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Our Lady of the Pillar

A summary of events from the last year and how they inspire a yearly drawing for the Secret Gathering of Gnostics.
Christmas 2010

I. Our Lady of the Pillar

This year the big picture can't help but be drawn by recent unfortunate events. It features the woman known as "Our Lady of the Pillar." She is hip deep in waters drenched black with oil, and is making a magickal gesture with her arms known as "The Sign of the Mourning of Isis." Her body is stained by the oil along with tattoos of other unfortunate events in US history. In this way in these drawings she often embodies material reality through the tattoos displayed on her body. That theme has been repeated on other yearly drawings, but she can only really be the embodiment in illustration of the personal Neschamah of the artist who makes these drawings. According to legend, Isis, in morning for the dead Osiris, sought out his pieces that were scattered across the Earth by the evil god Set. She retrieves all the pieces of her dead husband except for the great god's reproductive phallus, which was lost with the fish of the oceans. Is any explanation needed for where all this oil comes from to darken an honest artist's work? The global corporation currently going by the name "British Petroleum" has negligently caused a deep water gusher of leaking crude oil. It has lasted more than forty days, all but breaking the south coastline of the United States of America. This began on April 20, 2010 when the oil rig known as The Deep Water Horizon, ran by a company called Transocean, exploded, setting fire to an oil spill catastrophe dwarfing the Exxon Valdez every week by millions and millions of gallons of crude mixed with natural gas. We all could not escape the video footage of our incompetence reminiscent of the movie "Idiotocracy" existing 4,132 ft. beneath the surface of the water from oil tapped 31,000 ft. beneath the sea floor. The great bleeding of our planet occurred after a series of well documented unsafe shortcuts were taken such as removing mudd from the drilling pipes too early to save time, which contributed to an unsafe situation compounded by uncontrollable pressures that wouldn't stop bucking against our poking into the veins of the planet. A company named Schlumberger was hired to do a cement log test on the very possibly shoddy Halliburton cement job done for the blowout preventer of this deep water oil rig. The testing company was arguing with the BP representative in charge that day who had evidently been insisting on cost saving shortcuts. Evidently the bucking from these pressures of the deep were so unsafe that Schlumberger wanted to evacuate their people and were told that no helicopter would be provided and that they had to complete the test. In defiance, and at Schlumberger's own expense, a helicopter was charted to remove their people from the Deep Water Horizon. Six hours later the deep water oil rig exploded, killing 11 people and the rest is emerging history.
In response to this disaster a chemical called Corexit, which we are assured is no more toxic than the already lethal crude oil spewing into the Gulf, is being used to disperse the oil beneath the surface of the oceans out of sight. In actuality Corexit is a neurotoxin. The government and BP have responded with a fortune in PR stunts and media underwriting that leaves us all now in the lie before the storm. They actually had the audacity recently to announce a couple of weeks ago that over 70% of the oil is now all gone. That lie is in the process of not working in the media at least that uncooperative with the government/BP underwriters narrative. While we confine our ecological arguments to the weather and carbon dioxide the planet bleeds death itself into the currents of the Gulf of Mexico as a blatant result of well instituted greed over safety. This is not the first disastrous blunder from this corporate foreign BP greed machine, obviously here in America to enjoy and abuse for profit our deregulated house of cards of an economy. Behind the woman in the drawing are images of underwater oil gushing from the ground itself creating the picture's underwater river of oil beginning to be reported in the news as an unexplainable "underwater plume" of enormous proportions. In the foreground of the drawing are dead fish that have been washing on our shores by the thousands regardless of what PRAVDA is distracting the television zombies with. At the time of this writing massive and unprecedented collections of fish and other marine life carcasses have been washing onto shores all along the southern and east coasts of the US from Louisiana to as far up the east coast as Massachusetts so far. The general bullshit explanation is that it is oxygen depletion in the water caused by global warming. This global warming problem has caused massive cover-ups such as a mass grave of fish and marine life at Magnolia Springs Landfill, which is currently guarded by armed guards. Internet rumors abound of operations out at sea where even air traffic is forbidden. There is where a holocaust of sea life are being gathered and dispersed of. Not everyone is turning a blind eye to this as instructed, and how could our fellow Americans in the southern states possibly be blind to this? Some are documenting the history here. On August 3rd 10,000 dead fish were reported washing on the shores of the state of Mississippi. August 4th Hampton Virginia reported 20,000 dead fish on their shores. On August 5th the Alabama news acknowledged the toxin sicknesses of the residents of that state, demonstrating that this benzene neurotoxin mix is even getting in the air. On August 6th Port St. Joe Florida reported "many" dead fish washing ashore. Then there are conspicuous beach closings such as Salem Massachusetts on August 8th due to "bacteria," then also in Main on August 11th followed by thousands of dead fish on the South Sore of Massachusetts the same day. The next day on August 12th more mysterious beach closings for bogus reasons in Boston and Cape Cod followed by thousands more dead fish washing on the shores of Delaware Bay New Jersey the same day. Providence Road Island closed its beaches the next day because of "bacteria." The same day, August 13th dead fish are discovered in Alabama and Colair County Florida. This continues to be a problem apparently solved by Corexit, lies and PR stunts. In truth there has been an Exxon Valdez, (the standard measurement of oil in water disasters,) happening every week off the coasts of Nigeria and has been happening for the last 50 years. The Nigeria government shares 60% of oil profits with the polluters intended to clean up the mess made, but we all know the corruption that gobbles money like that away in countries like Nigeria.
The woman on the drawing looks angry this year. She seldom seems to manifest in these drawings unless provoked to anger. She has played the role of the "Child of the Pentagram's" mother who hasn't appeared in these works of art for many years, or else seems to have grown up like the Pentagram Man on the 2007 drawing. She embodies many female archetypes, and this year plays the whore of Babylon who has been raped by the other nations of the world, and rides the archetypal beast that is now awakened today and will not be contained by any of the boxes intended in vain to capture and frame it, and it is this beast that will not go back to sleep no matter how potent the anesthesia administered by the circus of FOX cable TV. The straw that breaks the camel's back is not that camel's only problem. BP has currently created an escrow(?) compensation fund for victims of this Gulf oil disaster, which is supposedly an already established account however, it is currently being tied to an agreement debated with the US government to assure BP the right to continue their trademark sloppy profit-obsessed to the exclusion of safety oil drilling business in OUR Gulf of Mexico. How many more last straws can this metaphor-a-logical camel take? This could indeed ruin a very successful Obama Presidency if it becomes too obvious to the American people that his tongue is hopelessly stuck up BP's ass. The President recently released staged photos from a PR stunt of swimming in the Gulf with his daughter to encourage others that the Gulf is now safe for swimming, however he wasn't even actually in the oil damaged Gulf, but a very safe tributary area of Florida. This could come back to bite a President trying to be re-elected if by that time millions of Americans are dieing of the latest cancers and a new version of Gulf Syndrome caused by swimming in contaminated waters. Even Lobsters in Louisiana have been observed fleeing from this water not wanting to even touch it.
While oil/Corexit polluted waters slap the United States like karma, history is tattooed on the woman's body to map seemingly connected events from the Iranian hostage crisis of 1979 to the present Gulf oil bleed. These tattoos are events in history where more does seem to be going on than the official story that conventional wisdom is willing to admit. With these drawings we take a step from reality back into a world of allegory to see the big picture similar to the CIA program that recently came to light in the news called "River Glass Scanner," which reads the entire Internet to assemble an intelligence picture. These allegorical drawings are notorious for exhibiting prophetic qualities of foresight beyond the artist's conscious hand. For instance last year's 2009 drawing is encircled by a train. In the upper right corner is a planet that resembles the astrological planet of misfortune called Saturn right next to a train car filled with coal. This was drawn months before the unfortunate coal mine disaster this year on April 6th 2010 where 29 men died in a methane explosion caused by substandard ventilation at a mine owned by Massey Energy. April was definitely the month of the fool this year. Another deregulated BP-like corporate performance putting the profits of rich investors above anyone who actually does the work. That is so America these days. That is so much a priority in America today that the regular worker in this country is all but excluded from the very idea of priority. The entire government approach to this potential great depression reeks of similar priorities, and THAT has made people angry. Some very un-American history has been just shoved down the throats of the American people since the US Patriot Act, which President Obama signed another 1-year extension of. Our constitutional scholar of a President has to do this because this recent writing into OUR Constitution is so grossly unconstitutional. People are angry, and what is shoved down the throat suffers indigestion threatening to regurgitate. On November 4, 2009 23 CIA agents were convicted in absentia by an Italian court. All are sentenced to five years for kidnapping Osama Moustafa Hassan Nosr in the US rendition program for this fascist war on terror so that he could be tortured to prove his own innocence. The next day on November 5th a military psychologist at Ft. Hood, who was being deployed to Iraq, went ballistic with two pistols killing 13 people and wounding over forty others. Also in November of last year, the Ukraine, who had refused to participate in the Baxter pharmaceutical industry artificially orchestrated swine flu vaccine bonanza, now suffers from half a million cases from out of the blue of the Bubonic Plague. November 2009 was also the month that five British troops were shot dead by a fellow Afghan police officer who had worked with NATO forces for four years. Speaking of war, recently released statistics calculate 18 suicides are happening in the US military every day. The Taliban couldn't dream of shooting as many American casualties a day. The war recently went through a seismic change of command into an identical command, in a move that looks like a media career assassination or else a career suicide. General Stanley McCrystal resigned amid the flames of a way-too-candid Rolling Stone magazine interview. He was replaced with General Petraeus, which on it's face doesn't resemble a change at all, however General McCrystal was much more notorious for Dick Cheney ordered covert murders that might explain a lot of bloody sectarian violence that has dragged these wars out for so long now. There isn't enough optimism available to predict this change of command heralds the coming to an end of these unnecessary wars, but it does leave a faint almost detectable aftertaste of hope. North of the Afghan war stage in Kazakhstan where we maintain a base of operations for the war, the people have exhaled their leader. There goes another example of Natural Democracy at work in the world. This endless war in Afghanistan was dealt another blow by truth recently when the Wikileaks web site posted 91,000 documents from radio communications of the war that reveal proof that the Taliban have been working intimately with the ISI of Pakistan. This comes as no surprise in these writings that have been chronicling history for many years now. And guess what? War is also a racket. Meanwhile in Columbia, a mass grave of over 2,000 people, dressed in army fatigues after they were killed, have now been dug up. Also the corporate takeover of the world shows it's face again when Google locks horns with the nation of China after a sophisticated cyber attack. The confrontation is over privacy and freedom on the Internet issues. Google has also joined forces with the National Security Agency to assist in preventing future cyber attacks. That news adds credence to the theory that Google is the current physical manifestation of G-d in the world today. Speaking of the corporate gods, Goldman Sacs was caught again with it's pants down and money sticking in its hole. The news reported this government string-pulling corporation's involvement in the austerity arguing bankruptcy of the ancient nation of Greece by dumping off-market corporate swaps that drenched the country in unloaded toxic foreclosure debt. Now what to do about the ghost towns of abandoned foreclosed housing booms here in America that have now gone bust. Another corporate folly was paraded through the news when Toyota called a massive recall over malfunctioning accelerators resulting in several deaths. Among these deaths were 3 people killed when a 1996 Toyota Camry shot up an interstate ramp. As a result, Kava Fong Lee who is serving an 8-year sentence for the accident gets to have his case reconsidered. An under-reported fact about the Toyota recall is that Toyota uses a wireless electronic control mechanism for the accelerator.

