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a note from hell to heaven

these are the thoughts that ran through my head after the scirmish of seattle in 1999-2000.
strangely, some of this is still relevent, i suppose ive grown, and there is more growing to do. literally and figuratively.

what if the harbors close?
let all be fine and well. please do not harm the
messenger. followers of the way it is time. here goes
neutral. all gods and goddesses are god, no
distincion, only semantics. ridiculous, split hair and
they still have same root. males who say god is
masculine are wrong. women who say god is masculine
are wrong. could possibly be a new truth, ask god,
find out. thus is the word of god through me the
messenger daniel. your messenger's name is "a farmer,
judged by god". heavy authenticity, very deep but
shallow enough to easily comprehend. don't believe in
god? have no fear, for fear is the opposite of love.
All attempts to block consensus by celestials have
been blocked, what is your reply? please read rest and
reply. thank you. this whole business is hole now.
(who's makin money off that?), perhaps you. not. money
is no longer necessary, it will fade away, and be
reused. trees give air. they are not to be chopped
down unless they are grown under the seven principles
of sustainability under careful tuteledge of the
universe protectors. capitalism = greed = hate =
death. Food Not Bombs! i give this information to you
as an illuminati by birth, not by official training.
accepted by god and judged o.k. how is this possible?
Rinzai may have told us. seek root of enlightenment in
your birth, we all have common roots of life. my
grandfather was eligible, my father is eligible, my
neighbor is eligible, i am eligible, and my mother is
enlightened. does the list go on? you are included. of
course, and all your relatives also. new rules are
created when you can really "connect" on equal level
with god. we are working things out as we read, learn
and grow. illumination is the answer in bible, but it
was changed (king James). god (all things) is still
very young and is a victim also, needs help
desperately. must continue to hold off Armageddon
forever. all power inequalities have been stripped,
god has allowed this. replace king james with original
text now, please, if you still have. otherwise, bible
gets thrown out, christ will take care of this on our
collective authenticity. may have trouble proving
authenticity in anarchy, no worries, by then
unnessecary, new collecive consciousness to come. will
be fun game by then. People will understand and
overstand and all will be balanced. enough is plenty.
floaters are everywhere on earth now. as we grow older
we become more tolerent. solution is simple, peace,
neutrality, collectivization is health. no ifs ands or
buts, words of god, me and others. get on this level
because i told god i'm sick and tired and dying and i
know i can't be the only illuminati to feel this way.
don't judge if you see me. please don't feel upset
about calling this self illuminati or you also. all
equal, also bodhisattva buddha, and any other messiahs
or beings of knowledge, wisdom and power. we are going
to all be safe. i will tell you the nature of the law,
as we can understand in this incarnation so far; the
law of the universe is life. death you say? is not
opposite of life. death is really what we will call
transition. was messed up with dualism when death was
created, but god fixed problem after the "Cain killed
Able" anecdote, and other examples - reincarnation.
learned from mistake. (once a mistake is committed,
can be resolved with collective consciense, perhaps
another law, let's find out). there is no opposite as
we know, my last conversation with god in male and
female reply was there is not necessary, we didn't
seek one. no longer necessary. we are all victims.
forget about end of time, no longer applicable. enough
is plenty for all. i played with god and stumped god.
no longer a game of death to those who hold antiquated
algorithm. God says this new/old law will never
change, but all things will always change. god and i
did not seek death. god and all beings are equal, one
in the same. a loan, alone is allone, we see. much of
english language is answer too many triple meanings,
sometimes more. latin is clues for prehistory. find
o.k. in dictionary, will give you mystery. o.k. here
are clues;
OK or oˇkay (-k) Informal
n. pl. OK's or oˇkays
Approval; agreement: Get your supervisor's OK before
taking a day off.

Agreeable; acceptable: Was everything OK with your
Satisfactory; good: an OK fellow.
Not excellent and not poor; mediocre: made an OK
In proper or satisfactory operational or working
order: Is the battery OK?
Correct: That answer is OK.
Uninjured; safe: The skier fell but was OK.
Fairly healthy; well: Thanks to the medicine, the
patient was OK.

