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Rally and Picket of the Portland Police Association Contract Negotiations

This morning, September 17, 2010, Rose City Copwatch and the Fire Frashour Campaign organized a Rally and Picket in front of the Portland Building in downtown Portland on the first day of the negotiations between the City and the Police Union.

Rally and Picket of Contract Negotiations

These negotiations today were being held in an open meeting, but the word is that the Police Association is pushing for future meetings to be held behind closed doors. This is unacceptable, and many in this gathering spoke out sharply against such meetings and for more transparency in the police department.
Rahsaan Muhammad of the Fire Rashour Campaign stated that these negotiations have been held up for some time now, due to just that position of the Portland Police Association.

There have been many questionable killings of Portland citizens at the hands of the police, yet, in some instances, due to something called the mandatory arbitration in their contract, these disciplined officers are reinstated and awarded back pay. Rose City Copwatch and Members of the Fire Frashour Campaign gathered to voice their opinion and put an end to this mandatory arbitration.

For further information, firefrashour@gmail.com, or 503-816-9205

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Portland Police Association Contract Negotiations, Day One
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