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Anti-fascists Expose Neo-Nazis in the Oregon Black Metal Scene

On September 2 to September 5, the white supremacist organization Volksfront International held their "Althing" gathering on private land in Missouri, at the "Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall" approximately an hour outside of St. Louis. Rose City Antifascists noted with interest that one of the musical acts billed for Volksfront's gathering was the Oregon "National Socialist Black Metal" (NSBM) band Immortal Pride. Immortal Pride is part of a network of racist musical acts allied to Blood & Honour American Division, which is in turn largely guided by Volksfront. This is the first time that Immortal Pride has played a major neo-Nazi gathering. In recognition of this development, Rose City Antifascists wish to draw attention to the main forces in the neo-Nazi black metal underground in Oregon today, with the hope that they can be countered from both within and without the metal scene.
Volksfront "Althing" flyer
Immortal Pride
Immortal Pride
Immortal Pride with Kyle McCoy
Immortal Pride with Kyle McCoy
Justin Endicott
Justin Endicott
Gregory Lehr, Jr.
Gregory Lehr, Jr.
Paul Aaron Bonnen
Paul Aaron Bonnen
Fanisk album cover
Fanisk album cover
William Arthur McDonald II
William Arthur McDonald II
Charles T. See
Charles T. See

On September 2 to September 5, the white supremacist organization Volksfront International held their "Althing" gathering on private land in Missouri, at the "Samuel Weaver Memorial Hall" approximately an hour outside of St. Louis. The Althing is Volksfront's main North American gathering, the name "Althing" deriving from the national assembly of Viking times (it is also the name of the current Icelandic parliament.) The Missouri event included not just members and "official supporters" of Volksfront, but also participants in Blood & Honour American Division, the American Front, and White Revolution, all of which are closely aligned to Volksfront. Among the speakers billed for this year's gathering were Canadian neo-Nazi leader Paul Fromm, as well as Billy Roper, head of White Revolution, who regularly speaks at Volksfront events.

Volksfront was founded in 1994 within the Oregon prison system, but now organizes in several other regions in North America, and has also spread to other continents, with divisions in Europe and Australia. Volksfront also remains the dominant neo-Nazi organization in Oregon. The organization has a long history of violence in the Northwest, including the 2003 murder of Mark Randall Townsend, a homeless man in Tacoma, Washington, by the leader of a probationary Volksfront unit and his associates.

Rose City Antifascists noted with interest that one of the musical acts billed for Volksfront's gathering was the Oregon "National Socialist Black Metal" (NSBM) band Immortal Pride. Immortal Pride is part of a network of racist musical acts allied to Blood & Honour American Division, which is in turn largely guided by Volksfront. This is the first time that Immortal Pride has played a major neo-Nazi gathering. In recognition of this development, Rose City Antifascists wish to draw attention to the main forces in the neo-Nazi black metal underground in Oregon today, with the hope that they can be countered from both within and without the metal scene. In doing this, we also wish to counter the idea that neo-Nazis only exist in the bonehead/racist "skinhead" scene. Other subcultural settings are also being contested ideologically, a reality that we ignore at our own risk.

Black Metal and the Emergence of NSBM

Black metal is a sub-genre of extreme metal that is rooted in the 1980s recordings of such projects as Venom, Hellhammer and Bathory, and is characterized by dark and brooding atmospheres as well as an emphasis on mood above technical mastery. Some typical black metal themes are evil, nihilism and misanthropy. Much early black metal contains Satanic content, expressed to various degrees of sincerity by the artists, but Bathory evolved to be an early example of a project endorsing Norse paganism within its lyrics.

A second wave of black metal came to prominence in the early 1990s, especially centering on a Norwegian scene that became notorious for suicide, murder and church arsons as much as for the recordings of its artists. During the mid-1990s, the black metal scene attracted much media attention as a result of the Norwegian happenings, and the black metal subculture mushroomed as a result. Yet this rapid growth also led to an internal crisis, due to a proliferation of artists who were seen as insincere and second-rate, as well as increased commercialization and seeming watering-down of a genre that had earlier bragged of its extremism. The struggle for authenticity within the subculture--a concept that had become linked to extreme stances--led a portion of black metal participants to gravitate towards increasingly rigid ideological positions, one of which was neo-Nazism. The sub-subgenre of NSBM, or National Socialist Black Metal, emerged partly as a result of this dynamic, but was also partly due to the promotion of the genre by elements within the ultra-Right who saw the potential for the scene to provide a new pool of recruits and activists.

Kristian "Varg" Vikernes, an important figure in the 1990s wave of Norwegian black metal who released solo albums under the name of Burzum, became especially important in establishing an ideologically racist and extreme-Right tendency within black metal, through the white power and anti-Semitic pronouncements he issued while imprisoned for the murder of a rival black metal figurehead. (Vikernes was also convicted of arson and illegal weapons charges, and had claimed that he had intended to use the stockpile of explosives he was caught with against Blitz House, a well-known anti-fascist space in Norway. Vikernes was released from prison last year.) Groups such as Graveland from Poland, Absurd from Germany, Evil from Brazil, the "Blazebirth Hall" circle of bands from Russia, and Ukrainian groups such as Nokturnal Mortum, all promoted an explicitly "national socialist" version of black metal from the '90s onwards, and a distinct NSBM scene now also exists in North America. An upcoming racist publication that caters towards the NSBM scene, Heathenforce, shows that American white supremacists are still trying to organize through this subculture. (One of the editors of Heathenforce, Heathen Holiday Gliebe, is the ex-wife of Erich Gliebe, chairman of the neo-Nazi National Alliance.)

The black metal subculture is not a fascist scene in its entirety, however. NSBM bands are not always welcome, and are often scorned by other parts of the black metal scene, including black metal traditionalists who see the extreme-Right tendency as a step away from the genre's roots. In recent times, black metal groups expressing radical ecological positions, and even anarchist black metal acts, have also emerged as distinct minority tendencies within black metal. In the context of the North American scene, the involvement of people of color in some highly-regarded underground acts may also limit the appeal of the NSBM faction to some degree. Similarly to the skinhead or punk rock scenes, a variety of social and political stances exist within the black metal subculture.

NSBM in Oregon

The two major NSBM projects in Oregon are Immortal Pride and Fanisk, as well as solo projects from members of these groups. Rose City Antifa is always interested in more information about members of these NSBM acts. Several other black metal acts are mentioned in the writing below, but we are not necessarily trying to portray these acts as fascist--many simply keep silent about the neo-Nazi politics of their associates.

Immortal Pride & Waldvater (solo project)

Immortal Pride was formed in 2003 in Corvallis, Oregon, by Justin Endicott AKA "Volkstahl" and "Volkermord," who is now based in Albany. Immortal Pride self-released demos in 2003 and 2004, followed by a split tape with the German black metal act Femegericht, which was issued by the Battle Ground, Washington label Dark Forest Productions in 2006. In 2010, Immortal Pride has become increasingly active again, and has emphatically linked itself to Blood & Honour American Division and the white supremacist circles around Volksfront.

