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James Chasse Jr was killed by Portland police on September 17, 2006

James Chasse Jr. was beaten to death by cops at the corner of NW 18th and Everett Street in Portland Oregon on September 17, 2006.
The cops who participated in the incident are Bret Burton (who was a Multnomoah County Sheriff's Deputy at the time but is now employed by the Portland Police Bureau), Christopher Humphreys, and Kyle Nice.

Please take a look at  http://jameschasse.blogspot.com fro more information.

seems like they dont care 14.Sep.2010 21:47


dead bodies (at the hands of police) (victims)
millions paid in lawsuits
and the fuckers behind all this
fought, lied, killed, bankrolled with lawyers and unions
all the while, publicly saying 'we did nothing wrong'