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9.11 investigation | imperialism & war

IXXI - Lies, Scapegoats, & Conspiracies

Sooo, yet another obligatory anniversary of the IXXI incident is now upon us all, & I've noticed people are ever more hysterical lately. Freshly whipped up by a new calling of feverish nationalism & xenophobia. Then again, I hear it's an election year. I felt compelled to write in my own commentary about all... this. Now, I'm not about to claim that I know any more about this than anyone else. And I'm not going to leave a handful of links to any IXXI "truth" sites at the end of this, b/c I just feel that would be redundant. Feeling rather annoyed, I simply want to use this public forum to voice my own opinion.
Let's just get this out of the way: The "official account" on IXXI is pure bullshit, we all know that. In order to actually think the "official account" true, you'd have to believe in some fantastic bullshit! For instance, you'd have to believe:

That some minor structural damage & [maybe] acouple of small roof-top fires was sufficient enough to cause Building No.7 to collapse in on itself. Very neatly too, almost as if it were a CONTROLLED DEMOLISTION.

That afew thousand lbs. of jet fuel was sufficient enough (& burned hotly enough) to melt the WTC's internal grid of re-enforced steel girders, causing BOTH structures to neatly pancake in on themselves, kinda like a CONTROLLED DEMOLISTION. And just afew hours after those planes made impact. The WTC must've been pretty damned flimsy, if you think about it.

Completely forget about the fact that MOST of that jet fuel exploded & evaporated just outside the buildings upon impact, just gloss over that one. Unless you think those enormous fireballs were generated by another source.

Believing the "official account", you'd also have to believe that two massive structures that were built to withstand pretty much anything - including planes flying into them, for which there is historical precedent - could so easily have been fallen by a relatively small amount of jet fuel. Makes you almost wonder why this sort of thing doesn't happen more often, as easy as it seems.

That NYC firefighters/first responders were either LYING or somehow imagining/hearing things when they were ON TV giving eye-witness accounts of hearing various explosions, like BOMBS going off, as they soo vividly described it. "Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom" is how one NYFD fire-fighter described what he heard. Perhaps he was in on it, who knows?

All those other folks - WTC employees as well as many others - witnesses, survivors who were inside those buildings & escaped who claimed over & over to have heard "explosions", like bombs going off, including explosions coming from the basement level. You'd have to believe that all these people were NOT hearing what they heard.

OBVIOUSLY, explosives were planted in all three buildings - let's not even entertain the beyond-absurd notion that they were not. Ok, how'd they get there? Did bin Laden's eeevvvvil henchmen somehow breech WTC security, posing as "repairmen", & secretly planted explosives in those buildings, RIGHT UNDER EVERYONE'S NOSES, in case the planes didn't do the job? If THIS were so, then that would mean bin Laden must've had ALOT more agents in the country - other then the nineteen "supposed" terrorists.

These are simply afew examples - ones I personally have been trying to get my head around. Even if the "official account" of IXXI were true - that this guy named Osama bin Laden TERRORIST MASTERMIND/EVIL GENIUS carried out a near successful attack upon the U.S. with the aid of 19 well-trained terrorists armed with box-cutters (had box-cutters been allowed on planes before?) that [collectively HUNDREDS of passengers were powerless to over-come]. That these terrorists were able to hijack four planes & with afew hundred hours of flight-training (which apparently is sufficient to the YEARS of training airline pilots typically go through. No wait, they were just learning how to FLY the planes, not actually LAND them. Nevermind) managed to make direct contact with 3/4 of their targets. Even if all this shit were true, it still does nothing to answer some of the basic & obvious questions i just raised & have been wondering about for years.

How come noone's ever been able to produce footage of a PLANE slamming into the Pentagon??? That place must've been surrounded by dozens of cameras.

So yeah, i guess bringing all this stuff up makes me a "truther"... whatever. Here's the thing with conspiracy theories: most of them are bullshit. Silly fantasies whipped up in the minds of hysterical, paranoid, sleep-deprived obsessive-compulsives. I'm talking "clown shoes" silly. Like "chem-trails" or "FEMA coffins" for example, that's pretty clown shoes. Other conspiracy theories are nothing more than weak chicken-shit fronts for someone's racism, xenophobia, &/or anti-Semitism & ought to be called out as such. Like President Obama being born in Kenya etc, or the "theory" that all Jewish WTC workers were told to stay home that day. Clown shoes & then some. But there are also theories which [i feel] are pretty damned tangible. Like the murders of John Fitzjerald Kennedy, or Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. being the work of a single lone assassin & noone else. Riiight. Oh, & bin Laden being the sole mastermind of IXXI. Now i say that such things are tangible b/c their "official accounts" hold not an oz. of water. The PHYSICAL EVIDENCE to the contrary is inescapable, & to believe the "official accounts" would require a complete separation from physical reality. Or at the very least, a complete disregard for it & ignore it like it weren't even there.

Switching gears slightly.

At this point I'm almost completely convinced that so-called "Islamic Jihadists" had NOTHING to do with IXXI, other then [possibly] a handful of convenient patsies. To this day, I haven't seen/heard of any SOLID EVIDENCE that "Islamic Terrorists" were actually responsible for IXXI. Infact, I'm not aware of any solid evidence that "Al-qeada" actually even exists as a formal terrorist group. What I've heard was hearsay, allegations, assumptions, & afew strategically released grainy-ass home videos of bin Laden "confessing" (accurate translation?) to the attacks. I think it's all bullshit. And most likely bin Laden himself (former CIA agent, mind you) is probably dead, who knows. I figured U.S. Officials would've dragged his corpse out for all the world's media to see in 2004 (election year). When that didn't happen, I was alittle surprised. Then I realized that had the world knew that this eeevvvil boggy-man really was dead, that would effectively have meant the END of the "war on terror". It would seem [almost ironically] that two near-equal partners in crime/mythology, Osama & George W. Bush, are both regarded as irrevelent at this point. Noone cares about "catching" bin Laden any more, & noone cares about prosecuting Bush as the ghoulish war-criminal that he is & we all know good 'n goddamned well that neither of these things will ever happen.

And not to stick up for Islam b/c it's is one of the three big religions & I do soo very much despise religion. But it really does annoy me to see that Muslims have been made the SCAPEGOATS of a criminal act on a massive scale that they're not at all responsible for. And it hasn't let up since. If anything, Islamophobia (derived from xenophobia, racism) has mutated into strange & hideous new forms in the past several years. And it's annoying to see that most people - including pretty-much all liberal or "progressive" commentators, writers, journalists, radio show hosts, etc. - remain thoroughly convinced that atleast the main basic theme of IXXI (terrorist attacks by Islamic extremists) is true. Everyone's been soo thoroughly hoodwinked into thinking this, so this is the platform from which everyone starts. And I feel like it's precisely this general acceptance of a vastly perpetrated MYTH that's allowed the criminal invasions of [atleast] two sovereign countries to occur. Oh sure, everybody says that we "were lied into Iraq" NOW. But I don't recall many folks calling proper bullshit on that "war" back in 2003. Meanwhile, most people [still] seem to think that Afghanistan is the "right" war. B/c that's where the "19 hijackers" got their training, right? Again, a false premise that's been repeated ad-nausem to the point where to suggest otherwise amounts to sacrilege if not out-right treason. Fine by me.

And now in this grotesquely over-blown controversy over a [proposed] Islamic community center near "Hollowed Ground", I hear just about all "progressive" commentators defending the proposed center by starting off with: "Islam is a peaceful religion. Billions of muslims can't be blamed for the actions of AFEW INDIVIDUALS." A bad argument to begin with, b/c it concedes that the "official account" is basically true. Unfortunately, it's this theme that most people will be willing to accept for a very long time to come. And that's b/c the IXXI attacks were immediately regarded as "grand declarations of war" - not as criminal acts deserving of REAL investigations. If only that had happened, I'm certain you'd find many trails leading to the top of many official perpetrators - including the Whitehouse, several governments, & various corporate/zionist interests. You wouldn't find a single trail leading to some caves in Afghanistan! That's a total myth. It's also such a myth that's allowed [pretty-much] for this 'open-season' on muslims & all things Islamic (mostly at the filthy hands of agenda-driven evangelicals & depraved zionists) to be tolerated. That's why a christian pastor with some little pissant congregation in FL gets all this face-time for being a mean, hateful, grossly uneducated piece of shit. It's this open-season on muslims (again, perpetrated by a IXXI myth) that's allowed many innocent people to be arrested b/c some "patriotic citizen" narcs on them, claiming they "looked suspicious, oooh".

This shit happens b/c deep down humans are generally god-awful & loathsome. It happens b/c people are soo easily willingly duped & to be rather frank, many people are just itching for excuses. There's alot of people who can't wait for the next calamity, so that they can get the lynch mobs going. And the media in this country is all too happy to not only oblige, but cover for them. A great example would be during the days following hurricane Katrina, when T.V. news kept showing the same images of "looters", meanwhile completing ignoring the armed White mobs & local/state police who were brazenly murdering citizens.

As far as IXXI be concerned, it'll take decades for the honest facts to come out. Just long enough for the REAL perpetrators to be far out of reach of accountability. Or dead, whichever comes first.

I wish 911 was the only lie... 12.Sep.2010 12:44

Coming of age

As a general rule, I've found that just about everything that gets big press is a lie. The population is programmed with talking points which they accept without examination. One of my favorites is "How do they keep it secret?" used in reference to any question of the official 911 story. Well, in the first place it isn't a secret. Outside the United States and client countries the lie of 911 is common knowledge as has been since the beginning. It does not work by keeping anything secret, it works by wall to wall coverage of the lie. Despite all the ridiculous lies from the media, the average person still believes who they are told. They think if something was wrong with the official 911 story it would be big news and all the talking heads would be telling them about it. Instead all we get is some half wit burning a Koran.

Let's remind everyone that *three* towers 13.Sep.2010 10:05

Jody Paulson

collapsed in NYC on 9/11. Go to  http://BuildingWhat.org for one way you can raise awareness.
AE911Truth shines 3rd Beam into NYC skyline for WTC 7
AE911Truth shines 3rd Beam into NYC skyline for WTC 7