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Buffalo Field Campaign 2010 West Coast Road Show

Help protect the last wild herd of buffalo in the US. Come to the BFC show on September 20, 2010 at the Laughing Horse Books and Video Collective, 12 NE 10th St (off of Burnside), 7:30-10pm, All ages, donations suggested but no one will be turned away!
Join the Buffalo Field Campaign's (BFC) 2010 West Coast Road Show, featuring musicians Good Shield and Phoenix AfterBuffalo, who will energize all with their politically and empowering blend of native folk, blues, and rock at Laughing Horse Books & Video Collective. BFC's co-founder Mike Mease guides the show with story telling, and video, followed by discussion on the plight of the last remaining wild buffalo herd in the US. Mike will share stories and video footage from the BFC volunteer front lines and will discuss ways you can join their efforts to help protect the wild buffalo, even from within your own community. Mike has nearly two decades of experience in the company of wild buffalo, having lived in one of the coldest climates in the lower 48 to work in their defense, and he is an amazing storyteller, sure to inspire you to join the growing herd of wild buffalo warriors.

About the musicians:
Phoenix AfterBuffalo began his career as a singer/songwriter after a year-long horseback journey from Montana to Mexico. His passionate and soulful vocals evolved out of the joy and pain of his first love: the blues. Phoenix is an evocative, poignant lyricist with an uplifting message of unity. He is a warrior for peace, dedicated to social justice and the protection of wild places.

Good Shield is of Oglala Lakota and Yoeme heritage. Good Shield's band Seventh Generation Rise is classified as "indigenous soul." As of late, Good Shield performs solo gigs on acoustic guitar, bass drum and vocals. He is a spokesperson for cultural preservation, indigenous rights and is completely against environmental destruction of any kind, especially on sacred sites.

homepage: homepage: http://www.buffalofieldcampaign.org