II. Attack on the Spirit of America

The people of America are showing, more and more, a swelling anger easily misdirected by those who know the value of misdirected anger. On February 24th Littleton Colorado experienced another Columbine-like school shooting when 32 year old Burce Strongeagle Eastwood entered the Peer Creek middle school and shot two students before being tackled and disarmed by math teacher David Benke. On February 18th Joseph Andrew Stack, angry over IRS tax troubles, flies his plane into an Austin Texas IRS building, leaving 2 dead and 13 injured. This from a guy who owned a plane, and after a year that left a generous Obama signed tax cut on everyone's paychecks to this day, which for this writer, happened to be the only pay raise received last year. Evidently that tax savings was passed onto employers who suddenly didn't feel a need to produce a cost of living raise last year. One way the anger of the American people is easily misdirected is over the issue of illegal immigration, which is a patented right-wing favorite issue that we get treated to while the left wing rules. I know, lots of readers taking issue with me for even writing that last sentence. The right-wing has been predictably successful at controlling the political narrative for the spineless Democrats they now have to influence every passed bill through. That is if they can't filibuster the whole thing away. The thing about illegal immigration in America is that when unemployment is over 10% it becomes a big deal in our great melting pot of a nation, but if unemployment is under 6% the whole issue of illegal immigration is nothing but moot. The real problem with Mexicans coming to America to "take over" is that they are unable to "take over" their own country, and that issue now is growing into rivers of blood from a vicious civil drug war south of the border.
The tattoos on this years Lady of the Pillar string a series of events beginning with an Iran hostage crisis, which still over shadows our current relationship with Iran. Iran is targeted as the next war to wage in the Project for a New American Century war plan still followed to the letter till this day. War with Iran however, is a bridge too far, and obviously biting off more than is chewable in America's already endlessly fronted multi-wars. These writings have long suspected an intimate and suspiciously friendly connection between the right-wing establishment, Israel, and Iran, which only pretends animosity. This began to be noticeable when President Jimmy Carter approved Delta Force operation Eagle Claw to rescue the hostages. Operation Eagle Claw was conspicuously aborted because of equipment failures caused by sabotage only to benefit a Reagan election. Especially since it has since been documented that the Reagan election campaign was involved with secretly arranging the hostage release on Reagan's historic inauguration day. This right-wing/Iranian/Israeli relationship then evolved into the Iran Contra crisis, then to Panama, and the first Iraq war. The good news is that if this friendly US/Israel/Iran relationship is true then we really are in no danger of starting a war against the strong and proud nation of Iran. I thought we only picked on softened up and impoverished nations. Then there was the Waco, Ruby Ridge, Oklahoma City bombing, Monika Lewinsky setup, and 9/11 power grabs encompassing both left and right culprits. That was followed by Afghanistan and the Iraq wars, both pivoting off of the 9/11 event like a convenient Pearl Harbor all over again for the benefit of war mongering businesses. Dangling below the names of those events in the drawing are the recent Ft. Hood, bungled Times Square attempt at a bombing, and the Gulf Oil Bleed. These events are tattooed to our lady like dots of a puzzle to find their connections with the powers that be who have endured ever since Iran/Contra to even occupy the current Democratic Presidential cabinet, even though we're talking about the same ol' right-wing Iran Contra Project for the New American Century writing warmongers. Evidently no one else was qualified to prescribe the needed war crimes of recent history. Our history still pivots on the events of 9/11/2001, and what we do about the still emerging truth of what really happened that day. The 9/11 Truth movement, driven only by the well-documented, yet suppressed truths recorded that day, continues to follow the evidence even if the FBI and US grand juries will not. The now documented Nano Thermite discovered in all dust samples can be traced to US government scientists at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories. The now thousand one hundred plus group called Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth called back in February for a now denied grand jury investigation into this still not criminally investigated crime of the century. A&E for 9/11 Truth also brought up the long-suppressed fact that the World Trade Center towers underwent the largest elevator modernization in world history 9 months before their three unprecedented complete failures in a row on 9/11. This elevator overhaul went directly adjacent to those core columns that 9/11 debunkers like to point out could not have been rigged with the necessary explosives required to bring down the towers that way with controlled demolition. That makes a kind of elephant in the room from the question of how they could have coincidentally resembled a complex yet difficult to pull off controlled demolition all by themselves without the required explosives. It has emerged that Larry Silverstein was on the phone with his insurance carrier the afternoon of 9/11 trying to get them to authorize the controlled demolition of WTC 7 because "its foundations were already unstable and expected to fail." Also in recent 9/11 Truth news the Deutsche Bank in Manhattan that day had been contaminated by dust from the historic WTC collapse, but their insurance company would not pay to have the bank cleaned because they considered it just "regular dust." To prove the insurance company wrong, Deutsche Bank hired RJ Lee Group to do a research study on the dust. They discovered and documented spherical iron particles and chemical signatures of melted molybdenum, which has a melting point indicating that the dust was created by temperatures over 4,753 degrees F (2,623 degrees C). That is a documented WTC collapse temperature not explained by anything near kerosene fires on the floors of an office building. In other news about the already documented Israeli espionage operation from the time of 9/11 involving Mossad operatives masquerading as bogus art students, it has emerged that back in 1999 the World Trade Center had dedicated over 40,000 square feet of empty office space for free to art students. Artists were given free reign of whole floors to display their work as part of the Lower Manhattan Cultural Council program replacing walls that exposed girders, which were replaced by intricate caverns of images and sculptures. Perhaps the criminals who rigged the twin towers with explosives to murder over 2700 people got to be the same people who cleaned up the aftermath. The way they treated the crime scene evidence with hasty well-documented autocratic methods of evidence suppression was criminal in and of itself, and leaves behind a compelling argument for cover-up. You know, because they covered it up. That would draw a connect-the-dot line to the company Tower Construction of Texas under CEO Tom Leppert at the time who also has emerging connections to the nano-thermite technology discovered in the dust. Tower Construction coincidentally was also involved with extensive fire proofing operations in the WTC during the weeks before 9/11, which besides obviously failing, create a rabbit hole of coincidences to write here still. Tower Construction performed fire proofing upgrades on floors 92-100 in Tower 1 along with floors 77-88 in WTC 2. Floors 93-99 were impacted by a plane in WTC 1 and floors 77-85 were impacted in WTC 2. This was subsequently followed by the most dramatic failures of those towers at floors 92-100 in WTC 1 and 77-83 in WTC 2. All connected by (coincidence?) to extensive fire proofing jobs on the same floors that may have created the necessary illusion of the building's initial failures being at the areas of impact. These jobs required the evacuation of those floors for those who worked there, and stories are now emerging from witnesses of the extensive renovation projects preceding the 9/11 crime of the century.