As well as playing in Immortal Pride, Justin Endicott is involved with several other metal bands:
* As "Bloodwrath AKA Mauvais Noir," Endicott plays with the black metal group Echoes of Emptiness. This project also involves Endicott's band-mate Paul Bonnen from Immortal Pride, as well as two members of the Portland black metal group Panzergod. Echoes of Emptiness' Myspace page proclaims: "No religion - no politics - just true bleak metal" and does not mention the neo-Nazi politics of two of its members.
* As "Sadistic Possessor," Endicott plays in the death/thrash metal group MRSA.
* As "Ballistic Suppressor," Endicott also has an "anti-communist" metal recording project named Massive Retaliation.
* Some other projects mentioned on his "Justin Endicott Music" page are: Mauvais Noir, Forest of Illusion, Nipplodeon and Slashbanger.
* Endicott is also an ex-member of the death/thrash/grind metal group Reeker, for which he played bass several years ago.

It should be noted that, like so many neo-Nazis Rose City Antifa has come across, Justin Endicott has an ugly history of violence against women. We urge his current fiancé to reconsider what she is getting herself into.

A former participant in Immortal Pride, Kyle McCoy, is not featured in the most recent photos of Immortal Pride, nor is he listed on their current Myspace page. Under the name "Hexergeist" McCoy used to also play in the Portland black metal group Panzergod. McCoy has also played in the Berlin, Germany black metal group Golgathar under the same alias. While he no longer appears to be playing with Immortal Pride, it does not appear that McCoy has turned his back on white supremacist ideology, and he still seems to be floating around in the NSBM scene.

Gregory Lehr, Jr. who performs in the current Immortal Pride lineup as "Schwarzwaldkrieger," also propagates white power stances through his NSBM solo project Waldvater. The Waldvater solo project began in 2006, and according to its Facebook page, "all lyrics are written for proper European/Pagan history and belief. [... ] Waldvater supports only Pagan or Indo-European influence and promotion." Waldvater was signed to the Austrian label Folk Produktion, but this thankfully ceased operation before it released anything by Lehr's project. Lehr is also a licensed pharmacy technician; we are interested in whether he is still working at Oregon Health & Science University.

Paul Aaron Bonnen is another more recent member of Immortal Pride who goes by the name Draugr for his black metal endeavors. Bonnen lives in Albany, and plays alongside Justin Endicott and members of Panzergod in the "no politics" black metal Echoes of Emptiness. Bonnen shares with Greg Lehr a pronounced love of posing in front of Nazi flags, and then posting the pictures of himself on the internet.

Fanisk & Eldrig (solo project)

The other major NSBM act in Oregon is Fanisk, whose members are originally from California but who moved to Portland few years after the project's formation in 2000 (or 2001, depending on sources.) Both Fanisk and the solo project of one of its members--Eldrig--have been released by major extreme-Right record labels. While both Fanisk and Eldrig have esoteric and pseudo-philosophical lyrics, both recording projects are unmistakably a part of the white power movement. In an interview published in the Winter 2006 issue of the white supremacist Resistance magazine, the group stated that "Fanisk identify foremost with the Life-centered creed of National Socialism, as it has illuminated a clear course beyond mankind as we know it." The group's second recording, "Noontide," originally featured cover art of an eagle flying towards a swastika sun, although this swastika was obscured by a black dot when later reissued.

The first Fanisk recording, "Die and Become," was released in a small edition in 2002, but reissued by Stellar Winter Records in 2008. Stellar Winter Records was the Russian NSBM label of the band Temnozor, and was also associated with The Pagan Front, an alliance of neo-Nazi black metal bands, labels and publications at the center of the NSBM scene. The second Fanisk full-length recording, "Noontide," was recorded in 2003 but reissued by Resistance Records and its subsidiary Unholy Records in 2006. Resistance Records is owned by the National Alliance, which at one time was the largest and most influential neo-Nazi organization in the United States, and which made determined efforts to build influence within the black metal scene (for example by buying other record labels.) Resistance Records were also the publishers of Resistance magazine, which interviewed Fanisk in a five-page feature. The Resistance Records website still lists Fanisk on its "Featured Artists" page.

Also in 2006, Fanisk contributed a track to the "Anti-Geldof Compilation" released by the UK label Supernal Music, which promotes extreme-Right black metal acts. It appears as though the next Fanisk full-length will be released by this label as well. Supernal Records boss Alex Kurtagic is not just a propagandist within the black metal scene, but is a voice within the general ultra-Right as well. Kurtagic is involved with the publishing house Wermod & Wermod as well as Supernal Records, issuing books by himself, Tomislav Sunic of the racist American Third Position party, and "National Anarchist" Troy Southgate, under the house's Iron Sky Publishing and Palingenesis Project imprints. Kurtagic also writes for the pseudo-intellectual white nationalist publication The Occidental Quarterly (his article "Black Metal: Conservative Revolution in Modern Popular Culture" is in the Spring 2010 issue) as well as for the Alternative Right website, which presents itself as the "online magazine of radical traditionalism" and which covers the political spectrum from paleoconservatives to white nationalists and "Third Position" theorists.

Fanisk itself is composed of Portland residents William Arthur McDonald II ("W. Vitholf") and Charles T. See ("Eldrig van See.") McDonald also has own solo NSBM project, Vitholf, although nothing much appears to have happened with this for close to a decade. As well as writing lyrics for Fanisk, William McDonald also composed song lyrics for a complete album by the Polish neo-Nazi black metal act Infernum, and also wrote words for a track by Thor's Hammer, another NSBM act from Poland. Both Infernum and Thor's Hammer contained members who were highly influential in the Polish NSBM scene, and McDonald's contribution of lyrics is a good example of the international cooperation that takes place in this underground.

As well as musical and lyrical endeavors, McDonald is responsible for the "Ironlight" blog which specializes in anti-Semitic forms of anti-Zionism, Holocaust-denial, conspiracy theories and white supremacist ideology. Interestingly, William McDonald is not just an adherent of Adolf Hitler, but also of Charles Manson. One of McDonald's good friends, David Husar of California, is the registrant for two sites for the Order of ATWA (acronym for Air, Trees, Water, Animals and All The Way Alive,) a project guided by Charles Manson and connected to the Manson family. (The websites connected to Husar are atwa.be and allthewayalive.com.) Artwork by McDonald/"Vitholf" is included on the "Art 4 ATWA" page of one of Husar's sites, and the Order of ATWA blog also links to McDonald's Ironlight blog. This is not the first instance of a Manson/neo-Nazi overlap; in the 1980s, veteran neo-Nazi James Mason operated the Universal Order, which combined National Socialist ideology with recognition of Charles Manson's leadership.

