to the gates of Fort Lewis Washington.
Coffee Strong Coffee Strong is a veteran-owned, veteran-operated GI coffeehouse. Veterans provide a safe place for soldiers to share the effects of disastrous wars, within 300 meters of the gates at Ft Lewis. The unique coffeehouse welcomes soldiers with a free cup of coffee. There is access to the Internet, an informative library, and many referrals are available to community resources, including GI Rights counseling and Veterans Benefits. Free legal and educational resources are available.

Supporters maintained their vigil on the overpass for about 90 minutes.The event was punctuated by whistles and by horns constantly blasting their support, both from the freeway below and the roads leading to and from Fort Lewis.

In this video, about 9 minutes in length, Gerry Condon, president of Seattle Veterans for Peace, Chapter 92 speaks about Bradley Manning and the international effort to obtain his release. Also, there are brief sound bites from others who attended this event to support Democracy and speak out for justice.

Photographs by Kellie La Bonty.

homepage: homepage: http://www.bradleymanning.org