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"Americans misperceive the world and their role in determining its evolution"

"The bedrock assumption to which all of official Washington adheres, liberal Democrats no less than conservative Republicans, is that the United States itself constitutes the axis around which history turns. We define the future...This self-image, combining grandeur with insufferable smugness, both energizes and perverts U.S. foreign policy."
"...Complicating this transfer of power and creating conditions from which a new era of violent conflict may emerge is the challenge of dealing with the detritus created during the age of Western dominance now ending: weapons of mass destruction; vast disparities of wealth; the depletion of essential natural resources; massive and potentially irreversible environmental devastation; and a culture ravaged by the pursuit of "freedom" defined in terms of conspicuous consumption and unbridled individual autonomy.

The Long War that President Bush began and that President Obama has now made his own provides an excuse for Americans to avoid confronting these larger matters. A policy of avoidance will not make the problems go away, of course. It will merely advance the day of reckoning that awaits."

Andrew Bacevich is a professor of History and International Relations at Boston University. His latest book is: Washington Rules: America's Path to Permanent War."

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