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ACTION! Tree sit in downtown Eugene - right now to protest cutting old growth

A Tree sit was set up this morning. Any information on this tree sit? Post pictures if you have them. tree sit deployed in downtown eugene, demands the forest service buy back trapper; cease old growth logging on public lands

[PIMC: Update][2010-09-04 15:21:22-07][Cascadia Rising Tide]

Activist occupies tree on the corner of Oak St and Park St within the Eugene Saturday Market

Eugene, OR- Early this morning activists with Cascadia Rising Tide deployed a tree sit within the Saturday Market in downtown Eugene. A platform was rigged around a tree approximately 40 feet from the ground, and a banner was hung reading "Forest Service: Give Back Trapper. Protect Our Water."

The platform is occupied by Grace Warner, who plans to remain through Saturday to inform Eugene of the horrendous logging practices advocated by the Forest Service, as well as threats to the drinking water supply that the Trapper timber sale poses.

According to Vivian Rivers of Cascadia Rising Tide, "It appalls me that the Forest Service is still logging old growth and native forests. This should have been stopped years ago. The time is now for the community to rise up and put an end to this atrocity once and for all." Trapper is a controversial timber sale that has been in the works for over a decade.

[PIMC: Update][2010-09-05]
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Happy Sitter!
Happy Sitter!
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