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Ban on High-Content Alcohol - Public Hearing Tomorrow!

A Ban on "high-content/highly fortified" beer & wine is being proposed by Portland City Council. This down town prohibition is little more than an attack on the poor & will do NOTING to address any problems!
Portland City Council is considering a ban on so-called "high-content" alcohol in a misguided, poorly thought-out, guaranteed ineffective attempt at curbing down-town drunkenness. This [proposed] ban will cover all of down town, including parts of Goose Hollow. In a city with a tendency towards well-intentioned but poorly thought-out proposals, this one is probably one of the dumbest i've seen yet. Supposedly targeting the homeless who reside [mostly] in dt, such a ban will also directly affect residents/tenants as well. Turning downtown Portland into some sort of "alcohol high-impact" zone won't do a damned thing to address the "problems" it's supposedly intended for. It won't do anything to stop some people from simply hopping the MAX to the nearest corner stores in NE/SE to buy high-content booze & carrying it back into dt. It doesn't do anything to address the crowds of drunken club-goers who rove all over dt at night/on the weekend (i'm pretty sure that most alcohol-related crime in dt can be attributed to people leaving clubs & bars, NOT the homeless). And this ban would also punish dt residents who buy whatever (including tall boy 16 oz. cans/sixpacks & some wines) & take it back to their apts.

Besides Councilwoman Amanda Fritz, who's pushing for this in the first place, other people supporting this ban are pretty-much who you'd expect: the Portland Business Alliance (who were behind the "Sit & Lie" ordinance) & snooty bourgeois Pearl district socialites. On its surface, this ban is little more than [yet another] front for ridding dt Portland of "undesirables", which would be bad enough. But this will also affect working-class people, poor students, people who simply buy/drink what they want & mind their own business (including many homeless).

City Council will be hearing PUBIC TESTIMONY on the proposed ban on Wednesday Sept. 15th at 6pm at City Hall. Please attend & let Council know that PROHIBITION DOESN'T WORK & to cease this aggression on the poor. And just because YOU don't live in dt doesn't mean this doesn't affect you - it might. If Fritz & City Council feel that there is not strong opposition to this ban, they WILL enact it. The "problem/s" won't go away, they'll only shift & then Council & various interests will be proposing a CITY-WIDE ban. This is how it starts, people...

Link to an article in the current Mercury regarding:  http://www.portlandmercury.com/portland/hall-monitor/Content?oid=2837743

Let them eat cake 14.Sep.2010 21:26

Joe Anybody

When this "ban" was first introduced as a volunteer program, "no one participated" ..they couldn't get enough interested stores/vendors (in the zone) <?> to even "try the idea".

Sadly as Damos mentions, the city , (esp)Fritz, and the popo, and the PBA all want this passed.
As the city council listens (goes through the motions) like they did in the sit lie discussions.
As reason after reason is presented... I see the council BLINDLY ...pushing this draconian law, despite the overwhelming "nonsupport" and the unfriendly aspect of this law. (As done in the new sit-lie sharring the sidewalk law"

It plainly and solely ...targets the poor.

It gives the police more tools to fuck with people in the streets.

Those who are homeless or whom can not drive to another store "will be out of luck".

All the rich people will (still) be able to get their "high content alcohol" favorite drink. Those on foot or "stuck downtown" will be screwed.

The reasoning behind this (idiot) law is not clear, nor justified.
The facts don't add up (unless stretched and manipulated).

The free speech and free choice aspects of this law are NOW going to have the police / city "picking and choosing" who they want to saddle with fines and penalties, while ostracizing stores, and citizens who live in the 'zone' are told "what products they can have or not have".

This is not freedom, This is a ram-rod by folks who all have the capabilities to just drive to a store that sells what they want. While downtown non driving folks eat and drink what is being told to them; as "We know what is best for you".

Let them eat cake!

(According to historical legend, Marie Antoinette's cry of, "Let them eat cake!" was the straw that broke the camel's back during the French Revolution. The story goes that Marie Antoinette, Queen of France, was informed that her subjects were starving because they had no bread. She was so pampered and out of touch with the reality of life for the poor that she responded, "Let them eat cake," which is what she would have done if she were out of bread. Marie Antoinette was convicted of treason and executed in 1793, months after her husband, King Louis XVI, had suffered the same fate.)

What the City Councilwoman Fritz has to say on this 18.Sep.2010 18:25


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And a .pdf download here , which is the OLCC's one page information sheet about the AIA process: