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BigBud vs BedBugs

This is true. It is also kind of a joke. But it's true.
ugh. stop biting me!
ugh. stop biting me!
According to Wikipiedia ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bedbug#Traditional_control_methods), "herb and seeds of Cannabis" has been used traditionally to control bedbug infestations. It doesn't say exactly how it was used, but my guess is that people used to roll that sh-t up, light that sh-t up, and smoke it. To keep bedbugs away, ya know. Smoke from peat fires was also mentioned in the article.

So what I'm getting at is that if the powers-that-be are serious about controlling the bedbug problem, then it is time to end the failing, selectively enforced, immoral, and downright wrong war against marijuana. To, you know, keep bedbugs away.

I have been burning peet around my bed 12.Sep.2010 19:44


It works pretty well but a fat boy seems more practical. Besides my neighbors wont complain so much.

diatomaceous earth 13.Sep.2010 00:05

pearl e moon queen@activist.com

diatomaceous earth , a natural mineral dust, has been used for a long time to kill other bugs. i wonder if anyone has dusted with this to see if it works on bedbugs? available at organic gardening shops, etc.

Diatomaceous earth 19.Sep.2010 10:51

Anarchist Insect

Diatomaceous earth has been successfully used by many against bedbugs. The white powder is abrasive to the exoskeletons of the bugs; they loose skin integrity and die from dehydration.