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Photos of Bus Rally 9/1

Bus riders and community activists marched and rallied in front of City Hall on Sept. 1 to protest the bus fare increase and reduced service of 70,000 hours.
Bus riders in Portland are being attacked once again by Trimet. Trimet increased the bus fare again on Sept. 1, at the same time 70,000 hours of bus service were cut. The bus riders, many of them workers, students, the elderly and low-income, marched and rallied in front of City Hall on Sept. 1 to demand that Trimet meet its mission and provide affordable and reliable bus service to workers and those who need and depend on the buses. The protest was well organized by OPAL--many OPAL members spoke eloquently and passionately about fairness, and how the latest round of bus hikes and the massive cuts in bus service will impact them, making their lives even harder than they already were. The protest was supported by PCASC, Jobs With Justice, other community activists, and Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who also spoke at the rally.