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Carl McColman Lectures on Contemplative Spirituality

McColman will speak on the underlying stream of mysticism in the Christian tradition on Friday night and will engage with interfaith leaders on the common stream of mysticism in religion.
Carl McColman, noted writer, blogger, editor, and authority on contemplative spirituality, will appear in Portland on Friday, October 29 and Saturday, October 30.

Friday night McColman will appear at St David of Wales Episcopal Church, 2800 SE Harrison, at 7:00 PM to speak on the subject, "The Underlying Stream of Mysticism in the Christian Tradition." Pre-registration for this event is $15.00. Registration at the door is $20.00

Saturday, McColman will be at a day-long workshop from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM at Sts Peter and Paul Episcopal Church, 8147 SE Pine, Portland accompanied by resource persons of several faiths in Portland. The topic of the subject matter will be "Contemplative Spirituality, Interfaith Conversation, and Global Spirituality." Pre-registration is $40.00. Registration at the door is $45.00.

Raised as a mainline Protestant, as a young adult Carl McColman embraced Neopaganism and Goddess spirituality.
Most of his books were written out of that perspective; but after falling in love with the Celtic expression of Christianity he encountered in Ireland, Carl returned to the Christian faith.

Today he is engaged in the path of contemplative practice as a lay associate of a Cistercian monastery, and continues to write, both for his spiritual blog, The Website of Unknowing (www.anamchara.com) and as an author.

Carl's vision is rooted in Christian mysticism and contemplative monastic spirituality, but he is also engaged in the emerging conversation and has been influenced by thinkers like Ken Wilber, Richard Rohr, and Brian McLaren. Following his sojourn in the Pagan community, he is dedicated to interfaith and seeker-sensitive approaches to Christianity.

Persons may pre-register for these events by going to  http://www.instituteprogressivespirituality.org. or you may register at the door.

Further information can be obtained by calling Rev. Chuck Cooper, D. Min., Executive Director of the sponsoring organization, The Institute for Progressive Spirituality, at 503 504-3827.

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