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9.11 investigation

9/11 " Michael Moore drops a bombshell: "The remains of over 1,100 people still haven't

been found"

Kevin Barrett writes:


Michael Moore Endorses My "Build a Mega-Mosque ON Ground Zero" Project; Begins Fundraising!

Closet 9/11 truther Michael Moore, one of America's all-time great political filmmakers, has come out in favor of my "build a mega-mosque ON Ground Zero" proposal -- and started raising the construction money! (My proposal won Matt Taibbi's award for most obnoxious thing on the internet.)

In a recent article, Moore writes:

"I am opposed to the building of the 'mosque' two blocks from Ground Zero.

I want it built on Ground Zero..."

Like me, Michael Moore wants to see a mega-mosque with minaret(s) as high as the demolished Towers:
"...But to even have to assure people that 'it's not going to be mosque' is so offensive, I now wish they would just build a 111-story mosque there. That would be better than the lame and disgusting way the developer has left Ground Zero an empty hole until recently."

Then Moore drops a bombshell: "The remains of over 1,100 people still haven't been found." This little-known fact is, all by itself, proof positive that the Towers were destroyed with powerful explosives, which blasted human bodies, office furniture and equipment, filing cabinets, computers, concrete, and everything else except the buildings' steel frames into tiny solid fragments mixed into a sea of dust the consistency of talcum powder -- a six-inch "snowfall" that blanketed Manhattan. Had the Towers simply pancaked down due to gravity, the bodies of every victim, along with all of the office furniture and equipment, would have been found, smashed but basically intact, between the pancaked floors. Instead, there were no pancaked floors at Ground Zero, and only one filing cabinet-- out of many thousands -- was ever found.

According to Ground Zero cleanup worker Joe Casaliggi, Engine 7: "You have two hundred and ten story office buildings. You don't find a desk. You don't find a chair. You don't find a telephone, a computer. The biggest piece of a telephone I found was about half of a keypad and it was about this big [the size of a post-it]."

In short, the contents of the Towers had been pulverized. Nor were there any intact bodies, just tiny bone slivers and bits of flesh that had been blasted to smithereens and, in many cases, propelled hundreds of feet outward and upward to land on the streets and rooftops of neighboring buildings.

At the end of his article, Michael Moore says he will match the first $10,000 raised to help build the mosque he wants built on Ground Zero (though the Burlington Coat Factory site would be better than nothing).

Since Mike and I share a sense of humor and a predilection for political provocation, I think we'd do a great radio show together. Please write to Michael Moore (mike[at]michaelmoore[dot]com) and ask him to contact me (kbarrett[at]merr[dot]com) so I can book him on my radio show. You can mention that I don't mind that he stole my idea -- it's a great idea, after all -- but would appreciate the chance to discuss it with him on the radio!



Manny Badillo Sends Message of Truth to Millions at the 9/11 Anniversary Memorial Ceremony

For more details about the "BuildingWhat?" TV ad campaign, visit BuildingWhat.org
¡°Building what?¡±

¡ª Judge Edward Lehner, upon hearing the words "Building 7" in a NYC courtroom

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Scroll down to watch Manny Badillo's message to millions at the 9/11 Anniversary Memorial Ceremony.

Thank you!



Martin Bormann: Lynchpin in Building Rome¡¯s International Intelligence Community
Posted by EJP on Sep 10th, 2010 and filed under Book Reviews, Gallery, News. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0. You can skip to the end and leave a response. Pinging is currently not allowed.

Jesuit Priest Adolph Martin Bormann Administering "Mass" to his Brothers and Sisters, 1950s

Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile authored by Paul Manning in 1981 has not been read by your editor. The book is on order and will be fully critiqued in the near future. But a most erudite review by Baltimore resident John C. Sanders given in 2002 is now posted for your edification as to the global power of the present International Intelligence Community totally controlled by the secret-society-driven, International White Power Structure loyal to the Black Pope in Rome. It is this same ¡°Secret Team,¡± so named by the late great Colonel L. Fletcher Prouty, that ¡°regularly¡± carries out ordered assassinations, assassinations at the behest of Jesuit superiors in Borgo Santo Spirito (¡°Village of the Holy Spirit¡±¡ªwhat blasphemy!), Rome. We must never forget that apostate Lutheran covertly turned-Roman Catholic Martin Bormann was a Jesuit Temporal Coadjutor, the real adviser behind Austrian Roman Catholic Adolf Hitler, and upon his escape to South America, Bormann dressed in the black cassock of Jesuit priest according to Roman Catholic Nino Lo Bello¡¯s The Vatican Papers (1984), p. 44. Upon wife Gerda Bormann¡¯s death in 1946, a Roman Catholic priest assumed the care of Bormann¡¯s ¡°orphaned¡± children while Bormann¡¯s eldest son, Adolph (godson of Hitler), went on to be a Jesuit priest. Please enjoy the review.

¡°Anticipating the defeat of the Third Reich, Reichsleiter Martin Bormann set up 750 corporations in neutral countries, primed as vehicles to receive the liquid wealth of Germany in addition to patents and other proprietary industrial information. An organizational genius and the real power behind Hitler, Bormann, known as the ¡°Brown Eminence¡±, successfully fled Europe for South America and administered a ¡°Reich in Exile¡± in the years following the war. With remnants of the SS as an enforcement arm, former Gestapo chief General Heinrich Mueller as security director, the 750 corporations as a base of economic power and the willing silence and cooperation of the Western Allies, Bormann guided his organization to a position of consummate power [overseen by Knight of Malta Juan Peron---EJP]. One banker quoted by Manning termed the Bormann Organization, the ¡°world¡¯s most important accumulation of money power under one control in history¡±. Controlling Germany¡¯s major corporations, the Federal Republic itself and much of Latin America, the Bormann Organization also maintained a formidable circle of influence in the United States [via the Knights of Malta running the CIA, i.e., Allen Dulles, James Angleton, Raymond Rocca, William J. Casey, William F. Buckley. Jr., et al]. Paul Manning has written the definitive text on the Bormann Organization.

¡°Manning worked with CBS radio during World War II in London as a member of the elite Edward R. Murrow/Walter Cronkite team. As part of his coverage duties, he was the only member actually allowed to fly on U.S. Air Force missions as a fully functional crew member. Having qualified as a gunner, his flights included B-17 missions with the 8th Air Force over Germany and several B-29 missions to Japan. On behalf of CBS, he broadcasted the surrenders of Japan and Germany. In 1948, along with fifteen other distinguished war correspondents, he was awarded a medal for his reporting of the unconditional surrender of the Germans at Rheims [an old Jesuit-ruled city out of which proceeded the Order's
Rheims-Douay English Version of the Bible in 1582]. After the war Manning continued his journalistic profession and also served as a speechwriter for Nelson Rockefeller.

¡°Several decades after WWII, Manning stumbled across the U.S. military CSDIC (Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centers) interviews of members of German industrial and banking magnates in the US National Archives. Aghast at the findings, Manning set out to write a book about the secret machinations of Nazi money laundering. Unknown to Manning, the manuscript was a stake-in-the-heart of former CIA director Allen Dulles (brother of John Foster Dulles) who represented many German interests on both sides of the Atlantic during the 1930¡äs and 40¡äs through his law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell with offices in New York and Berlin. Upon the German surrender, Dulles was instrumental in quietly recruiting Hitler¡¯s chief intelligence officer General Reinhard Gehlen and many of his key operatives. They were brought to Fort Hunt, Virginia and folded into the American O.S.S. which was converted into the C.I.A. with enactment under Truman of NSC-68 in 1948. Gehlen remained covertly in full U.S. employ until returning to head the German BND in the fifties. [See the Secret Treaty of Fort Hunt.]

