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Social Security under attack

open letter to labor leader
Anticipate charity by preventing poverty.

Dar Mr. Stern,

I see that you have been appointed to the Obama Administration's National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform. Congratulations are in order. However, I am very afraid of this Commission.

I am afraid because Alan Simpson, to co-Chair of the Commission, has already spewed his hatred of the working class, and of its great triumph, Social Security. And with all due respect, Mr. Stern, your pronouncements on the subject are less than encouraging.

I beg you to remember your organizing days. I beg you to bite the hand that evidently proffers power and stability to you, as you visit the White House so many times. Bite that hand. Stand up for Social Security. Use the bully pulpit of the Commission to denounce those who would withdraw our society's just and moral support of the poor.

Expose Simpson and his ilk for the corporate lapdogs that they are. Propose that Social Security be expanded, and the retirement age lowered. Demand that the wealthy and super-wealthy pay their share.

Do this, and earn real glory. Do this, the right thing. Stand up for the working class, the class that makes society possible.