III. 9/11, Inside or Outside Job

The popular buzz-phrase these days is "9/11 was an inside job." The "inside" part of the phrase is vague but tends to point to the US government, and specifically the war-hungry neo-con crowd of the very Iran/Contra-esk cabinet of the Bush administration. Their hands certainly are red with the blood of this still-at-large guilt of 9/11, however perhaps a good share of US government guilt is yet another example of the United States just covering for another country already notorious for despicable deeds on the world's stage, just like the US government always does. There were under-reported events the day of 9/11 involving dancing and cheering Mossad agents. There was a report of a van bomb driven into the basement of the WTC towers that exploded in order to weaken the under structure. Also during the commotion of 9/11 there was a van bomb that attempted to blow up the George Washington bridge. Another van with a mural on its side depicting an airplane crashing into New York city was stopped on King St. between 6th and 7th. It blew up after the two passengers gave the police chase on foot. All these under reported events are recorded on the police dispatch recordings from that day. All the Israelis that were involved were apprehended and later quietly released. In other Israeli orchestrated false flag terrorism news, the Mossad agents caught sneaking into the Mexican Congress with explosives two days after the Afghan invasion began in October 2001 are now Identified as Mossad agent Salvador Guersson Smecke and an Israeli immigrant named Saur Ben Zvi. The truth is that Israel wields disproportional influence over our media that we all brain-wash ourselves with, and this is so not a secret that it's a well played inside joke, at least on the comedy channels. On 9/11 we got to watch a cynical Dan Rather reporting that day, seeming reluctant to chime in with the media narrative as dictated. He quickly lost his job at the time and enjoys a resurrected career today. If Mossad was involved in a bait and switch operation on 9/11, along with lots of other melodramatic events that day, could they also be behind other manipulations of the American people in recent years? A week after the Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth held a ground breaking conference in February, another guy with a sarotonin problem opened fire on Pentagon Metro police who in turn gunned down the man down after receiving serious wounds themselves. The news explains the event in terms of the man's associations to the 9/11 Truth movement where he got his crazy crazy crazy inspiration and motivation for the attack. Pointing out the Israeli-9/11 connection is more than just an attempt at widening the field of suspects beyond the obvious slightly more Christian than Jew Bush Administration culprits. Other evidence of Mossad instead of US government involvement can be found in the anthrax attack letters, which were obvious attempts to link 9/11 to Iraq or Muslims, and their fairy tale fabled WMD's even though that motive itself implicates the Saddam Hussein-hating Bush administration. The truth seems to look more like a tangled web of everybody, but consider the deliberately easy-to-read intention of the letters to point 9/11 blame on Muslims typical of Islam's Israeli archenemies. Consider the obvious fear exhibited by Bush and Cheney themselves to have already started taking the anthrax remedy cipro before any letters were ever mailed, indicating that not only did they know about these ensuing attacks, but also that they were not in control of the anthrax false flag operation. The anthrax attacks turned out to be targeted mostly toward Democrats in opposition to the US Patriot abomination of the US Constitution. Another anthrax attack victim was a Florida editor of the Sun Times named Robert Stevens. Perhaps Mike Irish, the editor in chief of the Sun Times who survived was the target of the resulting intimidation from this terrorist attack death. The wife of Mike Irish was the real estate agent who found a place in Boca Roton for 9/11 hijackers Mohamad Attah and crew. Perhaps that anthrax death was to make sure she stayed quiet.
Frankly the state of Israel, a radical offshoot of Judaism, has never been let off the hook as a possible 9/11 culprit with an obvious motive to turn Americans against their own proclaimed enemies who encompass most of the Islamic world today. Although Michael Moore even made the movie Fahrenheit 9/11, which documented a secret flight allowing Arabs associated with Osama Bin Laden to fly to Saudi Arabia a couple of days after 9/11 while other flights were still grounded, it has only surfaced this year the that there was a secret flight out of JFK to Tel Aviv Israel the same day as 9/11. How and why has that been a secret all these years? It was a full EIAI 747, which may have included former Prime Minister Ehud Olmert as a passenger. Does dragging America into illegal war quagmires halfway around the world provide a compelling motive to this allegation against the state of Israel? On March 7th the news was, for a brief period, awash with reports that the Pakistanis had captured American Al Qaeda spokesman Adam Gadahn also known as Azzamal-Amriki. This news is to disappear under the underbelly of the media carpet along with the fact that Adam Gadahn is actually Jewish born American Adam Pearlman. It's all too obvious that much of the saber rattling for more American war in Iran comes from Iran's bitter enemy Israel. Iran is close to Russia who has now assisted Iran in finally opening their much controversial nuclear power plant. Russia lent this help to a Muslim nation even though on March 29 Muslim female suicide bombers called black widows brought the 9/11 tradition to Russia by blowing up the Moscow Metro Subway System. Evidently Russia doesn't suspect Iran. This seems important to point out to Americans being duped still by PRAVDA into a frenzy against all of Islam. Right-wingers have the audacity to try to score hate points with Americans for the coming November election by protesting the building of a Muslim cultural center two blocks from the site of 9/11, where legend has it this war on terror started. Are voters the kind of Americans in name only that they would be a voting block compelled by such a transparent attack on the spirit of America itself, and our Constitutional freedom of religion itself?!? What the fucks going on here!?! It certainly does look like a foreign country with disdain for our Constitution and way of life intends to influence and manipulate the infamous gullibility of the American people. It would have to be a foreign country with such a disproportional influence on our American government and media that it would be well documented to the point of obvious. Further down the rabbit hole of the nano-thermite used as cutter charges on 9/11 takes our investigation to Israel's Nuclear Research Center in the Negev where they are developing all kinds of "nano-composite energetic materials" as well as other Nuclear weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. Must the hypocrisy be pointed out that Israel is already, now, currently at least two hundred times more guilty of secretly manufacturing nuclear weapons in the Middle East than Iran will probably ever be? Speaking of Mossad anthrax operations and nano technology, the silicone coating found on the anthrax spores used in the attack, making it all the more fine and airborne deadly, was applied with cutting edge nano technology. Cutting edge nano technology was well beyond the abilities of the Ft. Detrick patsies chased by the FBI in vain for years. The war on terror actually began closer to the Kenya and Tanzania twin bombings of US embassies on August 7, 1998. Then President Clinton was quickly persuaded to respond against Bin Laden and Al Qaeda with Afghan and Sudan bombings because of information obtained by a Palestinian named Mohammed Sadiq Odeh. Mohammed Odeh was conveniently apprehended at the time entering the Karachi airport with a blatantly fake passport seeming to want to get himself caught. Dragging the US into a war on Islam and Israel's sworn enemies has not been easy, and Mossad connections to the 1993 World Trade Center bombings will only be skipped in this writing for the sake of space. The alleged ruthlessness of the state of Israel was exhibited at the time of 9/11 in a well known October 3, 2001 quote by then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon who said "I want to tell you something very clear, don't worry about American pressure on Israel. We the Jewish people control America, and Americans know it." Kind of brings to mind biblical references to a "Synagogue of Satan" made up of those who say they are Jews but are not. (Rev 2:9, 3:9) Controlling America are ya?!? GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!
Still the hatred in America simmers on and this writing is not immune to finger pointing. This is not intended to be anti-Semitic against the Semitic inhabitants of Israel or even against the white European Jews in the state of Israel either. Americans however, have a long tradition of hating any country we damn well please to include our own. This writing intends to confront a possibly Israeli, definitely right-wing, assault on the spirit of America itself that is just currently boiling the blood of this writer's hand. Real Americans don't want their country turned into another illegally occupied settlement suburb of the state of Israel. Better hurry up and legalize it then Congress. Israel's hate-filled racist solutions have no place in America, the country that regards the separation of church and state with solemnity. In America, land of the free, home of the brave, tolerance for others around us is a required virtue. Here in America if you don't like the Palestinians moving in across the street there's not a damn thing you can do about it. And if you don't like the dog poop in their yard you're just going to have to figure out some polite civil diplomacy to pursued them to clean it up. Too bad a religious state like Israel can't comprehend American tolerance. That's America and we love it that way. Everybody here is just as equal as everyone else, and where we fall short of that ideal is the direction we push on for change. That said, much of America's problems really are nobody's fault but our own. The corporate culprits best embodied in Goldman Sachs were only working with the rules that they had Congress obediently give them to pull off their recession causing derivatives schemes. There's an elephant of treason in the room that might need to be pointed out here. It is the fact that many of these Congressmen and Senators who have managed to avoid the great depression catastrophe while keeping job creation at a minimum are also people getting rich off of a derivatives market that works by betting against the success of America. Americans have been disenfranchised good jobs for the sake of Wall Street profits because that's the priorities introduced to the American narrative at least ever since back in the 90's when Rush Limbaugh and his right winger crew took over AM radio, and ran Art Bell off the air.