William McDonald appears to be engaged in studies at Portland Community College; we would welcome information about this.

The other participant in Fanisk is Charles See ("Eldrig Van See") who also has his own solo project Eldrig. The first major release by Eldrig, "Kali," was released by Supernal in 2007. The album references and pays tribute to the Savitri Devi (pseudonym of Maximiani Portas, 1905-1982), an Esoteric Hitlerist who proclaimed the Third Reich leader to be an avatar of the Hindu deity Vishnu. (Supernal Records also sells two of Devi's books, Gold in the Furnace and Defiance, and label head Kurtagic has further promoted Devi in his writings.) Another 2007 release was the Eldrig album "Everlasting War Divinity," issued on the Polish label Eastside Records, a NSBM label that has also brought out discs by neo-Nazi groups such as Dub Buk from the Ukraine and Temnozor from Russia. The vinyl version of "Everlasting War Divinity" was issued by Portland's Anthem Records, which otherwise does not have neo-Nazi connections. A third Eldrig album, "Mysterion," was released in 2008 by Supernal. Charles See also performs acoustic music and recently appeared in a short experimental movie as Charles See Dudley.

Taking NSBM Seriously as Fascist Organizing

The NSBM scene is one of the key white supremacist subcultures in existence today. Its members are directly linked to neo-Nazi organizing. In the example of Immortal Pride, the group is explicitly affiliated with Blood & Honour American Division and it has recently played a major neo-Nazi gathering. Fanisk was released by the National Alliance-owned Resistance Records, and served as an asset to this organization. Fanisk and Charles See's solo project Eldrig are now promoted by Supernal, a black metal record label whose owner also propagates white nationalist and ultra-Right thought through other channels. Rose City Antifa believes it is important to take such projects seriously, and not simply to look at the bonehead sector of the white supremacist scene. Please contact us if you have any further information regarding the NSBM scene in Oregon.

Rose City Antifa is always interested in information regarding racist, fascist and neo-Nazi activity in Portland and throughout the Pacific Northwest. Our voicemail number is (971) 533 7832. You may also email fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net.

[website] http://rosecityantifa.org

homepage: homepage: http://portland.indymedia.org/en/2010/09/402442.shtml
phone: phone: 971-533-7832 (VM)

serious as hitler! 22.Sep.2010 12:14


spme here have taken poorly to my pointing out that Hitler refered to himself as a socialist, even disregarded the reason its national Socialism that became the word Na-Zi. Any 1/2 decent history book will tell you that the commies and the brown shirts vied to win the heart minds and fists of the disaffiliated youth.

Serious and boneheaded are by no means exclusive categories. In fact they fit togather very easily.
Keep up the hat and the light of day on the vermin!

Dark Forest Productions and Immortal Pride split tape 23.Sep.2010 11:01

Rose City Antifa fight_them_back [at] riseup [dot] net

NOTE 9/23/10:
It has been brought to our attention by the label that, despite its numerous mentions on extreme metal websites and discographies, the Femegericht / Immortal Pride split tape was not actually ever released by Dark Forest Productions. Dark Forest Productions has further stressed that it considers itself as a "non political label."

971-533-7832 (VM)

photo of Immortal Pride playing Volksfront gathering 23.Sep.2010 15:24


Here is a photograph of Immortal Pride playing the Volksfront "Althing" gathering. Also note that Immortal Pride currently describes itself as "VFBM" (i.e. "Volksfront Black Metal") on its Facebook page.

On a related note, it is somewhat amusing that Greg Lehr is currently trying to backtrack and, on the Waldvater Facebook and Myspace pages, state that his project is "not a 'racist' band and is not NSBM." This is from the person who wrote the song "Aryan Winds" and who just played drums at the Volksfront gathering... (The "Aryan Winds" song is actually by another solo project of Lehr's, SchwarzSonneZorn, that somehow was unmentioned in the Antifa article.) Waldvater has also been promoted by Lehr on the white supremacist Stormfront site. Waldvater is explicitly influenced by works published by the "14 Word Press," such as "Creed of Iron" and "Temple of WOTAN." 14 Words Press was itself established in part by the (now deceased) neo-Nazi terrorist David Lane of The Order/Silent Brotherhood, in order to spread an extreme white supremacist variant of Germanic neopaganism. So much for "not a 'racist' band"...
Immortal Pride playing Volksfront
Immortal Pride playing Volksfront "Althing"

Fanisk = Black Solar Art 24.Sep.2010 07:48

No Titles, No Boundaries

Eldrig said (in the Winter of 2009) in his blog's Statement of Ideological Independence: "The philosophical ideas expressed in the work of Eldrig are of a very complex and personal nature, and are not connected to any movement or political ideology. Those who wish to categorize the musical, lyrical, or aesthetic content of this project using inaccurate names and labels are listening with deaf ears."

Read it for yourself --  link to blogs.myspace.com

To which I, Vithólf, responded two days later: "The problem, it seems to me, is that the vast majority of these self-appointed critics - even those who mean well - simply do not understand the titles they throw around quite casually/carelessly. For many of them, it is music - and not even theirs. So, even if they were to choose an associative title which you had positive feelings toward on an individual level, they would not understand that positivity in its proper context - that is, from the contextual perspective of initiation and consequent illumination. Their associations, in other words, are tainted. They are using the words of the world that is passing -- borrowed, jaded, contaminated. Their parallels are drawn in the darkness of confusion. They simply do not understand the esoteric currents at work - neither the origin, nor the destination of such currents. They are strictly acquainted with the external, the superficial, the apparent. So, even if they were to come close in their words, their parallels would still fail, for they speak a different language: the language of the multitude. It is therefore logical to demand new words from them if nothing more. New titles, altogether. An association to be made only with itself. Those who ever understood anything will know where you stand. Those who never understood anything will continue stumbling in darkness/non-awareness. Eldrig is Eldrig. It is its own entity - its own genre - its own circle, complete in itself."

Eldrig is not NSBM, and Fanisk (not that you understood the title to begin with) transcended genre as early as 2006. Titles and pigeonholing and branding is obviously YOUR thing. That's how you operate in your inner-darkness. It gives the blind something to lash out at, and the weak something to latch onto. We're not interested in such games and won't waste valuable time or energy indulging you. If you want to know what the music of either of these bands represents, listen to the music or read the lyrics. If you don't understand where it comes from or where it's going, what the fuck do we care? You evidently hate anyone who doesn't march in lockstep with your little masked entourage of trust-fund "punks" -- so, no love lost. Your approval or rejection is furthest from our concern. And as it is clear that you do not care to understand anything which defies your narrow vision, your conclusions are hardly surprising.

I've got to hand it to you -- you "Antifascists" have assumed more Fascistic forms than anyone I've encountered along this winding path. Pathetic thing is, you just can't face the mirror and accept what your tactics have reduced you to. You're part of the new world surveillance culture. And while I'd say that your problem certainly isn't our problem, it does, in a sense, become our problem, doesn't it, when you initiate hostility based on your own stubborn and unpardonable ignorance?

