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Where the @'s at?

Where are all the anarchists in Portland at?
Besides working at Red&Black or in BTR. New to the area. Are there any explicitly anarchist organizations (other than copwatch, food not bombs etc) that are actively meeting and working on projects in the area?

I'm curious as well... 11.Sep.2010 13:59


... and I'm an anarchist that's been living here my whole life.

Aside from the lemonade revolt it sort of seems like us Portland anarchists didn't really do anything public this summer.

Although the weather is changing back to the same old same old, maybe we should get around to calling for a public anti-authoritarian potluck anyway. We could all talk about whatever (above-ground) projects we're working on, discuss new plans, meet and orient folks new to the area, etc.

Ahahahahaha 12.Sep.2010 20:05

grey puppy

Kudos to pipedream for calling out the vegan reich with their 'holier-than-thou' attitudes. If you aren't privileged enough to live like them than "shame" on you!