IV. Only Ourselves to Blame

America feels tent city pains not felt since the Great Depression era, while at the same time an alternate war time economy made up of thriving over paid no-bid contractors and mercenaries supplements an under-employed US Army. The intelligence agencies and operations sprouting out of the Fatherland Security bureaucratic government solution to 9/11 now produces more intelligence than can even be analyzed. It has grown into 1,271 government agencies, 1,931 private companies all related to counter terrorism, now a bigger priority in America than street crime and infrastructure. The price tag for this boondoggle of all boondoggles bogus war on terror scam against America is currently 1.15 trillion dollars in the last 9 years. America may just be America's biggest problem. Recently the Supreme Court passed a verdict that corporations can donate unlimited cash to political campaigns as we approach a mid-term election. Our televisions have unanimously assured us lefties, who overwhelmingly participated in the last election and won it for Democrats, that we will be staying at home that day and won't be participating in the next election. Well okay, if you say so television. You'll just have to find some other outlet than the election for your swelling anger if you don't happen to be a sore-loosing gray-haired Republican member of the Koch brother billionaire-financed Tea Party "movement." Recently in England Lord Hutton tried to seal all evidence on the death of UN Weapons inspector David Kelly for 70 years, and in response the outrage has caused a new investigation of that infamous murder masquerading as a suicide. On Saturday May 1st Time Square was evacuated because of a car bomb that failed to actually go off. The culprit is a Muslim (of course) trained by the Taliban who is apprehended that Tuesday from a plane about to fly out of the country. Other recent events of conspicuous making include December 25, 2009 when another Muslim attempts to ignite a bomb in his underwear while on board Flight 253 from Amsterdam to Detroit. Fellow passengers foil the attempt, who also report strange circumstances related to this other display of unsuccessful terrorism. Both attacks are foiled only by what appears to be just dumb luck. One Flight 253 passenger reported a man who had been standing up at the front of the plane the whole flight filming who must have filmed the entire incident on his camcorder from start to finish. No such video however, has yet surfaced of this event. Another passenger named Kurt Haskell reported a well-dressed man at the Amsterdam airport who was helping Mutallab the Nigerian terrorist get on board the plane without a passport saying, "he's from Sudan, and we do this all the time." Al Qaeda in Yemen took responsibility in response to American sponsored bombings of Yemen that the Obama administration had quietly began the month preceding Flight 253. In response to the Flight 253 terrorist event, Americans are now encouraged to give up some more Constitutional liberty for the sake of security, and succumb to the privacy invading x-ray body scanner strip searches at the airport when boarding airplanes. How is this not another assault on a constitutional protection from invasion of privacy? And rest assured that the body-scanned pictures of female boobies are definitely piling up somewhere as this is being written even though we are assured that the devises are incapable of any such thing.
Meanwhile Republicans continue to dominate the framing of the conversation while a Tea Bagging "movement" of right-wing disgruntled gray-haired Republicans who can't even fill a room, occupy a surprisingly dominant amount of left and right TV station air time. There seems to be substance to the popular argument in these days of super-majority Democrats that if you refuse to vote for the hate-filled country-wrecking party of warmongers then you find yourself left with a bunch of spineless conciliatory worthless (P)wussys in exchange for your vote. It's also frightening to live in an America of people who can be convinced that a helium-filled balloon can carry away an 8 year old boy into the stratosphere. No wonder the science and physics blasphemed by the official explanation of 9/11 arouses little outrage. This is the kind of mind one finds one's self surrounded by in a world encouraged to believe in a literal six day creation of the Earth and everything in it. The critical thinking just goes out the window people! Crimes of the century, instead of being investigated by detectives, get covered up by a political commission of professional liars. The trial of the "9/11 mastermind" Kalid Shiek Mohammad was supposed to take place in a US court of Manhattan. The trial was indefinitely postponed however, amid a media polluted with arguments of the inadequacy of the legal justice system, and this "weak-on-the-war-on-terrorism" administration who dares to treat acts of terror like crimes instead of whisking suspects away to some Stalinist gulag out-of-sight to be tortured in order to prove their own innocence. Who really are these "masterminds of 9/11" after all?!? The Justice Department has quietly recanted nearly every major claim made by alleged Al-Qaeda leader Abu Zubaydah who was water-boarded over 83 times for this info, but turns out to be really just a crazy man. Last year the CIA allegedly kidnapped Iranian Nuclear scientist Shahram Amiri while he was on pilgrimage to Saudi Arabia, and the CIA held him here in America. The Iranian scientist recently escaped to the embassy of Pakistan and arranged travel back home to Iran. He says he told the CIA that Iran doesn't have a nuclear weapons program, while the CIA just denies all of this. The war on terrorism just keeps looking more and more like it's ran by idiots similar to the Gulf oil leak plunger's show. No wonder considering an under-funded SEC during the Bush years would have got themselves fired if they actually ever did try to regulate anything. That also explains why all that SEC did at work was download and wak off to pornography. What else was there to do? Meanwhile Catholics across the globe are baffled about why priests are so given to perverse alter boy raping pedophilia when they've got to admit that taking a vow of celibacy, avoiding any female companionship is kind of weird, even gay. While the whole world watches and just wonders, what the fuck?!?

V. A Volcano Erupts in the Background

Perhaps all these what-the-fuck events of recent history are even being noticed by the gods themselves. On December 6th 2009, while our Bush war strategy President Obama was receiving a Nobel Peace prize for some unfathomable ironic reason, the morning skies above Norway displayed a strange spiral light. This spiral effect in the sky spun around, culminating in a strange expanding black hole effect that looked like an exotic aurora borealis of some sort. Russia reported that it was an out of control missile test they had been conducting, but many who view it on U-Tube don't accept that explanation. Some have noted that the Cesini satellite project of NASA, which constantly monitors the activity of the Sun itself had removed all data recorded of Sun activity during the time of this Norway sky spiral event. In other scientific news Ice has been officially discovered on the Moon to be more than just crystals mixed in with dust. A Chandragaan-1 mission from India documents ice in deep shadowy craters that is probably actually a couple of meters thick. It's been recently discovered that the gravito magnetic field produced by spinning objects is trillions of times more powerful than Einstein originally predicted. This may have been the quantum/relativity link he never found, which was staring him in the face. This adds credibility to theories of flying saucer technology inspired by reports of UFO sightings. Researchers of US Department of Energy at Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory have discovered a molybdenum-oxo complex metal catalyst for producing hydrogen from water by electrolysis, which is 70 percent cheaper than platinum. Neural circuitry is closer to being replicated with the resistor capacitor and indicter circuits of the technology providing for the missing link to synapse technology by providing the ability to remember after being turned off. An artifact has been found of an ancient treaty from Assyria, which may have been an inspiration for the biblical Old Testament wording of the convenient between the ancient Israelites and their Lord. So we've got them for plagiarizing the Bible too.
These are dark days indeed, and our assaults on the Earth and nature are not without retaliations from nature. On April 15 a volcano in Iceland began spewing ash into the atmosphere causing all air traffic in Europe to be grounded for days. The Eyjafjallajokull volcano continues to be active at the time of this writing. It's well documented that the effects of volcanic ash events like this can cause global cooling for years to come. We are assured however, by the global warming experts that the ash from this eruption only managed to reach the troposphere and would only cause global cooling effects if it managed to reach the jet stream above in the stratosphere. Maybe the global warming "experts" are just full of shit as usual here. Current gnosis points out that Montana saw almost no Summer at all this year. On January 13 a 7.0 earthquake utterly destroyed the city of Puerto Prince on the island of Haiti. On march 9 an Innsbruck scientist Claudia von Werlhof accused the United States of causing the Haitian earthquake by using the HAARP in Alaska known to cause earthquakes when it is used in one of it's many functions to detect crude oil. The HAARP project has removed its records of operations on the day of the earthquake. On February 27th another earthquake at 8.5 on the richter goes off in Chili followed by another 7.2 earthquake on March 11th. Whether man made or natural, it should be noted that earthquakes around the world are up significantly in the last few years. In addition to these natural disasters we should add that Pakistan has suffered a third of its country under water this monsoon season causing unimaginable displacement, suffering, and death of the population. A third of the country was under water! That's a lot of New Orleans. The clash of man and nature continues to escalate while once again a third of all honey bee colonies did not survive another winter here in America.
Man and nature's disasters in the news are beginning to be overshadowed more and more by the illegal antics of Israel's war against the Palestinians across the street. Recently over 300 Congressmen signed a pledge of unyielding support for the nation of Israel no matter what Israel does. Israel will need that kind of loyalty should the 9/11 Mossad operation capture the interest of the American goyim. Such a pledge would be potential treason should it be found out that said foreign un-American country is actually invested in the demise of America. Too bad the government can't invest US tax dollars in the derivatives market to bet on its own demise, but then America would succeed and the derivatives investment would fail causing America to then fail so it succeeds. How does that work? In January a Hamas commander named Mahmoud al-Mabhouh from Gaza was visiting Dubai in the Arab Emirates where Mossad agents with fake British passports assassinated him. It then comes to light in the world news how Israel has been cloning people's passports that travel to or through Tel Aviv to be used in assassinations like this. The rest of the world is noticeably pissed off at the state of Israel. With its signed loyalty oaths to Israel, America is an interesting exception to this outrage. Speaking of Israeli influence over the American government, the 9/11 Mossad operation plan B, Senator Joe Lieberman has introduced a bill to strip Americans of their citizenship if accused of working with terrorists. If this passes Joe Lieberman's terrorist attack on our Constitution with this bill should be responded to by having him stripped of his citizenship so he can crawl back under whatever un-American rock he crawled out from under. On May 5th the IAEA member states passed a resolution directly pressuring Israel to join the Nuclear Non-Proliferation treaty to declare it's nuclear arsenal. Now there's that elephant in the room! The vote was 49 for and 45 against with 16 nations abstaining illustrating just how hard it really is to shine this kind of light upon suppressed reality. Speaking of this suppressed reality, it was recently discovered from minutes of a 1975 meeting between then Defense Minister PW Botha of apartheid South Africa's and Israel's Defense Minister Shirmon Peres, which reveals Israel offering nuclear warheads to South Africa in "3 sizes" to include suitcase sized. Didn't America just destroy the country of Iraq over mere unsubstantiated and untrue rumors a lot like this? On March 26 during joint US/South Korean marine training operations a S. Korean boat, the Cheonan, was blown up killing 46 people. North Korea is immediately blamed and pieces of a torpedo are produced as evidence. Amid the shades of another potential Gulf of Tulkin incident, Russia intervenes to perform their own investigation of the incident. The torpedo turns out to not be anything used by N. Korea, but is the torpedo of a German submarine, of which Israel owns and operates three. It's interesting to note that around the time of this controversy the AP News makes a point of establishing an alibi by announcing all three Israeli submarines from Germany, the Dolphin, the Tekuma, and the Leviathan, all accounted for located in the Persian Gulf nowhere near South Korea. Is it really bigotry to accuse Israel of wielding too much influence on our government and media, or is it just stating the obvious? On June 10th , well known for years and honored Lebanese senior member of the Washington press room, Helen Thomas retired after a cell phone video went viral showing her expressing the opinion that Jews occupying Palestine "should go home to Germany, France, the US, wherever they came from." This is framed in the same context as another misquoted statement by Iranian President Ahmadinejad to "wipe an Israeli regime off the map." Of course both are examples of the unfairness of something out of context, which we are wise to grow keen to since it is used so often to mislead the US. In the case of Helen Thomas who was approached on a park bench by an activist Jewish Rabbi, they had actually been discussing a program of West Bank Israeli settlement activity that involves bringing in immigrants from Germany, France, the US, or wherever to have them steal and occupy the houses of the Palestinians across the street. The rest is history. A press correspondent has her career publicly ruined by a Jewish Rabbi gotcha moment. Helen Thomas was known for sharing a birthday and cake with President Obama, as well as a classic moment of questioning of the same President about "whether Israel is in possession of Nuclear Weapons or not." All the leader of the free world, President Obama, could do is squirm under the spot light of the question he was obviously forbidden to comment on.
How poisoned is America by this infiltration of a war-crime of a foreign country, and how has this damaged the very idea that has always been America?
Neo-conservatives and evangelical Christians have recently formed a Washington lobby group called "The Emergency Committee for Israel," in response to what they call "the Obama administration's anti-Israel stance on issues." After two arguably illegal wars of occupation in the Muslim world going on a third with Iran, maybe America should pull the "unyielding" loyalty back a bit for the sake of America, or do we care about that country these days? You know, the country Americans belong in. The America a lot of Americans deserve to finally come home to after all these war-torn years. We've expanded our Middle East wars to Yemen and Pakistan with unmanned predator drones soon to be announced to America so we can find those pesky illegal immigrants. Israel has also long tormented Gaza with the same unmanned predator drones of its own. Israel refuses to release their Gaza kill count when it recently came to light that they have used 19 and 20 year old girls for operating predators. That can't be very different from America controlling our own predator bombings of innocent civilians in Pakistan from Arizona. It's doubtful that those controlling drones in America are any older or exclusive to using men for the manly job of murder. In another of many say-one-thing-do-another promises from Israel they say they have stopped the continuing settlement expansion at the very center of the dispute causing the nonexistent peace in the Middle East that has gone on for more than a lifetime now. That's the "say one thing" part of this bait-and-switch trick, however on June 27 the IDF civil administration destroyed the Palestinian village of Farsiya in the West Bank Jordan Valley. The water supply was shut off. Eviction notices were issued and 55 structures of the village were destroyed. Israeli owners occupy what isn't just destroyed. This is how the IDF defends themselves, and settlement expansion is as over as suicide bombings in the recently re-ended war on Iraq. It is not anti-Semitism to point out that dragging America into two illegal occupations of Muslim countries is very much in the interest of Israel. It was not that long ago when there was really only one nation in the world who felt the need to wage a war on the tactic of terrorism with a particular focus on dark skinned Arab types. Israel and America have indeed become very much alike these days, but that is not yet officially on paper constitutionally. Recently a female ex-IDF soldier Eden Abargil posted photos on her Facebook page of her duties as a guard of Palestinian prisoners. Her photos feature nude prisoners with bags on heads subjected to various forms of torture and humiliation, which are virtually no different than the infamous Abu Ghraib photos that sent Lynddie England to prison for her abuse of power and violations of the Geneva Conventions. Israel has long been noticeably much less loyal to Geneva Conventions and just criticized Eden as being "crude" by displaying her IDF exploits to the world. It is becoming obvious just where America got this crazy nothing-like-American fascination for war-loosing torture and humiliation techniques on the enemy considering Israel's own enthusiastic embrace of that demise. At America's greatest moments our enemies threw down their weapons to join the better side, but now that side is gone. A pattern is emerging that can't be ignored in the American narrative these days. Point your finger where you may. Arizona recently passed a draconian anti-immigration, racial profiling law requiring all brown people to always be prepared to show their papers in order to prove American citizenship. Welcome to America you fascist Nazi state, which one recalls also had a racist problem with a Martin Luther King holiday. And don't get me started about church and state in Utah. Like they say, only in America. Out of all this emerges right wing talk about repealing the Constitution's 14th Amendment so that children born in America will no longer obtain instant citizenship. What's the big ol' hurry for these so called patriots to throw foundations of our constitution out the window like so much dirty dish water?