We've never belonged to Volksfront or attended a single one of their gatherings. We don't know or communicate with anyone from Immortal Pride. We've never had any connection with Blood and Honour or the Hammerskins or any other organization you've mentioned in your preposterous little "shooting gallery." Additionally, we were never signed to Resistance Records. We were signed to the now-defunct Unholy Records, and have twice requested (in vain) to be removed from the "featured artists" segment of the Resistance site, simply because it did not faithfully reflect the content of our music or the increasing complexity of our worldview.

Every meaningful rebuttal I've posted here on Indymedia has been outright censored, so I expect the same will occur here. Should I find your organization's aversion to free, open debate and a fair presentation of the facts so very peculiar? You creeps clearly have nothing better to do with your lives than this, and a dose of the facts would derail your sensational story in short order. I mean, where would you truly be without the hatred (real or imagined) which sustains you? When it becomes your very reason for living (which is quite evident), you've already lost. Pat yourselves on the back. As for Fanisk, and as for Eldrig, you cannot possibly besmirch what we represent on any conceivable level. In fact, your efforts only strengthen our creative resolve and probably boosts appreciation for our bands while making yourselves look as pathetic as you are. It is wise to remember that the energy you project always, always, always comes back around.


Particularly dishonest response from William McDonald / Vitholf 24.Sep.2010 17:54


The Eldrig "Statement of Ideological Independence" is essentially meaningless. Even McDonald/"Vitholf" states that "even if they [the critics] were to choose an associative title which you had positive feelings toward on an individual level, they would not understand that positivity in its proper context."

The "associative title" in question is undoubtedly "National Socialist" or "Nazi," and McDonald's argument is that one cannot properly understand esoteric Nazism outside of a "perspective of initiation"--that is, one has to have become initiated within the alleged Aryan mysteries in order to truly know them. People less inclined towards pretention and bullshit may disagree.

Eldrig is such a clear part of the NSBM scene that it is listed as one of the "representative bands" of the genre on Metapedia, the white nationalist online encyclopedia. Eldrig was released on both the NSBM label Eastside, as well as Supernal Records, a label with its own extreme-Right ideology. In fact, Supernal label boss Alex Kurtagic's own one-man black metal project, Benighted Leams, samples William Pierce--the first leader of the National Alliance and author of the infamous Turner Diaries--on one of his albums, as well as singing about the theories of Kevin MacDonald, an anti-Semitic theorist and white supremacist. Supernal absolutely fails as a record label that is "not connected to any movement or political ideology."

Regarding Fanisk, here are the project's own words to the webmasters at Metal Archives, dated August 31 of this year (found at  http://pastebin.com/rqrLBHcF):

"Thank you for the recent changes made to the Fanisk profile. Would you be so kind, though, as to change the musical style from 'Black Metal' to Black Solar Art? The former 'NS Black Metal' title was vague, and people who do not grasp that NS was/is infinitely more than petty, worldly politics had begun to mistake us for low-brow propagandists. The title 'Black Metal,' however, is also misleading, since it implies that we dropped our NS affiliations. The description, Black Solar Art, is original, and it is our reference to esoteric art in service of the Black Sun."

Note that the Black Sun is an occult symbol used within Nazi mysticism. The symbol was a floor mosaic at SS Generals' Hall in Wewelsburg castle, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

"NS" of course means "National Socialist," in other words "Nazi."

While Fanisk may not hang out with Hammerskins--Antifa never stated or suggested that they do--and Fanisk's members may even look down on neo-Nazi boneheads as insufficiently pompous and elitist, the Fanisk project is certainly an attempt at neo-Nazi propaganda, even if its members don't consider it as "low-brow." Discussing Noontide, the second Fanisk album, one reviewer notes: "These guys get the Hitler sample in early... "

As far as the attempt to portray Unholy Records as different to Resistance Records goes, it should be noted that, when posting about the "NS Black Metal FANISK new album!!" on the white supremacist Stormfront site, "Eldrig" pointed buyers to the Resistance website to buy the album that was nominally released on Unholy. Unholy was owned by the neo-Nazi National Alliance just like Resistance, and in fact was a subsidiary of Resistance. Business records from West Virginia list Erich Gliebe and Ryan Maziarka as Unholy's managers, and William Pierce as its organizer. William Pierce was, as already noted, the first leader of the National Alliance, while Erich Gliebe took his leadership position after Pierce's 2002 death. Ryan Maziarka was also a high-ranking member of the National Alliance. A March 4, 2006 broadcast of the National Alliance's "American Dissident Voices" radio show, demonstrated how little difference there was between the Unholy and Resistance record labels: "Resistance Records just released the first new music CD in 2006. This CD is titled Noontide and the band is Fanisk."

William McDonald shows how much he has personally "transcended" Nazism, by his links to the "Racial Nationalist Library," "National-Socialist Worldview" and dozens of other white supremacist, anti-Semitic and Holocaust-denial sites on his Ironlight blog.

It is of course ironic that McDonald complains of "Fascistic forms" and "surveillance culture," when one considers that the Third Reich was, amongst other things, a totalitarian police state. It is curious how much these Aryan warriors start moaning once criticized publicly for their activity...

Finally, McDonald's assertion that "We don't know or communicate with anyone from Immortal Pride" is simply a lie. The attached screenshot from today shows McDonald's Facebook profile, with "Schwarzwald Krieger" clearly listed as an online "friend." "Schwarzwald Krieger" is Greg Lehr, drummer for Immortal Pride at the Volksfront event.
William McDonald's Facebook page, friends with Greg Lehr
William McDonald's Facebook page, friends with Greg Lehr

"Expose Neo-Nazis in the Oregon Black Metal Scene" 24.Sep.2010 23:08

Black Metal Ist Krieg

The headline "Anti-fascists Expose Neo-Nazis in the Oregon Black Metal Scene" is giving yourselves FAR too much credit.

We never hid anything. Hell, we made the VF show flyer our default pic on myspace before the show!
Im not exactly sure what you sleuths are "exposing" that a simple Google search couldn't reveal.

Also, we're not part of any "metal scene" in Oregon as we've pretty much severed all ties to said groups due to the abundance of druggies, sexual deviants, left-wing undesirables and an over-population of people who just plain wanted to play dress-up. This isn't to say however that we don't have a few little birdies in the right places that keep us informed. We were actually surprised it took this long for the write up to surface.

To put it bluntly, we have not/do not/will never hide our faces(unlike you folks), nor will we ever be part of any metal "scene" in Oregon.

The only way anyone is ever going to "counter" our art form is through sheer force.

