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Latest News From the IMF Resistance Network

Greetings from the IMF Resistance Network! Below are the most recent updates on preparations for the October demo.
- The location of the festival scheduled for Saturday, October 9 has been changed from the Ellipse to Freedom Plaza.

- We now have a ride board! Look for a ride to the demo, or better yet offer one, at  http://imfresistance.org/?p=34

- Did you know that the Concordia Hotel in DC is owned and operated by the IMF? Read all about it at  http://imfresistance.org/?p=38

- Solidarity actions! If you can't make it to DC, organize something in your home town. Read more at  http://imfresistance.org/?page_id=40

- Sign up for our announcement list at  http://imfresistance.org/?page_id=22