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response to recent killings in the Puget Sound Area

reposted article from @ news:

On September 3rd, a man standing at a bus stop on 6th Avenue was approached by two police officers. According to witnesses, the man looked very confused, unsure as to why the police were focusing on him. The police began to shout and soon enough the man was shot four times. He died on the way to the hospital.

On 5:00 p.m. Tuesday August 31st a 23 year old man, David Charles Young was killed in Federal Way, Wa. Police opened fire on him on the basis of the supposed theft of a stolen Ford F20 pickup truck. The man was hit and injured. He was taken from the truck and transported to Harborview, where he died. After his death an update was posted about how he had a warrant for larceny and DUI, as though after the fact it justified his killing.

On 8:30 a.m. Tuesday August 31st a 27-year-old man, King Ramses Hoover was killed in Spanaway, Wa. He refused to leave and a struggle ensued, the pigs used the Taser stun gun, put him in handcuffs and bound his feet. Paramedics were on their way when he lost consciousness. He could not be revived and was pronounced dead at St. Claire Hospital in Lakewood. After his death a statement was release that it may have been due to drugs, again after the fact.

In Seattle on August 30th, John T. Williams was killed at around 4:15 PM on the intersection of Howell Street and Boren Avenue by a Seattle Police officer named Ian D. Birk. According to the cops he was supposedly wielding a knife as the police officer approached. The man turned out to be carving a wooden figure. John T. Williams lived on the street. He was Native American. John T. Williams had the word LOVE tattooed on his fingers. He was nearly deaf and did not hear what the cop was saying. He was working at his craft, minding his own business, when he was executed by a cop.

The police kill people daily. It is a lot easier for the police to execute someone who is not considered valuable to the system; one of the excluded rather than the included. The included have money, obey the laws, rent an apartment, have a job, and never have to fear to the police. But the excluded, those without money, those who are invisible, they can be executed at the whim of the police. They will never be seen, never be noticed and are always already-forgotten as soon as the police deem them "aggressive."

To say that police should either be condoned for their actions or reprimanded through a judicial system that is entirely on their side only strengthens that same broken system. When we hand over our own agency to the police, we are surrendering our ability to act against them.

The role of police in society is to maintain a certain type of normalcy by way of controlling individuals and a social body - a population which is constituted by citizens. Through the use of violence by force or social conditioning: murder, arrest, probation, schooling, work and the use of types of disciplinary measures.

That is why as anarchists there is no way to make compromises through legal processes nor mediate our actions through the lens of the media. To question the very idea of the police, means to question the very idea of capital and the state. We cannot use their system against them. As the community leaders want to "hold the cop accountable" or create community policing programs. This leads to the recuperation of the anger and rage that is felt by those daily.

We must self-organize to fight the police. People have fought back before, after the beating of Rodney King in 1992 and the "accidental" killing of Oscar Grant on New Years Eve of 2009. The police have killed at least four people in the north west over the past week. Our rage and anger against the police should spill out into this daily nightmare. From the prison cells, the neighbourhoods, the streets, and the schools: lets fight back, through individual and collective revolt!