To quote a well-known racialist Oregonian, "If somebody wants to do harm to me, They'd better bring their A-game".
Might wanna eat your Wheaties too.

yours in ideological opposition and eternal defiance,

Immortal Pride, hmmmm... 25.Sep.2010 11:57


Someone purporting to write on behalf of Immortal Pride, writes "Im not exactly sure what you sleuths are 'exposing' that a simple Google search couldn't reveal." At the same time, (former?) Immortal Pride member Greg Lehr is issuing panic-stricken statements on his Waldvater pages that "This is an invasion of my privacy and an attack on me without having done a single thing to deserve it." Well, which one is it? It can't be both...

Speaking of Greg Lehr, it appears that his alias of "Schwarzwaldkrieger" has mysteriously vanished from the listing of band members on the Immortal Pride Myspace page, and the group is now down to two listed members--"Volkstahl" (Justin Endicott) and "Draugr" (Paul Aaron Bonnen). There are now some really weird attempts at spin going on, that Lehr was just an incidental session musician who merely happened to play one show (in a hall full of Volksfront neo-Nazis in a remote Missouri location, no less... ) and was never a full member of Immortal Pride. If Lehr was just a lowly session musician, then why was he featured in every single one of Immortal Pride's 2010 publicity photos? Of course, at the time of writing Immortal Pride has removed its photos of band members from its Myspace page... (Their t-shirt model is not in the band.)

The weirdest thing about all of this is Greg Lehr's new insistence that he has never had anything to do with neo-Nazism, that he was just doing a favor for a buddy, and so forth. That sure does not match with "Schwarzwaldkrieger" having an account on New Saxon, the National Socialist Movement-operated social networking site for white racists, and even posting racist lyrics in his own name there. What a hypocrite.
Immortal Pride Myspace 9/24 with three members
Immortal Pride Myspace 9/24 with three members
Immortal Pride Myspace 9/25 down to two
Immortal Pride Myspace 9/25 down to two
Greg Lehr on New Saxon
Greg Lehr on New Saxon

Waldvater is not NSBM 25.Sep.2010 14:56

Truth Serum

Anyone who would like to hear some truth and fact instead of reading this article and take it as fact. People who would like to hear the other side before passing judgment. Have a read at the reply to this article and discussion here:


Read the comments. You may be extremely surprised at what you discover.

Small minds/Loud mouths 25.Sep.2010 19:50


The Statement of Ideological Independence is "essentially meaningless" to you, and to those like you, for the simple reason that it does not mesh well with the conclusions you already formed in your state of limited understanding.

My response is thus dismissed as "pretention" and "bullshit," because you feel the word "Nazi" is supposed to apply to all of your enemies, equally. That makes your "work" easier, after all. The assigned shoe must fit, and protest to the contrary is not tolerated. Organizations such as yours routinely condemn sweeping condemnations such as these, yet you're curiously swift to employ them.

The word "Nazi" has a far different meaning for you and for most of the world, obviously, than it does for those of us with a deeper understanding of this title. For you, it is an effective slur designed to strategically terminate debate, as it is a word which has (thanks to conformist history), over the course of sixty-odd years now, become inextricably bound to the subject of intolerance, race-hatred and genocide.

For those of us, however, who know that Hitler befriended men like Mohammed Amin al-Husseini and Subhas Chandra Bose, and that the German National Socialists who made up a minority in their own military force fought side by side with Slavonic peoples, with Arabs, with Jews, with the Japanese, with Tibetans, with Indians, with Muslims of various countries, et cetera, the accusations of intolerance and race-hatred do not seem so straight-forward. The assigned shoe, again, does not quite fit.

Additionally, for those of us who do not blindly trust every aspect of establishment history - which of course includes the subject of "the Holocaust" - the subject of genocide in the Second World War is, for us anyhow, a rather complex and inconclusive matter. Ours is a question of numbers and methods, and if what we've been taught has proven problematic when weighed against the facts, then we demand our freedom of inquiry. We feel that a great deal of deception and manipulation certainly lead to the foundation of the state of Israel, and that "the Holocaust" has, for more than sixty years now, been utilized as a shield of immunity from deserved international criticism whilst the knotted club of the Israeli government and military carry out the ongoing ethnic-cleansing and quite verifiable genocide of the Palestinian people (not to mention, the emotional extortion of anywhere from $3BN-$20BN per annua in trade compacts, economic assistance, and state of the art military provisions from the United States alone).

What about the Soviet-imposed Ukrainian famine which killed 11 million innocent men, women, and children before the Second World War even began? Your Communist heroes have the blood of 100 million on their hands. I notice you don't seem concerned with justice with regards to this chapter. What about German civilians who were ethnically-cleansed, starved, beaten, raped, tortured, and murdered for no other crime than being among the vanquished and the expelled? Is it only the alleged figures of Jewish losses which merit remembrance or which call for justice?

You refer to us as "deniers," but we feel that further study and investigation, both past and present, can only bring us closer to the truth on all matters. We notice, however, that there are rather strict laws in many countries around the world which prevent free and open debate concerning the issue of "the Holocaust" -- and we notice that no other chapter of history is treated with such a peculiar degree of care and caution, and that naturally leads us to question "why?" While you and your comrades find it fashionable to condemn the establishment (gee, that's oh so punk), you embrace establishment history, provided it reinforces your inherited positions -- i.e., that the White man is the eternal aggressor, warlord, treaty-breaker, Earth-fucker, rapist, oppressor, plague-wielder, et cetera, while the rest of humanity were presumably living in peace and harmony until we entered the scene. Anything that defies this narrative is rejected as "denial" -- so what value does this word have? What value should it have?

But back to the issue of the "Nazi" accusation... Do you think the word "Jew" means the same thing to every Jew as it does to an anti-Zionist (what people like you translate to mean "anti-Semite," though Jews, too, can obviously be anti-Zionists)? You call yourself an anti-Fascist, thinking this is equivalent to anti-Nazi. Do you think we share the same definition when it comes to either of these labels? Is it not possible that what "Nazi" means to you has absolutely nothing to do with our definition? To me and mine, these titles have posed a problem - and not because losers like you have employed them to "out" people for their personal beliefs, but simply because you and your vocal yet anonymous organization don't understand what we sincerely believe to begin with. Titles, in this and many other instances, pose a problem because they lead to misunderstandings. They are too vague. Too broad, yet too restrictive. They've come to encompass too many contrasting personalities and too many conflicting forms, so they serve no purpose, whatsoever, except for organizations like yours which utilize these titles as a convenient means to pigeonhole us with the rest of your enemies. It's your way of herding us into an altogether different form of camp.

As for Metapedia -- it has nothing to do with Eldrig or with Fanisk. They're not the authority on our music, and I would be positively shocked if they claimed they were. As with Wikipedia, people post what they please - including misinterpretations. As for Eastside and Supernal, we're proud to have worked with them. Nevertheless, these labels do not represent our music anymore than our music represents these labels. There are points of overlap, philosophically, but each operates independently. We represent ourselves. Is it so strange to you that we each have our own ideas and our own paths, and that even within a single band, not every member is an exact ideological or philosophical clone of the next?