¡°Concerned over public exposure of Manning¡¯s investigation, Dulles volunteered to ¡°help¡± the unsuspecting Manning with his manuscript, and sent him on a carefully orchestrated wild goose chase, searching for Martin Bormann in South America. Without knowing that he had been deliberately sidetracked, Manning wrote a forward to his book personally thanking Allen Dulles for his assurance that ¡°I was on the right track¡± and ¡°should keep going.¡± In actuality, Dulles¡¯ assistance was aimed at sending Manning and his manuscript into obscurity to avoid disclosure of the transfer and protection of Nazi money [some of which money was used to build the CIA/NSA National Security State in the US].

¡°Through its connections with major American corporations, the Bormann group successfully pressured publisher after publisher to decline Manning¡¯s manuscript. Of particular significance in the suppression of Manning¡¯s book was the Thyssen family. (Patriarch [Roman Catholic Knight of Malta---EJP] Fritz Thyssen was Hitler¡¯s earliest and most prominent backer among German industrialists). His grandson, [Roman Catholic Knight of Malta] Count Zichy-Thyssen, who controlled Thyssen Steel from his base in Argentina, let it be known it would be very much appreciated if American publishers ¡°stayed away¡± from the Manning text.

¡°Manning finally found a home for the book at the maverick publishing house Lyle Stuart. In retaliation, the head of the publishing house had his legs broken the week the book was released and reviews of the book were blocked in major newspaper markets and mainstream publications. In 1993, after another decade of intense research, Manning¡¯s son Jerry, was senselessly and inexplicably murdered. Based on information garnered from his contacts in the intelligence community, Manning concluded the killing was in retaliation for his continued work and intent to publish a follow-up book, In Search of Martin Bormann. The death of his son devastated Manning and stymied completion of the 2nd book. He died shortly after in 1995.

¡°In December 1998, California-based researcher and broadcaster Dave Emory conducted a live, on-air radio interview ¡­ with Manning¡¯s surviving son, Peter, concerning the Bormann flight capital organization and his father¡¯s work in bringing its activities to light. Peter movingly recounted the difficulties his family experienced as a result of his father¡¯s work on the book. In addition to surveillance and harassment, the family experienced economic and mental hardship as a result of deliberate efforts by elements hostile to its message. For obvious reasons, copies of this book were assiduously removed from market and have, for some time, been unobtainable. This landmark work nonetheless remains the unvarnished truth regarding Germany¡¯s post-war economic rebirth and lays the groundwork for understanding its current bid for dominance in manufacturing, banking and most importantly, publishing. Martin Bormann: Nazi in Exile is without peer in detail, accuracy and courage in probing the most important and successfully concealed story of the twentieth century. Mandatory reading.¡±

Book online:


Books online:


Also read America Betrayed :



America Betrayed
Bush, bin Laden, 9-11
by R. Joseph, Ph.D.
University Press, 2nd Edition ISBN: 0971644578

Prescot Bush and Rockefeller's Standard Oil had been in business with the Hitler regime and the Nazis since 1933, and in 1942, three Bush businesses were seized by the U.S. government, for violation of the Trading With the Enemies Act.

Three generations of the Bush clan became members of a German secret society: the Yale chapter of the "Order of Skull and Bones." In Germany, the Order of Skull of Bones --also known as "The Brotherhood of Death"-- gave rise to Hitler and the dreaded SS. Prescot Bush, through his shipping company, became a special "Friend" of Himmler's SS--the same SS which, in conjunction with IG Farbin, ran the concentration and slave labor camps.

The Bush clan and Rockefeller's standard Oil, were in business with IG Farben, as well as with the Saudis who had also partnered with Hitler.

At the conclusion of WWII, and Germany's defeat, thousands of high ranking Nazis and SS agents were recruited, by Bush-Rockefeller lawyer, Allen Dulles, into what would later become the CIA. Allen Dulles, and later, George Bush, would become directors of the CIA...