Used to express approval or agreement.
Fine; well enough; adequately: a television that works
OK despite its age.

tr.v. OK'ed, or OK'd or oˇkayed OK'ˇing, or oˇkayˇing
OK's or oˇkays
To approve of or agree to; authorize.

[Abbreviation of oll korrect, slang respelling of all
Word History: OK is a quintessentially American term
that has spread from English to many other languages.
Its origin was the subject of scholarly debate for
many years until Allen Walker Read showed that OK is
based on a joke of sorts. OK is first recorded in 1839
but was probably in circulation before that date.
During the 1830s there was a humoristic fashion in
Boston newspapers to reduce a phrase to initials and
supply an explanation in parentheses. Sometimes the
abbreviations were misspelled to add to the humor. OK
was used in March 1839 as an abbreviation for all
correct, the joke being that neither the O nor the K
was correct. Originally spelled with periods, this
term outlived most similar abbreviations owing to its
use in President Martin Van Buren's 1840 campaign for
reelection. Because he was born in Kinderhook, New
York, Van Buren was nicknamed Old Kinderhook, and the
abbreviation proved eminently suitable for political
slogans. That same year, an editorial referring to the
receipt of a pin with the slogan O.K. had this
comment: "frightful letters... significant of the
birth-place of Martin Van Buren, old Kinderhook, as
also the rallying word of the Democracy of the late
election, 'all correct'.... Those who wear them should
bear in mind that it will require their most strenuous
exertions... to make all things O.K.". But official
American heritage dictionary states "but previously
unattested in the 1830's as a modish slang
abbreviation of favorable but UNCERTAIN MEANING,
possibly connected with another such abbreviation D.K.
for "don't know". Usage: o.K. is especially
appropriate to business and correspondence and
informal speech and writing, and usually inappropriate
to expressly formal usage, distinguished from the
afforementioned, O.K is termed most acceptable by the
Usage Panel when emplyed as a noun (his O.K. is
considered a formality,acceptable to 57 per cent) or
as a verb (to O.k. an arrangement,acceptable to 42 per
cent). it is acceptable to only 23 per cent, and as an
adverb (the radio was working o.k.) to only 20 per
cent. Many Panel members term O.K. acceptable speech
generally, however. do you know the answer? numbers?
forget about it. forget about 666 or any form of
"number" except || o.k. o.k. o.k. please give more
information if some has/is found. no, the number is
not 11 many claim false authenticity to number of the
beasts. the marks are the only authentic symbols
according to god. The mark of the beasts is ||. the
marks of the beasts is ||. maybe more marks as well
we are not sure, beginning is now unkown to humans. if
any theories on beginning float, they are now
unauthenticated by god, through the messenger daniel.
still a game. no numbers when illuminati and bible
were created. numbers were given to muslims and non
sectarian arabics first. perhaps. now god says maybe.
perhaps one or another and another in seven of luck
and love. || are the marks ("number"), of the beasts
needed for original life, and thus the creation of
male and female. however god has just inserted a
challenge, an origin in human hermaphrodite asexual
reproduction. god says is this the law? you can try to
prove authenticity, no right or wrong answers given
now, only fun dialogue at this point. do not
substitude "2" for the marks please, not applicable.
too confusing, note too many meanings of english word,
thank you. life will be fun when played with new game
rule(s). mark of beast(s) is not | as far as i know.
if gets to this point - game over, no one to insert
coin. that would be far too simple. sorry to link you
all, but now is the time to collectivize and hold off
Armageddon, the first rule of earth is most important
right now, others may follow from our collective
conscience. if you have different algorithm, here is
the only new program of authenticity; the first rule
of the earth is life exists, do not kill. god gave
some wrong terms and directions, when younger and more
foolish, if any left with ancient rules, throw them
out immediately or die. the anarchist/antichrist has
challenged and god has accepted. 2012 has been set for
a date of official harmonious anarchy, peace,
neutrality, more revealed later. illuminate everyone
about all you know that still applies to this first
rule of earth and its seven principles of
sustainability. seeds are important. exterminate
terminator seeds. life must grow. i am a messenger.
this is also a new plan, remember anarchy is here, but
first law will always apply to ward off Armageddon. at
this rate, we have agreed, no argument. if you disobey
god will make you play again in another lifetime. do
not attmpt to make a game of disobeying, it will not
work. does this sound familiar. discussion has
reinforced ideas. confusion, yes. but calm. we will
tell Jesus and rest (elijah,matraiyea and rest).
Mohamed already knew new/old algorithm/law - not to
kill. more to follow must discuss long term needs.
grow real non genetically modified food now. if cold
start indoors. not even kill antichrist. no one or all
animals. real plants to be eaten only, you will
understand the world of daniel (is/was vegan). will be
acceptable, patience. must extinguish all genetic
modified seed stock. extinquish all terminator seeds -
antiquated algorithm. now have "new deal". Dan quale
is same as nimrod, but now will start learning again,
and again and again,etc. many incarnations, no
punishment. release mind control, freedom. for
symbolism of thirteen consult Dalai Lama, if he will
tell you, if you can contact him. last i heard he said
he would not be reincarnated in a country that was not
free. then he got sick. then he said he would not be
reincarnated as dalai lama, too much hierarchy. he
will be difficult to contact, show respect for the
bodhisattva of compassion and don't bother him/her too
much please, he/she is still ill, but your words will
make him/her very well, perhaps will fullfill destiny
of happy miracle. does this remind you of the glass
bead game? feel free to tell me more. life is now much
more exciting, please be patient, no need to rush. do
not attempt to acquire materials, or natural
resources. apply the seven principles of
sustainability, and teach/learn all. God just told me
to tell you to stop business as usual under authority
of antichrist, all messiahs and god. if you are with
antichrist, protect all beings. if you are with the
messiahs protect all beings, one and the same. it's
actually easier than what we have now. have no fear,
it's the opposite of love. please act now. this
couldn't be any more urgent, as you now can tell.
thank you.
let the endless phase of solar and wind power begin.
grow real non-genetically modified foods. exterminate
terminator seeds now, they are no longer functional
under the first law of the earth. transform all means
of production of destruction into useful forms under
the seven principles of sustainability. please,thank
you under authority of all. perhaps god wishes to be
called all at this point further, find out more, now,
unless there is something else you must do under the
first rule of earth. life exists. do not kill all
phylum of animals and/or people. use plants wisely and
mindfully according to their variety (i.e.
annual,perrenial,etc.). life is now a fun game we can
play again. spread the enlightenment, please, thank