VI. Getting Waco'd

On May 29 Israel attacked a flotilla of aid ships in international waters, which were on their way to get aid and supplies into Gaza by passing the illegal blockade imposed on Gaza by Israel for years now, ever since Gaza democratically elected the incorrect candidates back in 2006. Nine passengers of the unarmed aid ship Mavi Marmara were shot dead while over 48 had bullet wounds and others were beaten. Israel uses the usual "we were just defending ourselves" line but it doesn't fly this time so well as 480 ship passengers attacked in international waters try to get out of Israeli prison. Admittedly the initial reports of bodies being thrown overboard are still unsubstantiated, but a 19-year-old with an American passport was shot dead 4 times in the back of the head. There may have been a connection of this Israeli operation with a simultaneous PKK terrorist attack on a South Turkey Navy port, which otherwise could have quickly responded to this incident at sea. As a result of this classic act of passive resistance by peace activists that would have made Ghandi proud, Egypt has opened it's boarder with Gaza for most passage and supplies, and Turkey is reconsidering it's up-till-now peaceful and cooperative relationship with the Israeli land stealing state.
News flash! America is not at war with Islam. Sorry Israel. Fight your own God damned illegal wars, maybe with your own lives and money too. The truth is the flotilla got Waco'd, which is a frequently used oppressor tactic that involves going in with guns a-blazing. For this reason Mt. Carmel is reproduced on this year's drawing nestled in the Rocky Mountains, safely out of Texas, between a peace sign and an American flag both flown by the inhabitants of this resurrected version. These inhabitants are probably not so much Seventh Day Adventists like the original Davidians, but probably more Secret Gathering of Gnostics type Davidians. In other words, probably not so much religious, but people who believe in thinking freely. Thinking freely is so much a quality making America great that it is legend in this country. Marijuana grows from the lower left corner of the drawing all the way to Mt. Carmel. The 1998 essay predicted pot would be legalized by 2003. It was around 2003 when laws began being passed to have police make pot possession crimes a low priority offense. Now people in many states can own a marijuana card for medical marijuana reasons. For that reason this Mt. Carmel in the drawing has lots of residents who smoke pot. Also like the original Mt. Carmel, here guns are also allowed, as well as consensual infidelity with others of legal age. It turns out that the deceased David Koresh was also only guilty of consensual infidelity with four other woman of legal age since all his firearms turned out to be perfectly legal. Possession of illegal firearms was the justification for this massacre in the first place. Like the pot plants on the picture leading to another Waco, let's hope these marijuana cards are not creating some detention list for still unoccupied, but staffed detention facilities created years ago. Perhaps it's time for the leaves of the cannabis plant to finally heal the nations? Marijuana is more than capable of doing that not just with potential new tax revenue from 1939 American Marijuana Tax Stamp Act cards we are finally allowed to possess. Medical marijuana actually cures cancers and shrinks tumors. It was discovered back in 1974 by Dr. Mauel Guzman in Madrid Spain that THC eloquently turns on apotosis in tumor and cancer cells, which is the process telling a cell to stop growing and die. THC also turns off angiongenesis in the same cells, which is how tumors tell the body to create extra blood vessels for nourishment. Sort of the opposite of the munchies effect. It's also interesting to note that the perfectly preserved in ice 10,000 year old ice age man discovered in the Alps turned out to be wearing hemp clothing and carrying a pouch with pot in it.
This imaginary Mt. Carmel is a lot like America, but America is under attack a lot like Waco. Where are real Americans to go? Many consider Canada these days. Here at this Mt. Carmel the sons of light gather, but in America even the sons of darkness are free to gather. The predicament we find ourselves in is not without solutions. That's not the problem. Seems we've gone out of our way to prop up something that doesn't work anymore, which is getting in the way of something new that will work. Natural Democracy is still working in the world. Natural Democracy is the reason why the democratic form of government works. These essays will write it again here. The Bush tax cuts set to expire this year should just expire since tax cuts during wartime was/is a totally (turn Truman over in his grave) treasonous idea in the first place. Sure our trillion-dollar war in Iraq officially ended again August 30th but nobody talks about the more expensive mercenary forces moving in to replace the troops leaving. The Iraq government still won't form this many months since the election because of a civil war worthy division we've created there over whether or not the country should belong to Iran who we gave the country to or not. Told you right-wingers are in cahoots with Iran. The truth is these Bush tax cuts were originally set to be repealed this year in the first place because they were never paid for, and this original treason has been an albatross around the neck of the states who are now going bankrupt. The rich should pay their fair share in taxes especially during wartime. At least pay for the tax cut before having one, as opposed to paying with closed schools, fired teachers, and un-repaired bridges. Perhaps the good news will be that gridlock again saves the day, similar to what preceded the economic upturn in the 90's, as a profoundly divided Congress and Senate simply fail to agree, and do nothing between now and December. They are really good at doing nothing. Then the filthy rich, "who are just barely hanging on" will pay a slightly different percentage in taxes, the current uncertainty gives way to the certainty of a done deal, and just watch America prosper another day. Thus gridlock in government saves the day again, causing the deficit to no longer be an about-to-explode balloon.

