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kboo.info : Candidates Speak Out on Restrictive Bylaws

an entrenched, self appointed, self perpetuating elite seeks to further tighten its stranglehold on broadcast dogma in an ongoing exercise in histrionics hereinafter to be best forgotten as KBOO'S BATTLE OF THE BYLAWS 2010
kboo.info : electioneering terrorizes left gated community
kboo.info : electioneering terrorizes left gated community

Sunday, September 12, 2010

HIGH NOON in Battle of the Bylaws

CascadiaPublicRadio.org to the rescue ... piercing the shroud of darkness that kboo's faltering old regime seeks to impose on all stakeholders ... in kboo fm's soon to be legendary ... BATTLE OF THE BYLAWS

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What are these restrictive bylaws? 13.Sep.2010 01:37


To my understanding, and correct me if I'm wrong, this is what two of the bylaws state.

1) Any person banned from KBOO should not be allowed to run for the board. Makes sense to me. How can someone be an effectual board member when, for whatever reason, they are not allowed in the radio station?

2) The other I've heard is that when one declares their candidacy, they will be required to already be a member. No having someone pay up for you at the last minute.

I see you writing that these bylaws are restrictive, yet, you are not writing about the bylaws. Why is that? What are these bylaws? Am I wrong in my understanding of the two that I've heard of? Is there a reason why you may not want the readers to know what the bylaws are? How can we have a discussion of these alleged "restrictive bylaws" if we do not know what they are?