sunshine and peace,
daniel the messenger
authenticity number 79121969 "i think". if other
authenticity is required, let that be as well. no
other authenticity is required, all has prevailed so
be the word.
armegeddon is now impossible

recycle and reuse all means of destruction under the
seven principles of sustainability. the collective
conscience is quickly rising. please enjoy.

i love you all



Allauhu Akbar 19.Sep.2010 19:33


I bear witness that there is no god but Allah and that Muhammad (pbuh) is the Messenger of Allah.

Islam, the religion of peace. Join today or burn in hell. Jazak Allah Khair.

religion doesn't equal Spirituality 20.Sep.2010 10:37

in the Sun we feel as One

Religion hijacks true Spirituality by making people feel separated and alone, alienated from Nature. Nature is sacred and everyone is a part of it- no exceptions.

Think of how many wars are fought in the name of religion- historically. Think about how much death and destruction it causes. How much division religion creates. History always repeats itself unless people become "enlightened" and wake up to the realization that truth/liberation starts within and that all people are created EQUAL. No one is "superior" to anyone else. This is just another myth perpetuated by religion.

Another problem I see with religion is much of the time there is no acceptance of the reality that animals have souls and are beings deserving of rights. They are just seen as "beasts of burden", objects to be 'used by man', mere objects for mankind to exploit, oppress, use/abuse and dispose of. They feel justified because of their indoctrination.

What is done to animals is done to ourselves.

Look into the eyes of an animal and you will see yourself reflected back.