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Talk by Ali Abunimah on Olympia Food Coop's Boycott of Israeli Products.

Ali Abunimah talks about the significance of the Oly food Coop boycott of Israeli goods while supposed peace talks begin in the Middle East, Rachel Corrie's trial continues in Haifa Israel and proposals to boycott Israeli goods are put forward in California...
After much deliberation and debate, the Olympia Food Coop's members came to the decision that it would boycott Israeli goods in light of the country's continued attack on the Palestinian People. This symbolic action, part of the international Boycott, Divest and Sanction (BDS) Campaign, will not hurt the economy of Israel (in the grand scheme of things) or leave any Israeli children starving as the Israeli embargo on the Palestinian People does to children in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, but rather serve to open dialogue about the continued collective punishment on residents of the Occupied Territories by the Israeli authorities.

The Coop's decision to remove the few Israeli products it stocked has made frontline news in Israel. Ali Abunimah, Palestinian journalist and author, came to Olympia Washington to explain more in his talk Boycott: A Non Violent Technology for Peace and Justice.

Check out the full talk here:  http://bmediacollective.org/?p=356
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