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Let's Get Killer Cops Fired

A message from the Fire Frashour campaign
I'm not working with this group, nor did they endorse this. I think it's really important, though. Maybe we can mount some pressure again.

Dear friends and supporters,

For months now the Fire Frashour Campaign has been working to fire killer cops and demand police accountability. We have focused on the case of Officer Ronald Frashour, who shot Aaron Campbell in the back with an assault rifle. Campbell was unarmed and in an emotional crisis. As long as officers like Frashour can gun down Portlanders with impunity, there can be no real justice. We have been at city hall and on the streets throughout the city demanding that Frashour lose his job. Now we face the prospect of a real victory.

A few weeks ago a review board recommended that Officer Frashour be fired. Since that time he has been placed on administrative leave. While the road to justice is a long one and much more needs to happen to challenge police violence and racism, this is a real victory and a real opportunity. If we can get this officer fired, cops will have to think twice about gunning down civilians. If this officer is fired it will show that community power is developing to check police oppression.

We urge you therefor to please call Police Commissioner Sam Adams at 503-823-4120 and demand that Ron Frashour be fired.

Let's win this and keep fighting for justice.

-Fire Frashour campaign.