...IG Farbin, a consortium of companies that included Bayer, conducted horible experiements on concentration camp inmates to discover an "ethnic biological weapon" --a deadly disease that would target specific ethnic groups... Drs. funded by the Rockefeller foundation directed this research.

In 1957, a scientist who completed his medical training in Nazi-occupied Poland, and who was funded by the Rockefeller foundation, injected 300,000 Central African men, women, and children, with an experimental polio vacine--a vacine that contained a deadly AIDS-like viruse, monkey HSIV. Years later, Central Africa would become "Ground Zero" for the AIDS/HIV epidemic...

On August 6, 2001, Bush received a memorandum titled "Bin Laden Determined to Strike in U.S.," but then did nothing. Two weeks later, CIA Chief Tenet and his top deputies received a briefing paper labeled "Islamic Extremist Learns to Fly." Bush and Cheney were notified and did nothing...War would be good politics and good for the business of war.

...Three generations of the Bush clan have been in business with governments and people who kill Americans, and on the morning of 9-11-2001, Bush sr. was in business with the bin Ladens and other Saudis who had helped fund Osama bin Laden and the attack of 9-11-2001... 15 of the hijackers were from Saudi Arabia and Bush did nothing to stop the attack.

The attack of 9-11, would transform an inept, incompetent president into a war time leader who would attack not Saudi Arabia but Iraq and then steal its oil and assets...as well as attack American Civil Liberties and the U.S. constitution...

Bush knew in advance, but welcomed the attack of 9-11-2001, as its aftermath would not only earn his family and associates billions of dollars, but would provide an excuse for attacking Iraq and toppling its leader, Saddam Hussein--the sworn enemy of Osama Bin Laden.

"Key FBI Headquarters personnel had to be spies or moles.. who were actually working for Osama Bin Laden....Key FBI HQ personnel... continued to, almost inexplicably, throw up roadblocks and undermine Minneapolis' desperate efforts... to stop terrorists...." who planned "to take control of a plane and fly it into the World Trade Center." --FBI supervisor, and Coleen M. Rowley, FBI Special Agent & Chief Division Counsel...

"It was as if Usama bin Laden, hidden in some high mountain redoubt, were engaging in long-range mind control of George Bush." --United States Counterterrorism Chief, Richard A. Clarke.

...and it goes on and on...



THOSE WHO BURN BOOKS.....................................................7

THE NAZI-TERRORIST OIL-CONSPIRACY...................................................23 (DownLoad PDF)

THE BROTHERHOOD OF DEATH...........................................57 (DownLoad PDF)

CIA-NAZIS: TERROR & MURDER INCORPORATED (The Kennedy Assassination).....101 (DownLoad PDF)

THE TERRORIST ASSASSINS: Bush, the CIA, & the Ford, Rockefeller, Reagan Assassinations...173 (Download PDF)

THE TANGLED ROOTS OF TERRORISM.............................................213 (Download PDF)

BUSH-LADEN, WAHHABISM & THE GULF WAR...................................................263 (Download PDF)

BIOLOGICAL ETHNIC WEAPONS: AMERICA TERRORIZES THE U.S. ............................................303 (download PDF)

OSAMA BIN LADEN, AFGHANISTAN, TALIBAN, AL-QAEDA, FLORIDA & GEORGE BUSH...................................................................377 (download PDF)

BUSH, FBI & CIA SABOTAGE PRE-9-11 INVESTIGATIONS .........................................377

9-11: BUSH KNEW & ALLOWED IT TO HAPPEN.................... 409

TERROR FOR OIL....................................................479 (download PDF)

BIN LADEN THE BUSINESSMAN ................................................................505 (download PDF)

A TAIL OF TWO "HEROES"........................................................................535

Clyde 20.Sep.2010 07:59


"This little-known fact is, all by itself, proof positive that the Towers were destroyed with powerful explosives"

No, it isn't proof of anything of the sort. You saw the towers collapse. Are you saying everything INSIDE was somehow blown up while the exterior clearly collapsed in on itself?