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The USA use (sic)approved torture techniques, secret prisons, life sentences with no trials, and much more horrible goodies they use on other Humans while they wear the flag of the USA on the sleeve. Read more of these TRUE stories from HELL (GITMO) that Andy Worthington is reporting on in his new book "Introducing The Definitive List Of The Remaining Prisoners In Guantanamo"
Fuck the USA APPROVED Torture Programs
Fuck the USA APPROVED Torture Programs
This (USA) "Government approved torture crap" is blowing my mind

I just gave the corporate media hell today on my lunch hour (in Pioneer Square) for "not covering the torture protest" across the street while instead they did some weather report LIVE from Pioneer square

The fucken idiots
I was debating with them (Camera guy and Reporter in a suit n tie) as they got OH SO SERIOUS ...about their LIVE -->"ITS FUCKING RAINING TODAY" report for their Ch 6 spin.
Then another employees walks me off aways to "talk with me about my concerns"
As two Pioneer Square security guards all slink in to monitor, their precious spin doctors, getting *slightly (ohhhh noooo) challenged.

Then 5 hours latter, I read the following article (see below) and my blood boils even more;

I watch for weeks after weeks a few dedicated outspoken protesters show up at noon on Thursdays in Portland at the 9th Circuit Courthouse
A small handful.... but better than NONE!!!
I know I know ..everyones busy
Beside why protest the USA torture judges & US torture programs when you can sit at home and watch LIVE weather reports

The united states is one sick puppy
The citizens are zombies
The cops and military are out of control (killing thousands around the globe)
The cops INTIMIDATE and hassle any person or group who dares to even look like they are rising up against corruption and greed
The Congress COULD CARE LESS ABOUT WHAT CITIZENS WANT.... they work for the corporations and the military complex
The president lied and bullshitted his way in to the seat that the previous president stole his way into

We have lost our minds, and our morals, society and our collective power is slipping into torture programmers hands
That all said and aside, Please read this account by the author Andy Worthington
If when reading, and find you are outraged, ....I ask "What are you doing to stop it"
If you have answers to that, thats good, if you do anything at all ....Thats really really Good....
If you do nothing ...you are complicit and are part of the problem.

We all need to become one voice for not condoning Torture
We all need to be in solidarity
We all need to become active in some way on this, especially collectively and in unison for the common cause
We all need to bring this conversation to the tables of every household
We all need to DEMAND that Justice and Honesty is the road we as country walk down
We all need to do this now....or we will loose the higher ground that we [all assume] we walk on
We all need to be sick of this type of treatment and vocal that it is unacceptable

I have been documenting as much as I can on this topic, I am totally backlogged

I cant even begin to keep up

This torture business is like working a deal with a snake oil salesman
And it looks like the snake-oil man just sold us some bad phony shit..... and it has fucked us up good!

The average citizen doesn't even know if GITMO is open or closed, or what the word "rendition" means
Let alone even know a fraction of what you will know if you read any of Andy's writings

I urge everyone to check out what Andy is reporting on right here:
 link to pubrecord.org

He is also presenting an 8 - piece special report titled:
Who Are the Remaining Prisoners in Guantánamo? Part One: The "Dirty Thirty"

Part one is now available here:
 link to www.andyworthington.co.uk

Please help spread the information that Andy is reporting on:

(Portions Below are Copied from Andy's Webpage)

Over the next month, in an attempt to f
ocus attention more closely on Guantánamo, and on the remaining prisoners who are held there, I'll be publishing an eight-part series of articles (in conjunction with Cageprisoners, for whom I work as a Senior Researcher), telling, for the first time, the stories of the 176 men who are still held.

The series begins with the stories of 20 men described by the US authorities as part of the "Dirty Thirty," seized crossing from Afghanistan to Pakistan in December 2001, who are mostly regarded as having been bodyguards for Osama bin Laden, even though there is copious evidence that these allegations were produced by a number of prisoners who were tortured — including Mohammed al-Qahtani, for whom Guantánamo's version of the CIA's torture program was devised in the fall of 2002, and approved by then-defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld......

Many of the 176 men who were still in Guantánamo at the time of writing were rounded up for the substantial bounty payments (averaging $5000 a head) that were paid by the US military for "al-Qaeda and Taliban suspects," and, given that 596 men have already been released, it should be profoundly troubling that the majority of the men still held were either foot soldiers in an inter-Muslim civil war that had nothing to do with al-Qaeda or the 9/11 attacks, or civilians still struggling to establish their innocence.

Readers will also encounter many stories of brutality and torture in these accounts, but, I believe, few stories of genuine terrorists, and should bear in mind that, as advised by President Obama's interagency Guantánamo Review Task Force, only 34 of the remaining 176 men are to be put forward for trials, although 48 others are to be held indefinitely without charge or trial (because they are regarded as too dangerous to release, even though there is insufficient evidence to put them on trial), and 92 others are to be released......


homepage: homepage: http://www.joe-anybody.com/id14.html

So when will you hypocrites start calling for the impeachment of Obama? 18.Sep.2010 15:16


Evidence of Treason: Why Bush and Obama Ought to Spend the Rest of their Lives in Prison

By Mark A. Goldman

Mohamad vs. Jeppesen Dataplan, Inc.

