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The Lone Vet Report

What to do in November and Today
I just love this picturer
I just love this picturer
The Coming Election

There are times one should not encourage despots, must stand against them; this is one of those times. To vote for a republican one should have millions in the bank, for a working person to vote for the criminals, that makes you an accessory after the fact. To vote for a democrat you must be into S&M. The only rational thing to do is vote third party or sit out the election by writing your name in all or part of the voting form. Time is running out and we must take very strong positions.

I could write a long article but you all know the reasons I am calling for a complete boycott of this election in November. I know that the republicans may take over the House of Repression and/or the Roman Senate but hell, they are all corrupted so let's split up the power and let them fight each other for the approval of the Corporate State.

We are at a four way fork in the road, take the wrong turn and our form of life will cease. Take the sad road and your children and their children will pay for your passivity. Stop on the road and you will be run over, we must pick the correct road to travel, there is no more grace time remaining; you must choose.

Meetings, phone calls, signing petitions, Saturday protests, (parades) or asking politicians to please pay attention is now a waste of time and resources---time is up.

You need to get off your asses and the safety of your home and get into the streets and scream as loud as you can. It is better to go down fighting than asking Sen. Merkley or Sen. Wyden to help us in the Middle East when they take money from the representatives of the Israeli government, (AIPAC.)

It is a waste of time, money and people power to march around DC on a Saturday and hope the corporate media will cover it. It would have been something to see if the unions would bring in the 18 wheelers and slow up traffic and cause some inconvenience to the member of Congress, say on Friday afternoon, when the rats are leaving the city.

Note: Funny line from Patty!

After writing this I said to my partner in this journey of life, "I don't think this is going to endear me to many people."

"Joe, you don't have that many friends left anyway." said Patty with a smile.


The "Third Wednesday" is coming soon, I was amazed it is upon us so fast. We will be out front of the earlman's office at 729 NE Oregon at high noon. The is part of the PDA Brown Bag gathering and is a vigil to let our congressman know that there is work to be done. We would like to see Gitmo closed, a call to end the blockade of Gaza, the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq must end, and some announcement that Empire is over. That would be a good start. Bring your own sign and put your issue out front; only request that we make is that you be proud of what is on your sign.

The action will be attended by members of the Oregon Progressive Party, The Green Party and of course Individuals For Justice. It would be nice to see others present for a change. "Want to take a Ride?"

Date: Wednesday, September 15th
Loc: Blumenauer's office, 729 NE Oregon St
Time: High Noon until about 1300

Bring a sign and shine!

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet
Individuals For Justice
Veterans Against Torture

homepage: homepage: http://www.IndividualsForJustice.org

Stupid Politics 09.Sep.2010 08:56

Paul Treyn

If your politics weren't so stupid you would gain support. Looks like the GOP and DEM incumbents are in trouble this Nov. Time to vote out the commie/socialist/progressive parasites and replace them with conservatives who will put a stop to the progressive insanity that has taken over America. Please do vote for some 3d party moron and split the idiot vote. Onward to November.

Today 09.Sep.2010 09:47

Lone Vet

We will once again go to the 9th Circuit Court here in Portland to protest Judge Jay Bybee sitting on the second highest court in the land. We will be there today and every Thursday at High Noon until he resigns, is impeached or not allowed to pass any more judgments. There are two cases that have just come down from the Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit:

By Brad Friedman on 9/8/2010 4:36PM
Court Sides With Bush/Obama Administrations In Favor of Torture, Secrecy, Against Rule of Law
Atty: 'Court closed to victims, complete immunity to torturers'...

From Charlie Savage at New York Times [emphasis added]:
A sharply divided federal appeals court on Wednesday dismissed a lawsuit [PDF] involving the Central Intelligence Agency's practice of seizing terrorism suspects and transferring them to other countries for imprisonment and interrogation. The ruling handed a major victory to the Obama administration in its effort to advance a sweeping view of executive secrecy power.

Gosh. Can't understand why Obama's approval ratings keep falling.

Rest of story:  http://www.bradblog.com/?p=8053

There is a second story about Judge Jay Bybee and a decision he rendered not long ago:

See other USA - 'WAR ON TERROR' Articles

Title: Jay Bybee: Waterboarding is cool, leaving water for thirsty people isn't

Source: harpers
URL Source:  http://harpers.org/archive/2010/09/hbc-90007576
Published: Sep 4, 2010
Author: Scott Horton
So come and join us if you can, or just stop by and wish us well, Torture and bad decisions by this court must end!

Joe Walsh-Lone Vet

The entire election system needs to be overhauled 09.Sep.2010 10:44

Jody Paulson

I've been voting for 3rd party candidates my entire life, but the sad fact is that the system is seriously stacked against them. I recall a film about Harvey Milk that came out a couple years ago -- he kept running and running, but it wasn't until he changed some of the ground rules (something about redistricting and how city supervisors are elected) that he finally got on the Board of Supervisors. We need to fight for something like Instant Runoff Voting, overturn laws that say corporations can pretty spend as much money as they want to on political ads, and do away with crooked voting machines and practices. But voting Democrat or Republican is like voting for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum ... both are instruments of the corporate elite!

Impeach judge bybee 09.Sep.2010 20:56

Joe Anybody

There was a 1/2 dozen protesters out front of Pioneer Courthouse for the on going Impeach bybee Vigil.

Lots of interest being stirred up.

The Progressive Party was visible at this Vigil.

As well As the Individuals For Justice activists