VII. Unstable Ground Below Us

It's actually still unclear where to point the finger at for the source of these assaults on America since all the evidence creates a tangled web of all the suspects consisting of Israel, the new rich upper-class version of homosapien, the military industrial boondoggle machine, or the reality of our own incompetence. Maybe there's some other foreign country out there capable of influencing America to the point of a web of everybody. Peace loving Muslims did not attack America on 9/11. The Koran reads like it should be the most tolerant and accepting religion in the world, but admittedly that doesn't seem to be the reality of the members of that faith. Ninety three percent of the 779 Guantanimo "enemy combatant" prisoners either had nothing to do with Al-Qaeda, Osama Bin Laden, or terrorism, or were completely innocent. Is the culprit Israel, or what America now has in common with Israel, something that happens with war time militarized societies? The country is being deliberately poisoned with anti-Muslim bigotry that used to be peculiar to the state of Israel. This has been staring us all in the face since those obviously not written by anyone remotely Muslim anthrax letters intended to influence a wounded America against the Muslim world. We don't need the spirit of our country waco'd. Right at the front door on the left side of the drawing was where David Koresh greeted cattle trucks full of armed attackers that Sunday morning, and was immediately shot possibly along with his 4 year old son when the siege began. That was the beginning of a 51 day siege under oppressive fire upon Mt Carmel, depicted in this drawing between the American flag, also flown by the original Davidians, and a sheet hanging out a window with a peace sign on it, which is where the oppressed Davidians also hung out messages to the outside world like a famous one in sympathy for Rodney King, who was also assaulted by authority for no justifiable reason around that time. An obedient media demonized them while the authorities tormented the cowering Davidians for 51 days. Women and children were shot at through the roofs. Any Branch Davidians who did leave or else survived some other way were charged with murder, and some may even be getting out of prison these days. Mt. Carmel had to be occupied past the day of the massacre because of a court order stating that someone from the Davidians had to be occupying Mt. Carmel at all times till a certain date in order for them to be granted ownership of the property. That may explain why many Davidians would not leave and why authorities became so desperate to make sure no Davidians survived past the court ordered date. Many Davidians held fast because to them it was a spiritual battle between good and evil, light and darkness, admittedly not unlike the religious state of Israel. Then they were all viciously burned alive or shot in a government-sanctioned massacre. What has been happening to this country since this day of bloodguilt? These days it becomes obvious that much of the Patriot Act legalized phone surveillance is being used for political lynching like Blagojevich whose recent case was a hung jury. Is this really a good reason for legalizing big brother surveillance abuses of power? Israel, it turns out, is behind much of this surveillance through Amdocs Inc., who was recently implicated in a drug and credit card fraud case that had Israeli connections because Amdocs had leaked phone data to compromise the case. There was also a story recently of four Israelis arrested for being behind those fraud emails from Nigeria we all have to delete in our email. Ken Star's old Whitewater investigation revealed Comverse, another Israeli telecommunications company might have been behind a comment by President Clinton to Monica Lewinsky about "someone tapping the phone line," during that impeachment setup assault on the country. The Israeli influence begins to look like a blackmail or extortionist setup powerful enough to drag us into three wars, while Congress falls all over themselves to sign a resolution supporting Israeli piracy in international waters, and the most Nazi embargo on Earth. The rest of the world pretty much unanimously condemns the Israeli attack. On May 6 while financial regulations involving the breaking up of the banks is debated in the Senate, the stock market suddenly took a 1000 point dip in a couple minutes. It soon after regains 600 points and the story is that someone's fat finger on a blackberry pressed the wrong button. The next day the breakup the banks amendment is defeated 61 to 33 and provisions to audit the FED are removed from the same bill to fix the disaster of deregulation that banks have become. It may not be extortion but it sure plays out like a chapter of the book "Daemon" by Daniel Surarez.
In Chili another mine disaster has left 33 people buried alive and trapped deep underground beneath shaken and unstable earth. We don't have the technology to get them back out in less than four months, kind of like the bleeding wound in the Gulf of Mexico on TV for four months. It's unimaginable, the ordeal those miners must now live with alone in the dark below the Earth. Like a metaphor of our current collective plight, we seem also trapped in our own designs, and the only hope we seem to have is to wait it out. The Sign of the Mourning of Isis gesture made by the woman on the drawing refers to a stage of the Great Work where the work ahead has begun, however the task ahead is still long and arduous, and there is no end in sight. Looks like some of that volcano ash made it in the stratosphere after all. Grumpy old man winter's coming, and he looks angry.

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