The adjudication of this case -- a case against a subsidiary of Boeing -- was dismissed by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals on grounds that to let the case go forward would jeopardize the country by forcing the release of state secrets. The secret, apparently, was that this airline was assisting the United States in shipping innocent men off to other countries to be brutally tortured, some for more than five years, and then made to sign false confessions before they were released. Although there was plenty of evidence to suggest that the charges were true, the majority felt they had to dismiss the case as requested by the Executive. The evidence that I found most compelling was the court's opinion itself, which demonstrated to me that our Chief Executive is a traitor to his country, much like his immediate predecessor was, and others before them were. It is their infidelity and the infidelity of their advisors and so many others that makes a mockery of our judiciary, our flag, you, me, the teachers we had in school, our Constitution, and the good intentions of our Founders.

I read this case and weep for my country and for my grandchildren and for children everywhere, for their future does not look as bright as mine or yours once did. Their freedoms are hanging by thread. Their birthright has been stolen from them... and from me... and from you.

Click  http://www.gpln.com/mohamed%20v%20jeppesen%20dataplan.pdf to read the judges' opinions in this case... read both the majority and the dissent. Give thanks that there still is a minority dissenting view that you can read. One wonders how long it will take before such a view will itself be considered a state secret... a secret you might one day suspect exists, if you are somewhat conscious, but never get to read about in a public forum.

If you think it is a bit over the top to suggest that our present and past Commanders-in-Chief ought to pay for their crimes, you need to remember that these victims join millions of others who faced, and continue to face, a similar fate... similar in that some were tortured, some murdered, others inadvertently killed, orphaned, crippled, blinded, de-limbed, burned, displaced, starved, nuclear poisoned, threatened, lied to, bankrupted, driven to insanity, or otherwise demeaned... all in the name of carrying out a fraudulent, barbarous, unconscionable, mishandled, criminally negligent, totally corrupt and illegal war against people our Commanders-in-Chief were honor bound, and duty bound, to nurture and protect. They chose instead to betray them... and us.

 link to www.opednews.com

Go easy on the name calling 18.Sep.2010 18:41

Jo Anybody

Let me say this once to clarify why your broad brush critique is not helping:

I did not vote for Obama (nor Bush)so why waste your time calling out names

Before you call me and fellow Individuals For Justice Torture Protesters "hypocrites" ...check your self!

Besides just shit talking out here on PIMC ...show some solidarity

I didn't think that Portland Indymedia is a Obama loving place so relax with the on-slought and share the info you have ... It is interesting and bothersome (to know the government is doing this)regarding that of which you mention about Boeing and the current US government secrecy about it all. I hate it in fact.

Name calling vs. torture/slaughter 19.Sep.2010 14:36


Liberals all too frequently confuse tactics with goals. If you're more concerned about "name calling" than you are about the obvious crimes of Obama and the Democrats, then you need to retire from engagement in public politicking.

And let's be honest: You don't object to name-calling when the targets are people you hate, e.g., "The fucken idiots I was debating with them". (That's hypocrisy, too.)

What you also seem to be saying is that you don't know the evidence of Obama's crimes, so that's why your group (which has nothing to do with "justice") refuses to call for the impeachment of Democrats. Don't depend on me for your research; the evidence is everywhere, e.g.:

from Delaware Distraction Obscures Oval Office Atrocities ( link to www.opednews.com)

"It's true that O'Donnell has taken the politically risky step of denouncing America's national pastime -- masturbation -- and has, over the years, supported any number of positions that put her on the far side of common sense. But one struggles in vain to find that she has advanced anything remotely as radical -- or lunatic -- as the idea that the President of the United States is some kind of intergalactic emperor who holds the power of life and death over every living being on earth in his autocratic hands. Yet this is precisely the position proclaimed -- openly, before Congress, God and everybody -- by the highly educated, intellectually sophisticated, super-savvy Laureate of Peace currently residing in the White House.

"This same president has also fought tooth and nail -- often in open court -- to shield torturers, escalate pointless wars of aggression, relentlessly expand a liberty-stripping Stasi-style security apparatus, give trillions of tax dollars to rapacious financiers, health-care corporations, insurance companies and bloodstained war profiteers, while launching cowardly drone missile attacks on the sovereign territory of close ally, killing hundreds of civilians in the process - and has just signed off on the biggest arms deal in history with one of the most viciously repressive tyrannies on earth."

I'll show "solidarity" with your group when and only when I see some evidence that you are not partisan hacks, i.e., when you judge Democrats (even those you didn't vote for) by the same standards that you judge Republicans or "zionists".