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10 more days of killing for bounty

the government has extended the time to collect bounty for killing Northern Pikeminnow on the Columbia river by 10 days.
This year to date 143,000 northern Pike Minnows have been killed for a minimum bounty of $4 each tax payer money on the Columbia River. The killing season has just been extended by 10 days to October 10th. The Northern Pike Minnow is a NATIVE fish on the Columbia River. They are being targeted for extermination by the government for the crime of eating, some Northern Pike Minnows eat salmon smolts so the government pays anglers to kill them with tax payer money. This killing for pay program is in its 21t year - to date millions of native pike minnows have been killed to "save salmon" while non native salmon predators such as Norther Pike and Small mouth bass are protected as "game fish" by the government.

Why for the last 21 years has the Portland animal rights community remained silent on the senseless killings of millions of native salmon predators? Fish are animals too and they deserve our protection. The Northern Pike Minnow is murers for pay in the Portland area but to date no one animal rights community has spoken up as a group. When one or two native salmon predator California sea lions are murdered because they eat salmon the animal rights community gets all fired up and gets interviewed on CNN. But when 143,000 Northern Pike Minnows are murdered in the same exact area the sea lions are killed for eating salmon the animal rights community remains silent - why is that?

This site is filled with right full concern over many cute animal species like dogs, mink, sea lions and wolves being persecuted but when it comes to fish no one in the animal rights shows any concern - why is that? Why are millions of fish animals who are being persecuted for just eating and they are ignored while at the exact same time and place a few cute sea lions are killed for eating the exact same fish the pike minnows are being killed for eating and no one speaks up?

Please, please, PLEASE show that you care about ALL native salmon predators and insist on an end to the killing for bounty of the native Northern pike Minnow for just doing what it has always done with the co-evolved predator/prey relationship it has developed over thousands of years with the salmon. Millions of lives and dollars have been wasted.