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Two Sea Lions Just Killed by the State at Astoria, more than 100 Miles from Bonneville

The lives of two more sea lions were taken from them this week by the State of Oregon and the federal government that granted permission to the state to kill them. They were killed for the crime of eating fish, and were more than 100 miles from the Bonneville dam at the time of the killing.
They were hauled out on a platform where tourists frequently gather to watch the sea lions. ODFW has turned the platform into a trap, and on Sept 9th and Sept 10th they caught the animals and killed them.

The animals branded U18 and C797 will never again grace the waters of the Columbia that had been their home. For tens of thousands of years, their ancestors made the annual journey deep into the river, following the ancient rythms of life that brought both the salmon and the sea lions together in the eternal dance of life that once nourished this entire ecosystem.

These graceful, friendly beings are gone. As gone as the thousand year old forests that once graces the shores of the Columbia, as gone as the clear and wild river that once fed all of Cascadia, as gone as the hearts and souls of those who have killed them.

We've traded the wild and the beautiful for the banal, the ugly, and the dead.
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