So glad you pasted in my words to the Metal Archives. Indeed: "[P]eople who do not grasp that NS was/is infinitely more than petty, worldly politics had begun to mistake us for low-brow propagandists" -- yourselves included.

Do you really think the symbol of the Back Sun arrived and departed with "Nazi mysticism"? Do you know nothing of the Hermetic and alchemical origins of these symbols, or their antiquity (as with the most ancient symbol of the Sunwheel gracing the cover-art for "Noontide")?

"Propaganda" is your game, "Bernays." The "Big Lie" is your truth - not ours. It is inconceivable, to you, that we're doing this for ourselves, for our ancestors, and for an unborn generation - and that above all, anyone who needs to be "recruited" is not worthy of illumination. We're not fucking missionaries. That's not our world. We aren't interested in setting up tables and merchandising our ideals like you do. We're not sheepherders. We're not looking for easily won fans or followers who can be swept this way or that by the next moderate breeze. Those who are on the path find precisely who and what they are ripe to find, and at precisely the right time. Fuck propaganda and fuck your long list of misconceptions.

You quote someone else concerning a sample in an album you've never even heard. I don't suppose you know (or care) what those samples say, do you?

If Resistance carried albums originally released on Unholy, and that was one of the only sources to obtain the album in the U.S. at that time, then why wouldn't Eldrig make this clear? Do you think the record producers of, say, Warner, Interscope, or EMI sit around listening to the "Gangsta Rap" albums they produce, or that Ice Cube is "down" with the white collar executives that release his albums? Likewise, do you think we're "best friends forever" with every god damned record label who happens to distro one of our albums? Write Erich Gliebe yourself and ask him if Fanisk ever signed anything whatsoever to the Resistance label, or if it was, as I already made clear, to Unholy Records. The two are not identical, and we, before anyone else, would surely know who released our album.

You mention the Ironlight blog's "damning" links to the Racial Nationalist Library, National Socialist Worldview, and other unspecified so-called "anti-Semitic and 'Holocaust' denial sites" - but I notice you failed to mention links to sites such as Al Jazeera, Aloha Palestine, Antiwar, B'tselem, Electronic Intifada, Firefighters for 9/11 Truth, Gilad Atzmon, Israel Shamir, James Petras, Nation of Islam's "Jewish Role in the Slave Trade", Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Norman Finkelstein, Philip Weiss, Russia Today, Tehran Times, Tony Martin, Uri Avnery, or Uruknet Middle eastern News. Is there a tactical reason you failed to mention these, perhaps? A whole lot of Semites here in this list, you know. I guess that wouldn't mesh well, though -- yet again -- with the conclusions you already formed in your state of limited understanding.

I think it is perfectly clear, furthermore, that you do not care to understand. For you, it is enough of an "offense" that I am a White man who honors my ancestral heritage and who intends to survive and prosper, come what may. You have therefore attacked me, anonymously, based on selective information. You have exposed individuals of good character, and you've done so while hiding like a coward in the shadows. Everyone sees this but you, and thus nothing you have to say here or elsewhere carries any weight. Even the average and uninformed people who might happen upon this sad little "report" of yours don't respect cowards.

It is, of course, ironic that you have anything to say about the Third Reich (what would you know about the subject, anyhow?) whilst engaging in tactics you claim to oppose. As for "moaning," isn't that what your organization is all about? WAAAAAntifa...

It has already been explained to you that Greg filled-in as a session drummer for Immortal Pride on literally one occasion. Greg isn't in our band, and we aren't in his. We don't speak for him, and he doesn't speak for us. With that said, do you really think an individual who filled in for another band entirely is somehow the spokesman for anything we do in our own band? Are you aware that Immortal Pride's first session-drummer was an African-American, by the way? Does that somehow make Fanisk the New Black Panther Party? I already explained to you that we are not affiliated in any way, shape or form with Immortal Pride or any of the organizations you've mentioned here. I guess it's as good a time as any to mention that Sun Ra was once my friend on Myspace as well. That doesn't mean I'm a member of his fucking Arkestra, or that we've resurrected his ghost to play on the next Fanisk album.

Small minds. Loud mouths. A lack of spines. Worthless conclusions. That's what I'm confronted with here. (Yawn)


Jews are Gay Gay 26.Sep.2010 01:43


If the holocaust happened then I think it is funny! If not then I think it is sad! LLLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL

Fanisk, Unholy Records, William McDonald, etc. 26.Sep.2010 01:55


Well, William McDonald/"Vitholf" has issued another rambling response. As McDonald has admitted that he considers himself to be a Nazi, under McDonald's own definition of Nazism--that is, a positive one--there appears to be very little to actually debate. One does have to wonder, though, about someone who claims that "accusations of intolerance and race-hatred" are not straightforward when it comes to Adolf Hitler...

There is however a remaining factual matter about Unholy Records and its relationship to Resistance Records and the National Alliance, which William McDonald seems determined to deny despite all the evidence that's out there.

That Unholy Records was a subsidiary of Resistance Records is far from a controversial statement. It is reported, for example, in J. Bennett's "NSBM Special Report" published in the May 2006 issue of Decibel Magazine, see:  link to web.archive.org
(Note that the Decibel Magazine report made this claim shortly after Fanisk's "Noontide" album was released.)

The fact that Unholy was a Resistance Records subsidiary may also be confirmed through independent research. The old unholyrecords dot com domain name currently resolves to the Resistance Records website, and a "whois" lookup for this domain name shows that it is registered to the National Alliance PO Box in Hillsboro, West Virginia (as is the domain name for Resistance.) Unholy Records was initially set up as a front for the US division of Cymophane Records, an NSBM label of which William Pierce and the National Alliance had in 2000 purchased a substantial stake. (William Pierce and the National Alliance gained full control of Resistance Records in 1999 through buying out the other shareholders; Resistance's operations then moved to West Virginia.)

Below are the business records for Resistance and Cymophane:

Resistance:  http://apps.sos.wv.gov/business/corporations/organization.aspx?org=188668
Cymophane (revoked):  http://apps.sos.wv.gov/business/corporations/organization.aspx?org=193939

Note that Resistance has Erich Gliebe as its Manager, while Cymophane listed Erich Gliebe and Ryan Maziarka as Managers, and William Pierce as Organizer.

