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Portland Financial Focus Week of Action Schedule

Keeping up the pressure on the vital financial targets, this week of action is for all companies linked to HLS financially - from Fortress to their subsidiary companies and more.

More info on HLS: http://www.shac.net

Who is Fortress?
In 2006 the Fortress Investment Group entered into a "secret" arrangement with Huntingdon Life Sciences, and loaned them $70 million. If Fortress had not loaned them $70m, HLS would have closed in 2006. If they were to withdraw their loan now, it is highly likely HLS would be forced to close. If ever there was a time for action, it is now. If ever there was a vital target it is Fortress.

More info: http://www.shac.net/action/fortress/index.html

Portland Targets

Recently, Fortress bought out both American General Financial Services (AG) and CW Financial Services, making these companies subsidiaries of Fortress Investment Group.

Every dollar of profit they make is money that belongs to Fortress. It is the money that Fortress used to loan HLS. It is the money that HLS uses to conduct its horrendous business of animal exploitation. It is blood money, pure and simple. We must stop it where it starts.

It starts with companies like AG and CW Financial Services. Their complicity must end.

Portland Schedule

Monday, September 20: SHAC 101: History and Strategy. PLUS a sign and banner making party! More details VERY SOON!!

Tuesday, September 21: Call-in Day! Action Alerts, phone numbers and other pertinent information will be sent out prior.

Wednesday, September 22: Day of Action against American General Financial Services. Meet up for carpool at Red and Black Caf? (400 SE 12th Ave) at 12:30p SHARP!
*If you want to meet us at the demo, AG is located at 4340 NE Sandy Blvd, Portland, OR. Arrive by 1:15p. Check trimet.org for bus routes.

Thursday, September 23: Day of Action against CW Financial Services. Meet up for carpool at Red and Black Caf? (400 SE 12th Ave) at 12:30p SHARP!

Updated space info 17.Sep.2010 11:44

SMASH HLS antihlspdx@gmail.com

The SHAC 101 event on Monday will be held at Autonomy Hive (Studio 316 NW 4th Ave) at 8:00pm

Please come!!

Flier 18.Sep.2010 15:26

SMASH HLS! antihlspdx@gmail.com