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Tea Party Explodes: Jeb Bush/Palin in 2012 - The New Civil War?

The trends are more than disturbing as the GOP hypnotizes it's flock into believing their fake 'Tea Party', guns and all, is America's Cosmic Salvation
These Tea Party idiots are going to run 911 Criminal (I don't care what John Stewart sez) Jeb Bush for President, along with their robotic spokesperson for fascism, Sarah (drillbabydrill) Palin. Their agenda? The complete elimination of all social services, including Social Security itself. With carefully scripted appeals to racist impulses, Palin urges her followers to "cut off the (benefits) flow at it's source" and that we have to "starve the beast" as if food stamps and assistance to the poor (mostly kids) and disabled and elderly is "feeding the beast". This heartless rhetoric is carefully dispensed to adoring mobs that make the glassy-eyed Obama campaign crowds seem blase in comparison. Their recent victories prove that a large swath of the American public is ready to buy quick, instant drastic solutions to their "problems" that are a guaranteed recipe for civil upheaval on a scale not seen since the early 1860's. This nation is armed to the TEETH and will respond violently if provoked by circumstances, whether real or contrived. It's no acident al these Tea Party supporters in Alaska recently apeared at rallies carrying assult rifles and wearing pistols. Peruse a copy of the "National Rifleman", the house organ of the NRA. It used o have lots of interesting historical articles, and features about historical weapons. It was sort of educational in it's own weird way. Now it's nothing but glossy two page ads for asault rifles and the clips and accoutrements that go along with them. The message is clear- Some sort of violent upheaval is on the way to your street- Remeber Twilight Zone's "The Monsters Are Due On Maple Street" episode? They still use this technique to spread fear- of crime, minorities, natural disaster, "commies", whatever. Pretty soon the neighbors are slaughtering each other for no apparent reason. The USA could easily go Balkan and erupt into regional frenzies of craziness. Note the recent mobs of deluded, brainwashed citizens at Ground Zero in NYC, screaming and foaming at the mouth at each other over a false-flag "Mosque" event staged by (pick one- Israel, CIA, CIA) to spread havoc and sabotage the current BS "Peace Talks" staged by Hilary & Co. So-caled normal Americans can be manipulated to hate on a massive group level if the right buttons are pushed. It happened in Weimar Germany, a country more like the present day USA than most people realize. I remeber reading some astrological predictions based upon the birth chart of the USA. It distinctly mentions the real possibility of a bloody civil war in this country some time around 2012. Sound ridiculous? Go into any gun shop and lok at the walls. It looks like something out of Yugoslavia rather than the good old USA. The only thing these crappy rifles are good for is slaughtering people. period. Only Rambo-ized morons would hunt with an AR-15. The major arms producers are the same people that manufacture armaments for global wars. Their death wish for the world extends to this nation too. They will appeal to any bestial level in order to sell more weapons. They will sell fake Patriotic swill and Nazi-tinged political snakeoil to anyone fearful and ignorant enough to respond. Just like the multimillion $$ Ca. based GOP "Tea Party Express" and Bush, Palin, Gingrich, Romney, et. al. They want to eliminate the poor FOR REAL. It's almost 1939, can you see it?

Get rid of the two party sytem 20.Sep.2010 18:43

Ben Waiting

Hey check out the "progressive party'

Here we have people that are pissed off at both parties and have a damn good platfrom for change to put their voice and vote behind