"Unholy Records" was a DBA ("doing business as") name for Cymophane, LLC. One may try a search for Unholy at the WV Secretary of State link below, and this will provide a link that resolves to the business entry for Cymophane. Search at:  http://apps.sos.wv.gov/business/corporations/index.aspx

So, to what degree did Unholy/Cymophane equal Resistance Records? At the time of the Fanisk release--which is what W. McDonald has tried to debate--it would seem that the business entities were ultimately the same. Firstly, both the Unholy/Cymophane and Resistance businesses were completely controlled by the National Alliance--just check the business records and look up the associated names. Secondly, Cymophane Records had publicly called it quits in 2001, with questions being referred to its "former manager" Erich Gliebe, see:
 link to web.archive.org

So, Unholy Records existed as a front for Cymophane, which had officially called it quits for years beforehand, but whose business interests were primarily handled by Gliebe. William Pierce had died in 2002, with the National Alliance and thus its businesses falling into Erich Gliebe's hands. Gliebe and Ryan Maziarka both managed Unholy/Cymophane, whose titles were circulated by Resistance Records. Gliebe was also the manager for Resistance Records. Furthermore, Gliebe and Maziarka are listed as the President and Vice-President respectively for National Vanguard Books, the National Alliance's publishing house, see:

National Vanguard Books has as its address the same PO Box in Hillsboro, WV, as both the unholyrecords and Resistance domain names are registered to. Seems a bit like they're all essentially the same, huh? This would be why Fanisk is listed as one of Resistance's "Featured Artists," and why the Fanisk "Noontide" disk was promoted on the air as a Resistance title--it wasn't just that Resistance was a distributor. The purpose of the Unholy Records name was to access some distribution channels that Resistance could not get to due to the notoriety of its brand, as well as to provide greater access to the metal scene. But with Unholy/Cymophane and Resistance, money and control resolved to the exact same places, and they were completely interlocked. So writing of Resistance/Unholy or "Resistance Records and its subsidiary Unholy Records" is perfectly correct.

Oh yeah, on other factual matters: it is true that neither William McDonald nor Charles T. See control the Metapedia online white nationalist encyclopedia. Yet Metapedia is a perfectly fine source to get a sense of the dominant attitudes within the white supremacist and ultra-Right milieus, and it certainly appears as though such movements see Eldrig as their own. The entry has been up for a long time, there has been no controversy over it, and it is fully in line with other white supremacist sources. If the view of Eldrig on Metapedia is a "misinterpretation," it is very easy to understand why the "misinterpretation" took place, for example Charles See's own statements that he is a "National Socialist," Supernal's marketing of Eldrig as Savitri Devi chic, and Charles T. See's participation in Fanisk alongside McDonald. Not much of a "misinterpretation" at all, it would seem...

Poop in your lungs? 26.Sep.2010 02:37

Poop in your teeth?

Poop my pants

More on Resistance, Unholy and Fanisk 26.Sep.2010 10:23


Looking at the thread "Questions and Discussion with Erich Gliebe" on the Resistance forum, on 2/21/2006 Gliebe was asked "Is [sic] there any new cds that Resisatnce [sic] will be pressing soon?" Gliebe, described on the forum as "Chairman of the NA [National Alliance] and CEO Resistance," replied "Tomorrow we are releasing the Fanisk musical project. Fanisk has an awesome interview in Resistance #25." The "we" doing the release was therefore--to Gliebe's mind--Resistance Records. As has already been pointed out, Gliebe's name was on the state filings for both Unholy/Cymophane and Resistance. If there was a substantial difference between Unholy and Resistance, Gliebe would have almost certainly either specified that it was Unholy doing the release, or not mention it at all on the Resistance forum.
Erich Gliebe on Resistance forum about releasing Fanisk
Erich Gliebe on Resistance forum about releasing Fanisk

A little bit more about Greg Lehr, Jr. 26.Sep.2010 11:25


Greg Lehr continues to try to hide his neo-Nazi activism and worldview, as well as to minimize his involvement with Immortal Pride.

It has been mentioned that Lehr appeared in every single group publicity photo for Immortal Pride from this year. He is also equally represented alongside the other Immortal Pride members in the individual portrait shots from the same set. There is a .rar compressed file of all of these photos online at  http://waldvater.net/ImmortalPride/Immortal_Pride_Photos.rar (case sensitive URL) although I'm guessing that this may come down pretty soon...

Lehr has now removed the Facebook page for his SchwarzSonneZorn project, but it currently remains cached by Google. (See accompanying image #1.) On August 17, Lehr/" SchwarzSonneZorn" commented: "Full demo to come soon. 14 per sempre!" The number 14 in this statement is shorthand for the "14 Words" coined by the (now deceased) neo-Nazi terrorist David Lane of the Silent Brotherhood/The Order. These 14 words are: ""We must secure the existence of our people and a future for white children." It is rather amusing that Lehr would proclaim these words to eternity little but a month ago, given his recent shift to complete denial.

Lehr has not just deleted his profile at the Newsaxon white supremacist social networking site (see screenshot in an earlier post) but has also deleted his posts on the racist Stormfront site as "Waldvater." Again, several of these posts currently exist in Google's cache. (See for example accompanying image #2.)

Finally, given all the distance that Lehr is currently trying to establish between himself and Volksfront, it is curious to learn that Lehr signed up on the organization's message board shortly after playing their gathering in
Missouri. (See accompanying image #3.) Yet another denial that is far from convincing...
Facebook page for Lehr's SchwarzSonneZorn project
Facebook page for Lehr's SchwarzSonneZorn project
Greg Lehr on Stormfront.org
Greg Lehr on Stormfront.org
Greg Lehr on Volksfront image from 9/25/2010
Greg Lehr on Volksfront image from 9/25/2010

Immortal Pride... 26.Sep.2010 13:37


That person now modeling the Immortal Pride t-shirt on the group's Myspace page has more than a passing resemblance to Justin Endicott's friend "Johnny Rocker" of the Lebanon/Albany Christian hard rock/heavy metal group The Forgiven. Whether or not it is Johnny Rocker in the photo--the sunglasses make it hard to tell 100%--the Johnny Rocker/Justin Endicott friendship raises some interesting questions. Firstly, as Endicott is "Volkermord"/"Volkstahl" of Immortal Pride, what does it mean that Immortal Pride "raises the battleflag against Judeo-Christianity" (Myspace page) and sings "Zionism, Communism, Christianity / Forced upon an unsuspecting humanity"? I mean, if Immortal Pride really does not like Christianity, why is Justin Endicott fraternizing with the enemy? A photo album of Endicott hanging out with Mr. Rocker may currently be found on The Forgiven's Myspace page. Come to think of it, what is Immortal Pride doing associating with an organization such as Volksfront, which contains a significant number of Christian Identity (extreme racist "Christianity") adherents? Oh yeah, why have Immortal Pride removed their lyrics from their Myspace page? Was it making Greg Lehr uncomfortable?

Diversity 26.Sep.2010 16:28


This just proves that we are not bigots or hate mongers, we may have different beliefs on alot of different issues but we respect each others opinons and individuality unlike you people who want everyone to be the same and think the same way.

