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imperialism & war


Afghanistan: 9 Years Later -- There will be a rally, march and teach-in on Saturday, October 9, in downtown Portland, demanding, "Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation."
Afghanistan: 9 Years Later
"Money for Jobs and Education, Not War and Occupation"
Rally, March and Teach-In
Saturday, October 9
Park Blocks near Portland State University (between S.W. Market and Clay)

End the occupations of Afghanistan and Iraq.
Stop funding Israeli apartheid: Equal Rights for Palestinians
No war on Iran or Pakistan -- Stop drone bombings!
Hands off Latin America!
Stop scapegoating Arabs, Muslims and Immigrants

11:00 a.m. -- rally (Park Blocks near Portland State University -- S.W. Market and Clay)
11:30 a.m. - march to teach-in at Portland State niversity
1:00 p.m. - 3:30 -- Panel Discussion and Workshops
(The event will end at approximately 3:30 p.m. Bring a sack lunch.)


This event is being coordinated by Peace and Justice Works.
For more information, or if your organization would like to co-sponsor or endorse or you would like to get more involved, please contact  iraq@pjw.info

all very good (well the rally not the war and theft of tax money) 08.Sep.2010 14:07

Ecotopian Yeti a_cascadian@yahoo.com

This is very good. Hey instead of just demanding that tax money be properly used (as in the commons) why not question how much money Oregon and Washington send in federal taxes and then receives back after the money is sucked up by red welfare states. Both Oregon and Washington State (US controlled Cascadia) get back less money that they put in. Something like for every dollar Oregonians and Washingtonians puts into the federal system we get back maxium 60 cents. And for every dollar that a red welfare state person puts in they get back roughly a $150. Why are we supporting those "red state welfare queens?" Maybe if Oregonians and Washingtonians (Cascadians) kept the money here we all could have universal education and universal healthcare.

True that, Ecotopian Yeti. 15.Sep.2010 17:20


But the real question is how would we take control of the Oregon legislature, the governors office and the secretary of the state treasury in order to do exactly what Ecotopian Yeti just said. I'm going to this protest not because I think protests are going to do any good convincing our leaders to do much of any thing (God we had enough of them between 2001 and 2005) but because it's a chance to meet like minded people in the community. Bush put it best when he called protesters nothing more then a "focus group" that's how the people in power see it and unless we can find a way to directly threaten their position they really don't care about our rallies. Right now it seems like many politicians are more afraid of the corporate elements of the tea party then the people and we need to change that. What's that old protest line? Whose streets? Our streets!