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Why is the NY Imam at the center of the Ground Zero Mosque affair so chummy with the nearby Jewish Community Center, not to mention the Bush/Cheney administration? Whose idea was this crazy idea was this anyway?
The Imam at the vortex of the NYC Mosque at Ground Zero has a long history as a stooge of the Bush Administration. Just after 911 he was apointed by Bush, with a full ceremony, as an "American Ambassdor of Islam" to the rest of the world. Bush's memorable quote at the time was that "Islam is not a religion of terror, but a religion of Peace". They rolled off Bush's tongue like Castor Oil. The government has a "Billy Graham" type from every major and minor established religion, to bless their wars and sins and cast a veneer of holiness upon whatever unGodly undertaking they've dreamed up. The Iman refers to any Muslim that complains about just about ANYTHING of being "Radicals". Just another sleazy way of insinuating that they're terrorists because they dare to register their anger and frustration before the world. The Imam says all the right things. It all sounds like a case of long-awaited inter-faith dialog, but that's just the front in this deceptive game. He preaches "Peace" and his actions provoke total CHAOS on a global scale. Is israel paying this so-called "Reverend" with zero portfolio to create this insanity? Why? To paint the Muslim world as violent savages just in time to derail the fake "Peace Talks" betwen Netanyahu (a proven mass killer) and Obama's Palestinian stooge who represents no one but himself. Derailing any chance of real peace is israel's goal here. Hillary Clinton's new hairdo aside, there's nothing fresh or hopeful about any of this dog & pony show brought to you by the Obama team. So now any "internet preacher" who threatens to rile up the Muslim world can have the world at his feet, BEGGING him to reconsider, AS IF HE REALLY HAS SOME SORT OF SPIRITUAL CREDENTIALS WHEN HE HAS NONE. THE GUY IS A STOOGE AND HIS PAYDAY IS A BIG ONE. Israel and the anti-Obama crowd has pulled off a huge "Psychological 911" without even breaking a sweat. 911 was conceived as a way to frame-up the Islamic world as terrorists, deserving of being conquered for their riches by the likes of Halliburton and Chevron. The frame job still continues, and this is a major push towards some sort of planetary DEATH WISH on the part of the West. Nothing is what it seems, and all official pronouncements should be taken as LIES until they can PROVEN. And I mean the press as well as the politicians. America is the land of LIES these days. Be careful or your take on reality will prove false under this media siege, a meteor shower of bullshit. We ARE at war with Islam and it's CRAZY not to think so. All the fake Imans and Reverends on Earth can't deny that we just slaughtered about half a million Muslims for their OIL over the last DECADE. There's not enough lies to ever change THAT.

Yes, this is all staged 13.Sep.2010 09:34

Jody Paulson

The news guys are just doing their part to fan the flames between Christians and Muslims. Check this out:
Untangling the Bizarre CIA Links to the Ground Zero Mosque
[  link to www.observer.com ]

Israel and the anti-Obama crowd? 13.Sep.2010 14:27

Emmit Goldman

So you support the war criminal Obama?

As long as your bigotry receives single-issue importance, it doesn't matter to you how many are slaughtered and tortured by your hero?

"Do not pity Barack Obama and the Democratic Party. They will get what they deserve. They sold the citizens out for cash and power. They lied. They manipulated and deceived the public, from the bailouts to the abandonment of universal health care, to serve corporate interests. They refused to halt the wanton corporate destruction of the ecosystem on which all life depends. They betrayed the most basic ideals of democracy. And they, as much as the Republicans, are the problem." (Chris Hedges, Do Not Pity the Democrats,  http://www.truthdig.com/report/item/do_not_pity_the_democrats_20100913/)

Islam 13.Sep.2010 22:14


Thank you for speaking out against unbelievers in this world. I wish the world could grasp the notion of Islam so that we could have had a better place live to today. America will soon be a Muslim nation and the world will be a better place for it. Allah is your master.