Paul Aaron Bonnen AKA Draugr does not make much sense... 26.Sep.2010 23:19


There is more than a certain irony that neo-Nazi propagandist Paul Bonnen (AKA Draugr) of Immortal Pride is now calling for people to respect "diversity."

Immortal Pride members do not have a track record of preaching respect for diversity, to say the least.

Greg Lehr sings "From the shade of tolerance / comes the racial death" in the song "Aryan Winds" performed by his solo project SchwarzSonneZorn. When he posted these lyrics online, his fellow band member in Immortal Pride Justin Endicott commented "Your best creation to date brother!" (Lehr is now of course trying to distance himself from Immortal Pride.)

Immortal Pride lyrics such as the song "Vinland Elite" are clear calls for genocide:

"We must decimate the scum / with superior fire power [... ] Your tribe will be forgotten / your filthy lies erased"

It is therefore rather odd that Paul Bonnen now claims that "respect [for] each others opinons [sic] and individuality" is the Immortal Pride way.

It is ludicrous to claim that the members of Immortal Pride "are not bigots or hate mongers." Immortal Pride's old webpage uses a picture of burning bodies at Auschwitz as decoration, while Bonnen likes displaying photographs of himself making stiff-arm Nazi salutes. The group just played a neo-Nazi gathering and is affiliated with Volksfront International and Blood & Honour American Division. This would appear to be rather extreme hate-mongering...
Immortal Pride: corpses at Auschwitz as decoration
Immortal Pride: corpses at Auschwitz as decoration
Stiff-arm salute displayed online by Paul Bonnen
Stiff-arm salute displayed online by Paul Bonnen

Immortal Pride Update 28.Sep.2010 18:51

take a wild guess

New Immortal Pride lyrics, come to think of it I guess we are hatemongers.

Tormenting the Abhorrent

Corralled into captivity, choking on the stench
Herded off like livestock by the uber-mensch
Iron boot of hatred crashing down into the spine
Forcing expiration of the loathsome Hebrew swine

Tapeworm race
Disposed in cruelest form
Semitic foe
Collapsing in the snow

Propaganda hammer cleansing vermin from the land
Wielded by Teutonic savior, given by his hand
Caging in the parasitic sons of Davids kin
European Jewish blood poisoned from Berlin

The real scoop on Immortal Pride 30.Sep.2010 12:29


I started Immortal Pride in 2003 after my best friend died in Iraq. I researched the war and found that 3/4 of the main architects/peddlers of the war were Jews. This perplexed me. I found out what AIPAC was. I learned that ISRAEL, dollar for dollar, is the 2nd biggest lobby group in Washington DC. I realized that like Iran, Iraq was run by an anti-Semite, which explained to me why North Korea(which isn't run by one) wasn't attacked, even though they(and the nukes they're building) are WAY more of a threat to us than anything Saddam had.

I see that SOME Jewish groups have been using the US, in whole or in part, to fight their proxy wars for some time now(WW2 in Europe, gulf 1, gulf 2, misc other conflicts). Im not saying that every living Jew is a "bad person", Im just saying that almost every "bad" thing in the world in recent memory(Judeo-Christianity, Communism, Zionism, Federal Reserve, World Bank, ongoing Palestinian massacre) has a/some Jew/s at the helm.

This band was fairly radical when the frustrations of my realization were fresh in my mind but our music started to become less genocidal and more reflective of a general distaste for all of the TRULY ignorant people who are misguided and hostile to our positions as well as celebratory towards our culture in general.

Our affiliation with Volksfront was one that was that was formed out of simple brotherhood and a mutual celebration of our heritage, not out of blind hatred or violent aims. As I see VF in 2010, they are ideologically opposed to the same things that we are and more important that than, they focus mainly on positive issues such as gaining employment, staying out of jail, staying off drugs, and most importantly, caring for children and providing real family-oriented environments for them.

Of course we despise drug dealers and pedophiles, just as all decent people do.
We also despise people who try to police our thoughts and beliefs.

Our music is again becoming somewhat radicalized, due in part to what we see as an upswing of Stalinist behaviour by folks such as RCA. Our lyrics are even a bit much for some folks in the "movement" and aren't necessarily accepted, sight-unseen, by all of our "evil, nazi buddies".

I personally do not buy the holocaust story as its sold to me. Once something becomes illegal to research, I IMMEDIATELY call bullshit and begin research.

You may see our recently posted lyrics as vile and inhuman. We see them as a statement of defiance and mockery to the guilt-mongers who use the subject as a trump card to garner world wide sympathy in what amounts to little more than a shakedown for cash and arms. What about the 10 million Ukrainians killed by the USSR? Would you be as up in arms if we wrote songs mocking their suffering? Doubtful.

We don't seek violence but we will never hesitate to defend ourselves by any means necessary.

If our black metal gets people this worked up, we're definitely doing something right.

- I.P.

The Problem Is Not the Nazis 30.Sep.2010 14:01


The problem is liberal bigotry which says that all points of view are equally valid.

If you bother to read the lyrics of these bands, you will know what they are. But if you read what the liberal bigots have to say, you will see a smoke screen.

your hypocrisy 01.Oct.2010 21:55


does indymedia go around exposing bands with misogynist themes? no. your crusade against anything even remotely racialist or nationalist is just a little too convenient don'y you think? when you start waging war against the capitalism and patriarchy you claim to oppose instead of accommodating both of these aberrations at your convenience as is the case with not only your apparent indifference to bands with misogynist lyrics and or imagery but your complacency when it comes to sexual labour and media then you might be taken serious by actual left thinkers and not just your dope smoking imbecile friends.

the hammer falls on zion 04.Oct.2010 15:24

foot and ass worshp

Anyone who thinks this band isnt nazis just look at the logo of the band they are putting out a split cd with, look at the logo its got anti semitism written all over it.
Ravensbruck Logo
Ravensbruck Logo

HEY 05.Oct.2010 09:10


New Immortal Pride song up on the myspace, everyone check it out!


NSBM NSBM NSBM NSBM 05.Oct.2010 09:15


Antifa needs bands like Immortal Pride because without them they would still be calling bands like Horna and Moonsorrow NSBM LOL at least Immortal Pride has the balls to say fuck you to the Antifa and not give a shit what people call them.

Immortal Pride Update 20.Nov.2010 19:21


We have finished recording the music to our new album and nearly have the vocals complete.We have also secured a record label to release our new album entitled "proPAGANda".In addition, Immortal Pride has 2 new members that will be introduced soon.New merchandise will be available by years end as well.Keep an eye out for live shows.More info soon!828, -I.P. horde

P.S., Antifa.. you're slacking a bit. Im kinda disappointed we're having to do your work for you now.. haha!

RAVENSBRUCK 28.Dec.2010 09:55


New Ravensbruck cd Droppin like it is hot in no time. Thanks antifa for fueling me. It is not the people of color I hate it is Anti-fa scum.


Getting a Abortion means your a whore :)